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5 Tips to Level Up Teamwork in the Workplace

Many companies overlook the importance of teamwork, while it’s one of the most crucial aspects for fostering ownership, employee contentment, and most importantly – loyalty.

Companies need to pay attention to their team members not only in a professional sense but also personally. With teamwork,  you will be able to bring closeness and warm relationships between team members. After all, the human touch in the world of work amidst the digital era and technological developments remains important, especially in this current time.

Want to bring your team even closer, so they can become solid and unified? Check out the five ultimate tips for building teamwork that we’ve curated below!

Do a Creative Team Building Session

Encourage your HR team to think creatively when aiming to host a team-building session with your employees. To make team-building sessions less boring, you can innovate with icebreakers and other programs. Instead of sticking to repetitive games, consider activities like group workouts, cooking classes, or unconventional outings. These types of team-building sessions can foster closer, stronger, and warmer team dynamics beyond traditional events like team dinners.

Build Employee Self- Competence

Nowadays most people work not only to earn money but also to gain knowledge, experience, and new insight. They need to be able to have balance in their careers. Thus, companies must also focus on the self-development of each employee to increase their competence.

Allow your employees to develop quality and competence through various practical classes, create mentoring groups between new employees and more experienced ones, provide free online course access, and you can also provide other paid training. This can be beneficial for employees, on top of basic salary. Providing this will not only help you improve your team’s competence but at the same time also increase their loyalty toward the company.

Make Employees Feel Involved

Leaders must be able to know how to make their employees feel important. Involve them in various opportunities that can encourage better employee competence. Give opportunities for employees to contribute and be empowered with their abilities. Do keep in mind that both failure and success are wonderful opportunities for every employee to be able to learn and improve themselves.

You can do several things to make your employees feel involved, such as asking employees for feedback, engaging in casual conversations that are not always about work, and encouraging solid teamwork in company projects.

Appreciate Every Employee’s Strengths

Every individual certainly has their strengths and uniqueness; this includes your employees. Everyone deserves a chance to shine.

As a leader, one thing you need to think about is ‘How can you turn your team members into a star?’.

A good leader will be able to shape another individual as a leader. Therefore, optimize the strength of each of your employees through good teamwork. Recognize their every strength, competence, and interest. Afterward, you can give them the right space by placing them in positions that suit their skills.

Rewards and Recognition

Money is no longer everything, millennials and Gen Z want more than just conventional compensation. Employees will feel more valued when their performance results are recognized.

Thus why, it is important to acknowledge every achievement that your employees gain. As a starter, you can give warm pats and congratulations to give them motivation and enthusiasm. But more than that, the company can also give rewards when the employees can reach the targets. Contain them with various facilities that can make them feel valuable for your company.

Allowances that pay attention to welfare, gifts, and insurance can serve not only as a token of gratitude from the company but also as a motive for employees to work at their best. 

By implementing these strategies, you can create a cohesive and motivated team that is dedicated to achieving success for both themselves and the company.

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