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Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Custom-Designed Website

Small businesses face many challenges if they want to become solvent. If you’ve just launched one, or you will sometimes soon, you’re probably excited. Maybe you’re about to see your dream become a reality, but you might fail and lose every penny instead.

You can take some steps to make success likelier as you get ready to introduce your small business to the world. For instance, you might hire a company or website designer to create a customized website that you feel sure your would-be customers will love.

We’ll run down a few reasons why you need to hire experienced website developers to make your company’s new site in the following article.

Your Site Introduces Your Company to the World

If someone hears about your new company, it might interest them. Maybe they heard about you through a brilliant marketing campaign that you initiated. Perhaps you hired a marketing team that generated some interest in your local area.

When someone hears about a new company, they’ll often visit the website first. That makes sense unless they interact with your business for the first time when they walk into your brick-and-mortar location.

Assuming someone looks for your company’s website online, they’ll want to discover a site that’s easy to use and that creates a strong first impression. You’ve probably seen poor website design before. Maybe you’ve visited a site with broken internal or external links. Perhaps you can’t tell what the company sells or what services it offers.

The right website should make your company’s purpose clear. When someone gets to the landing page, they should immediately see what you sell and why they should buy from you. 

If you get the wrong website design company to handle site creation, you might frustrate a potential client or customer. They’ll go with one of your competitors, and if that happens too many times in the early going, your company could fail.

The Right Company Website Tells Your Story

You might also decide to hire a skilled web design company to set up and launch your website because when you do that, you’ll know your customers can learn about your business’s story when they visit for the first time. You should have an “About Us” section that tells your customers all about your company’s identity and why they should buy from you.

You might write that section yourself, or you can hire copywriter and relate to them what you’d like this section to say. Either way, when someone arrives at your new website, they’ll soon learn what makes your company special. You should try to present your company’s story in a relatable and compelling way if you hope to land some repeat customers.

A Great Company Website Answers Any Customer Questions

You can also instruct the web design company you hire to create your site to include an FAQ section as well. FAQ means frequently asked questions, and if you visit just about any company’s site, you should find this section prominently featured.

Your new customers will doubtless have some questions about the products you make and the services you offer. They might wonder about the warranty length and whether you will ship them the products or whether they must go to your store to pick them up.

You can figure out what questions to ask and answer in this section by brainstorming with your employees before you launch the new website. You might also choose to have a focus group to ask would-be customers what questions they’d like you to answer on the site. You might incentivize focus group participation by offering a gift card or one of your new products.

A Well-Designed Site Features Excellent Videos and Visual Content

You may also hire web design company to make a site for you that features some videos and pictures you feel best encapsulate your company’s vision. You can hire a videographer or photographer to take those pictures and videos. If you don’t have the cash to do that, you might take the pics and videos yourself.

You can always use stock images when you have the web design company set up your site, but that probably won’t go over very well. Stock images look generic, and you can usually tell one when you see it.

It’s better if you can create compelling videos and images about your company that show the workers creating your products or your employees enjoying their jobs. Those images may convince a potential customer who’s on the fence that they should support your business. If you don’t feature fun pictures and videos, a potential customer might not like spending time on your site.

They won’t buy anything from you, but they’ll also quickly leave your site after their first visit, and they won’t return. That creates a high bounce rate, and your website will drop lower in the search engine results for your niche’s key terms.

Your Company’s Site Can Feature a Useful Blog

When you get web design company to set up your website for you, you might also instruct them to create a blog. You can always write the blogs yourself, or you might have a staff writer who can do it. Maybe you’ll hire a freelance copywriter if you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time staff writer.

Blogs do a lot for your company. For one thing, if you post a new one every week, that’s fresh content you can add to the site, and search engines will keep your site near Google’s top search results because of it. Search engines like new content, and writing and posting new blogs means you have a fresh weekly supply.

Also, you can instruct your web design company to post the blogs for you on your website if you’d like. You can maintain a relationship with the web designer, and you can ask them to do any ongoing maintenance your site needs as well.

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