How to solve Screen Flicker and Buzzing Noise on QHD 4k HD x620 High Definition Laptop

For me, the flicker is very debilitating making the laptop unusable. I have owned laptops for 30 years, and none of them bricked less than 2 years from purchase. I really like the 4k screen, so I just hope Intel can get their act together, become honest with their customers, and at least tell us how to permanently fix this issue.

Pros of Using Online Assessment Platforms

The online assessment is the execution of an electronic assessment or examination to assess the academic success of the student. These evaluations have traditionally been done orally or by written tests using pen and paper. Students meet in an exam hall or room where students are given a question paper and students are expected to write answers within the allotted period. These questions are not traditionally used to guarantee that all candidates are judged equally

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