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Best Animal Sculptures for Holiday Gift Giving

The Art of the Murano craftsmen was and still is considered a secret art, which only they could comprehend. The most used technique in the furnaces was to work glass by blowing, and Angelo Barovier was one of the most influential artisans of the 1400s in Murano.

How Animal Sculptures are Made

The furnaces can reach very high temperatures – 1100-1200 degrees – necessary be able to work in the most perfect conditions, creating a unique and luxurious product. One of the most common techniques, employed to decorate the glass, creating a sort of colorful and lively mosaic on the surface by simply affixing small multi-colored tiles, is that of murrine, which is visible in many compositions of our master glassmakers.

High Quality and Enduring Craftsmanship

The commitment of the Glass Masters brought to light many works of art over the centuries and in our site Yourmurano the tradition and the ancient method of processing are still visible. In the Animal Sculptures section, all the skills and knowledge of the artisans are incorporated. They are capable of creating art works inspired by nature, from Venice and beyond. These objects of every shape and kind will certainly give a creative and original touch to the environment in which you will place them. Cats, flamingos, stingrays, horses, little fish, little birds, lovely puffer fish and elephants. All works of great skill that combine traditional lines with more contemporary lines.

See and Love these Works of Art

Come and visit our site to find the Murano glass animal that best suits your tastes. Every purchase on our site is safe and reliable and our products have the trademark of origin, which certifies their veracity.

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