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  1. How to set time/event limit for alarms?
  2. Adding attachment to tasks, calendar etc
  3. Losing contacts
  4. Is there any solution to Linux Users to sync Deja Office to Linux (Ubuntu)
  5. Why doesn't change due popup with press on due date in task listing
  6. DJO Continuous Crashing
  7. 3.2.0 (672) beta Issue Thread
  8. Updated Droid and now...
  9. DJOA uses notification tones for ringing instead of my phone's ringing tones
  10. Week View - Sunday Not First Day of the Week
  11. CompanionLink sync now crashing regularly...
  12. moving data file
  13. Outlook 2010 closes on sync
  14. Companionlink sync thru DejaCloud
  15. Lollipop and DJO Android Problems on Nexus 5
  16. Persistent Alarms not reliable
  17. Does new CompanionLink release include Outlook sync crash fix?
  18. DejaAlarms icon on recent Betas
  19. Cannot Read my Data after activating new Samsung Galaxy S5
  20. Deja contacts
  21. Build 678 crashes when adding task from Template
  22. DejaCalendar
  23. Reset Outlook
  24. Syncing meetings with associated contacts (DJO <- [WIFI] -> Outlook)...
  25. Djo folder deleted, restored, doesn't work
  26. CompanionLink Build 6036 has no release notes...?
  27. DejaContacts showing up on Droid Turbo email and Gmail
  28. Search forces DJO to close
  29. Unable to "jump" to letter in DejaContacts
  30. Missing alarms DJO ('Failed to find alarm' in logfile) ?
  31. Getting "Synchronize did not finish" message
  32. What happens when reinstalling CompanionLink ?
  33. Alarms on Beta 3.2.2 (686)
  34. Now CompanionLink Build 6038 has no release notes...?
  35. Trying to Populate Android Phone contacts with DJO contacts on LG G2
  36. Problems with Task Category colors. Nexus 5, Lollipop 5.0.1. Not rooted.
  37. DJO contacts don't sync to Palm desktop
  38. Any Plans to Update Widgets?
  39. DejaOffice 3.2.2 Inhouse Beta Build 690
  40. Alarms on Android device not working
  41. Cloud Sync Doesn't Sync to My Phone - Sometimes
  42. sync android to android?
