How to Use PS4 Camera on PC

Streaming video games online has taken the internet by storm with anyone who has a console or a gaming PC putting their hands into the circle where they get to stream games. Yet, the entire process isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to connect additional equipment to make sure that you get the best streaming results on your hands. One of the most popular consoles which gamers use to stream is the PlayStation 4 and the way gamers are able to do so is by using a PS4 compatible camera on their computers. Although this isn’t an easy process to carry out, the way we have explained it step-by-step, you shall be having no difficulties in using a PS4 camera on your system. But before we get into the process of how you can connect a PS4 camera to your computer, we will need to know what it is.

What is a PlayStation Camera?

A PlayStation 4 Camera is a camera developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and it is a motion sensor camera which is an accessory for the PlayStation 4 as well as the PlayStation 5 but since we are only going to be talking about the PlayStation 4 then that is what our focus will be on for today. This camera was released in the year 2013 with the launch of the original PS4. This camera is used to track the PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) headset. This camera has two 1280×800 pixel cameras that give a pure 720p resolution with lenses having an f f/2.0, a 30 cm focusing distance and a field of view of eighty-five degrees. With the dual-camera setup, the camera can operate at different time modes depending on the target application.

This camera also comes with a four channel microphone that lessens the background noise and may even receive voice commands. It records videos in RAW and YUV formats and connects to the console using its specified port.

Now that we know what the specifications of the camera are, we shall now move on to the procedure of actually using the camera and setting it up.

How to Use PS4 Camera on PC

After plugging in your camera to your console using the AUX port, you will then place the camera at the preferred surface and set the camera in front of your face. Make sure that your entire face comes in the frame of the camera and set it in such a way that you can adjust it by twisting its body. However, make sure to follow the upcoming steps to learn how to install this camera on your PC. Following these steps will make sure that this camera is installed on your computer without any issues. These are several steps so make sure to follow them in the correct order.

  1. Find the USB 3.0 port of your PC and connect your PS4 camera in that port with the help of a USB adapter.
  2. Then go to the Device Manager and click on “USB Boot” under Other Device Portion of the Device Manager.
  3. Next, open a new folder at your preferred location and then rename the folder relating to your PS4 camera which you’ve just connected moments ago into your PC. This folder will have all the footage of the PS4 camera.
  4. You can then open a new folder on your desktop and rename it such as the “PS4 Camera Driver”
  5. For the sixth step, you will be downloading all the installation files. There will be several files here. Make sure to run this file smoothly without any stoppages.
  6. You can download libusbK from Get Into Pc if you want your own package.
  7. The link to the libusbK is
  8. If you don’t want your package then you can start downloading the next file name which is the OrbisEyeCamUSB_Boot Driver.
  9. The link of this film can be found here at
  10. If somehow you find ucrtbased.dll (Universal Visual C++ Runtime, CRT), then no need to worry. Consider it as a Visual Studio Part only.
  11. If your Windows has an extra X64bits operating system then you will have to download the x64 bit version and if you have a 34bits operating system then you can select the x86 version.
  12. In this step, you can install the driver given to you by libusbK or you can install the OrbisEyeCam Driver.
  13. Finally, after all the installation processes, you will finally load the firmware.
  14. Run OrbisEyeCameraFirmwareLoader.exe (This file is located at OrbisEyeCam-master\bin folder)
  15. Have a test run by running the PS4 camera on your computer.
  16. If your camera works that means your setup is successful. If not, then you might need to seek professional help to get it up and running.

Broadcasting Settings

To set your PS4 camera for broadcasting your footage, you will now need to choose an application on which you can run your recorded footage. You can use Twitch as an example. During your playtime, click on the share button from the controller menu. Select Broadcast Gameplay and decide how you would like your streaming to take place. Another alternative that you could use instead of Twitch is Youtube. You can either use an already existing account or log into a new account. Go into your recording settings of the PlayStation 4 and select the option ‘Include Video from PlayStation Camera’. This menu is placed under the broadcast option of the screen. Select include audio in the broadcast if you have any intention to go for a voice chat with your friends while you are playing in multiplayer mode. These settings will help you get the best out of your playing and recording experience side-by-side.

Access PS4 Camera in Windows 10

The latest version of Windows might bring about some confusion to users for whom it might not be easy to access the PS4 camera. Then again, they don’t need to worry either because they can do it by these simple steps:

  1. Press the Start Button
  2. Select the camera app from the list of apps shown. The opening of the camera with other apps needs to be selected at the start button at first.
  3. Then go to Settings>Privacy and then Camera.
  4. Finally, open the ‘Let Apps Use My Camera’ and this way you can select your preferable apps where you would like to while using your camera as well.

How to Stream Better Using PS4 Camera and Professional Mic

To stream better using a PS4 camera and a professional microphone, you will need a couple of softwares. One is the PS4 remote play and the other one is Xsplit Broadcaster. First, you will have to sign in and register after which you will enable Remote Play. You will then see the PS4 screen on your computer. You will then have to launch Xsplit Broadcaster. After opening an account in it, you will see a black screen. After you select the broadcast platform and add the remote play screen, the PS4 will appear on your software screen. To add a webcam to your streaming sessions, you will simply need to select add camera now and if you feel like going live, you can change this setting again from the broadcast platform and go live on your preferred app.


There are some important FAQs that need to be addressed regarding a PS4 camera as well. They are mentioned below:

Q) How to set up the PS4 Camera’s Facial Recognition?

You can do this by logging into your PS4 profile, set your PS4 camera in such a position where it is easily adjustable and at an angle so that it is able to capture your face with a decent amount of light. Now click on the Setting menu and then on the Login Setting menu. Finally, click on the Enable Facial Recognition Menu. If you would like to add new info, further click on the Add Face Data. Once your camera has gotten your face, fill all of the remaining instructions that you are supposed to fill and then you’re good to go because from this point onwards, facial recognition won’t be a problem for your PS4 camera.

Q) How can I go for a voice chat with my PS camera?

The updated PS4 features the voice chat option with your friends while you are in between the playing mode. You will have to enable your voice chat option when you are playing a multiplayer game with your friends. Make sure to have spoken aloud so that your voice can cover the noise of the game and is able to reach your friends. Being clear and audible while speaking is also important to make sure your voice comes out clear in the recorded footage without any distortions.