  43. Problems with Calendar and Alarms
  44. Auto Sync with Roller Overdue Tasks
  45. Syncing with MightyText
  46. DejaOffice API
  47. CompanionLink: CyanogenMod + Moto G, Outlook 2007 + Windows 7 64bit
  48. Why do I keep losing contact pics after SYNCING to Outlook 2013???
  49. search engine without accentuated characters
  50. Cant enter/edit contact adress
  51. Bug: DJOA sometimes looses category-color-settings
  52. Ph #s get changed to international
  53. Lots of weird stuff happening with Android/Outlook Wifi sync now - dups, deletions...
  54. Date format
  55. DejaOffice for Nokia XL
  56. Build 699 search function not working
  57. Build 699 Stuck at "Retrieving Calendar Data"
  58. problem with colors and categories
  59. Problems returning on builds 699 and 700
  60. Repeating events in Intellect don't sync to Deja Office
  61. Text Messages not showing sender
  62. Events are not deleted in my Android device
  63. Build 702 has lost the automatic sync on a rollover
  64. Uncomplete by category
  65. email addresses being added to contacts automatically
  66. Dialing International Prefixes
  67. Attachments to a task
  68. Calendar: Meeting Location
  69. DejaToday: can it get the Catagory/Complete task choice DejaTask offers?
  70. Hangouts not always showing Contact names in Lollipop...
  71. Not Pleased - CompanionLink Outlook/Android sync for repeating events still SUCKS
  72. Build 712: Voice usage? Birthday calendar entries?
  73. DJO 3.2.5 so slow needs to go back to 3.1.3 !
  74. Initial problems with 3.2.6 (714)
  75. Save settings only?
  76. DejaContacts Category Selection
  77. build 714 bug: Pending alarm - edit appointment and change alarm
  78. No changelogs for 3.2.6? 3.2.7?
  79. 3.2.7 broken, slow, buggy - real step backwards
  80. New Videos for Voice Features in DejaOffice for Android
  81. How drag'n'drop Tasks to Calendar?
  82. DejaOffice and Outlook 2013 Calendar Sync with CompanionLink 6 Pro
  83. Feature suggest: Search for part of words - can be done manually like "%searchterm"
  84. DejaToday task-sort vs DejaTask
  85. build 716: Bug - snoozed alarm, opening appoinment brings up alarm window
  86. Latest DejaOffice build getting stuck Wifi syncing/needs to be FC
  87. Build 719 - Bug in alarm system: "ghost alarms" after sync
  88. Build 720 Sync Problem
  89. Problems entering calendar item location
  90. Wrong Last Sync Time
  91. Deletion Sync issue with 3.2.8 (719)
  92. in house builds now showing older build 719
  93. Now takes 2 taps to complete a task, how to fix this?
  94. CompanionLink AutoUpdate
  95. NFC and DJOA Contact and Calendar Entries?
  96. Attachments do not transfer to Outlook?
  97. Build 726 - recurring tasks - alarms still not correct
  98. 3 Notification Limit
  99. set deja contacts and deja calendar shortcuts on Android home page
  100. Can Multi Select Option in DejaContact SElect Categories be turned off?
  101. Redundant Field In Grouped Contact List
  102. UK Easter Holidays not showing
  103. Location setting in Calendar sticks on last used view type (Maps vs Earth)
  104. Can't Use Android Voice Recognition in DejaOffice
  105. Contacts open in Search mode when adding event in Calendar
  106. Holidays
  107. Automatic Deja cloud sync after roll over-build 736
  108. How long should a direct USB sync take to complete?
  109. How to get a contact from native to DJO
  110. Syncing: OL <-> DJO <-> Google
  111. How to stop dj from taking over add contact feature
  112. Attachments getting deleted after direct usb sync to Outlook 2013
  113. How to use Outlook Distribution Lists in deja Office
  114. Something new - Contacts Mapping
  115. How to change text of the shortcuts?
  116. Annoyes as one can get.
  117. Samsung Notification LED Off
  118. Calender changes times of original appointments
  119. Java 8 and CompanionLink
  120. Appointment won't open -Android
  121. Category colours not showing up in DJC display but shows in the actual event
  122. upgrade 3.2.10
  123. b742: ALL old alarms of recurring appointments fired
  124. DejaCloud Push Not Working
  125. Phone locks up if alarm ignored
  126. Auto Push Sync - Task Rollover - Build 747
  127. Build 744 Alarms for Reoccurring Tasks not continuing, Date of Alarm days ahead...
  128. b746 Bug in alarm app - tasks listed according alarm day, calendar not
  129. b746 - Different numbers of calendar entries reported by CL and DO
  130. Updating my Deja Office from 2.1.9
  131. Create calendar item or task from email
  132. In-house builds-release notes
  133. Desktop Memo files/categories will not sync to new Android LG G4
  134. Update today
  135. Cleared Act Appointments Don't Leave Calendar
  136. Tablet mode: task alarm auto-populates with the last alarm created
  137. Update 754
  138. Bug in "touch and hold" handling in 754
  139. Sync with Google
  140. Is Deja cloud server up & running
  141. Lost data
  142. Syncing between multiple devices
  143. DJO data files
  144. Why two Eastern time zones?
  145. Native Android Calendar Tasks and Memos not imported
  146. Please add filters as homescreen link types
  147. Day view screen info
  148. Synchronization to Deja cloud after rollover still not working
  149. Private records hiding or remasking during push sync?
  150. Multiple notifications for same event
  151. can I get a visual alarm notification?
  152. can I limit the number of times an alarm repeats?
  153. any bugs in DJO and CompanionLink 2 way transfer of contacts from my Outlook 2013?
  154. Error: Unfortunately DejaOffice Has Stopped Working and Sync to Access DB Question
  155. Sending event invitation to my contacts?
  156. alerts of Calendar events to show up in a list as long as I do not dismiss them
  157. Kindle Fire HD Calendar Not Displaying
  158. Sync Two Android Devices Directly
  159. Seeing date on meeting near midnight requires two attempts
  160. Windows 7 and CompanionLink 7
  161. your software is creating duplicate contacts in my microsoft Outlook 2013.
  162. Windows 10 killed Palm Desktop
  163. DejaOffice 3.2.14 (767) BETA download link does not work
  164. Filtering events on category in DejaToday does not work in widget?
  165. DejaToday create task fills wrong category if filters set
  166. Tasks Not Syncing with Palm
  167. DejaCalendar Enhancement Request-Additional functionality related to "Show As" field
  168. Send memos to PC?
  169. Alphabet picker in Contacts screen not working well on new Moto E 2nd gen 2015
  170. DJO <=> Phone <=> PD Concern
  171. Disappearing Homescreen Shortcuts - Android Lollipop Version 5.1.1
  172. DejaToday creates event with wrong catagory if filtering and 'no category' set
  173. Wish for the today widget
  174. Alternative to ACT
  175. Duplicate Entries in Phone Contacts
  176. Small Feature request.
  177. Templates shuts down DJO !!
  178. Palm 6.2.2 runtime error
  179. How to I set an alert tone for events in Deja Calendar?
  180. how to get rid of category-bar top of deja today
  181. German date format in DejaTask incomplete
  182. Android Wear?
  183. My new phone (Android 5.02) can't see my previous datas on my microSD card
  184. Finding event to dismiss in DejaCalendar
  185. little feature-Request for Calendar
  186. No events on Day view build 794
  187. records missing after sync, errors
  188. Translation help needed - German
  189. Map nearby contacts
  190. memos not being sync'd to palm desktop
  191. Outlook's calendar to Dejacloud to Android 4.4.2
  192. Change Background Color In Day View
  193. High Power Consumption?
  194. DejaCalendar - how do I scroll fowards/backwards in WHOLE weeks?
  195. All Categories of my Outlook Calendar appointments have been deleted [GRRRR]
  196. DejaOffice "Today" widget
  197. Transfer Deja Contacts to phone
  198. DejaCloud Sync Problem
  199. Bugs in your cloud website?
  200. Print DejaMemo?
  201. Server Move
  202. Unable to sync Deja's Categories to Android 4.4.2's stock Contacts' GROUP
  203. DejaOffice is erroring out why I click "Sync"
  204. Steps to sync Android's dejao with Outlook on Windows 8.1
  205. How can I configure DejaOffice to display First Name Last name?
  206. Widget missing
  207. Category select always has 'no category' unchecked by default
  208. Loss of calendar items
  209. search function broken in 3.2.19?
  210. Contact in address book in android
  211. Startup behavior Deja Office
  212. "filtered tasks 1" /2/3
  213. Access to "last modified timestamp"?
  214. Duplicated Tasks
  215. Tasks grouped by contacts - bug when viewing a task?
  216. Why is 'remove unused categories' no under Categories 'app'?
  217. ringtones
  218. Is DejaCloud down today (Sat., 11/28, 10:30 am EST?
  219. Syncing 2 Android Devices possible at the same time with Outlook using Wireless?
  220. Back Sync from Android to Outlook 2013 drops Street Address
  221. CompanionLink in memory
  222. New colors in Calendar... doesn't make sense.
  223. New update causes Calendar to crash
  224. Reminders in Google calendar
  225. Today Widget Issue?
  226. Calendar entries deleted in Palm Desktop not being deleted in DJO on Android
  227. Wishlist
  228. Font size in DejaToday Widget
  229. Did the URL for in-house builds change?
  230. Bug in "Group By" functionality in DejaOffice Andriod App
  231. DJO android beta build 3223-828 does not install
  232. DejaJornal - [Required] : Take User Back to Where They Scrolled to on main page
  233. New Blackberry Priv User; dazed and confused.
  234. Cleaning up contacts list
  235. DejaJournal: Sort by Date not working when Grouped by contacts
  236. Request for holidays order
  237. 3.2.22 (825) Comment
  238. Google Calendar
  239. DejaCloud Sync Push Sync Broke?
  240. Notification in case scheduled syncs fail for x amount of time
  241. Import notes from Note Everything (SoftXperience)
  242. Feature Request - Snooze Alarm X mins before event
  243. Ongoing notification or Persistent mode to prevent DejaO from being killed by Android
  244. Feature requests - entering addresses
  245. Feature request - tasks shown in task list
  246. Bock-modify categories
  247. Slicer not working in Deja Contacts
  248. Calendar Account Sync?
  249. New UI for Calendar and elsewhere
  250. Multiple selection selecting multiple items at once to manipulate them together