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  1. 3.2.24 (862) force close
  2. Categories no longer work in DejaCalendar
  3. DJO contacts and WhatsApp
  4. Deleted Categories keep returning
  5. Major Issue with 3.2.24
  6. DejaOffice v3.2.24 systematic crash
  7. I can not search over all customers after the last update
  8. Crash in b862 and b866 every time opening "settings - log and support settings"
  9. cannot open DO on mobile device - message says DO has stopped
  10. Will there be any problems running on new Galaxy S7?
  11. Why does DJA adding brackets to my phone numbers?
  12. Minor nit on DO 3.2.25
  13. Completed checkbox for calendar items in Today view?
  14. Calendar events - showing one hour earlier
  15. SwiftKey and Deja
  16. Contacts and Groupings
  17. Lost Shortcuts! 3.2.27 (Build 881)
  18. I am sure this is a dumb question about push sync
  19. Syncing task location or project with Outlook
  20. b881 and 885 - Alarm for recurring tasks is not set correctly on complete
  21. How to import a contact via QR-Code?
  22. b885 - Editing recurring task - no question if current task or series anymore?
  23. Minor issue with home page screen build 893
  24. Today view/widget - simple filter request
  25. DejaTasks Attachments
  26. Dejaoffice version 3.2.28 (885)
  27. Contacts list display in build 898
  28. DejaToday does not display Task list
  29. Phone updated to Marshmallow and can't sync
  30. Trouble Initiating Bluetooth Sync From PC
  31. Wishlist for batch update in list
  32. calendar shortcut: how to chose view?
  33. Calendar not syncing properly
  34. Snoozed alarms not in notify-bar anymore?
  35. Date and time not showing correctly in 4x4 DejaOffice widget build 903
  36. Issue after every (recent) DejaOffice Update ... Bad Sync
  37. Feature request - tasks shown in task list
  38. Scroll Bar on Contact List Not Functioning
  39. Button to insert contactname disappeared?
  40. Time zone confusion
  41. Alarm problems with Marshmallow
  42. alarm problem
  43. All calendar entries now Greewich Mean Time
  44. How can I get DejaCalendar to flick forward/backward 1 week at a time?
  45. Format Problem
  46. no future holidays
  47. DejaOffice does not appear in "Contacts to Display" List anymore
  48. Share/send entries with other devices with DejaOffice
  49. Rewcurring task - no new reminders if old task not completed, but alarm dismissed
  50. Incorrect Task Alarm Dates
  51. Tasks not rolling forward and the "Today" button not working.
  52. Calendar entries getting sent to my e mail address
  53. Backing up database
  54. Disabling DejaExpense
  55. Deja Memos Crashes - Too many attachments???
  56. Galaxy S5 goes into Airplane mode after USB Sync
  57. Search in contacts does not search phone numbers!?
  58. DJO contacts do not show in Android People app
  59. Integrate email and SMS through deja contacts, turn dejaoffice into a full CRM soluti
  60. Problem with DJO Caller ID not displaying
  61. Problem with contact shortcut on home screen
  62. Palm Desktop for Windows Question (Not Device-Specific)
  63. Palm Library Error
  64. How to undelete or restore an accidentally deleted Memo?
  65. Control contact name components in sync from DO to Android contacts
  66. DejaExpense Check Number?
  67. Tracking new entries
  68. Revison history for 4.1.8 (928)
  69. Exporting DejaJournal
  70. Complete/Uncomplete Tasks is very slow.
  71. DejaOffice from old android mobile to new?
  72. Why don't alarms roll over when tasks roll over?
  73. Duplicates of completed calendar items
  74. Unable to sync by USB
  75. DejaOffice Priorities in Outlook 2016
  76. companionlink created false anniversaries on sync
  77. Calendar Filter
  78. DJA on samsung Android tablet is VERY VERY Slow....
  79. DejaCalendar not syncing--and won't close
  80. Please change forum date format to ISO 8601, yyyy-mm-dd
  81. Additional Information for support ticket DDJ-835-45422
  82. DejaOffice Categories don't show in Basic Android Contacts App
  83. Contacts Not Syncing
  84. What happened to the widgets??
  85. Dejacloud not syncing
  86. DejaCloud Server Down
  87. CompanionLink 7026 & 7028 not updating Cloud to Palm 6.2
  88. Sync both ways or to Android causes Anniversary items to populate on EACH DAY
  89. Sync stopped
  90. Deja Today Widget Issues
  91. Corrupted Contacts Data
  92. Help! DJOA suddenly can't find my database
  93. Change Device Name
  94. New user, cannot get rid of older data in calendar or tasks
  95. Display of Contacts in DejaOffice
  96. Set up lots of categories in DJO, it doesn't retain the associations for contacts
  97. Calendar - number of items that are visible
  98. Wish list item
  99. Alert when item is changed differently in both DJO and computer?
  100. DejaOffice Inhouse Beta Not Valid
  101. An overdue "THANKS" to DJO support
  102. DejaCloud Sync Server Down?
  103. Change Default Alarm Sound
  104. Showing progress of sync on phone?
  105. Android 6 y contactos de DOFY
  106. Handling alarms from notification list
  107. DJO not reading all contacts
  108. Puzzling message
  109. deja slows down, hangs up, crashes or freezes entire android
  110. DejaCloud Server Down
  111. Editing calendar item to change date to next year
  112. DejaCloud/CompanionLink Contact Count Higher Than Outlook 2016
  113. Android Contact search displays multiple contacts
  114. Deleting Tasks - HOw?
  115. Hiding tasks?
  116. Task display
  117. Database Backup
  118. Daja Task Widget
  119. Print?
  120. Sync between devices?
  121. Lost Wi-Fi Syncability After Windows Rebuild
  122. How to Replace Outlook Contacts with DejaCloud Contacts?
  123. Convert a Task entry in a Calendar entry
  124. Sync with 2 devices / 2 "envirmonments"?
  125. DJO to Palm Acess Sync lost Calander
  126. Completed Tasks
  127. Ringtones not syncing with Outlook
  128. Using alarms in Calendar (and maybe in Alarms too)
  129. The contacts information in the Dejaoffice page is different that my dejaoffice app
  130. Incorrect Contact Count
  131. Default contact Edit with DJO
  132. font size with the new version of DejaOffice
  133. DJOA sync with outlook.com?
  134. lost database
  135. Missing Today Widget
  136. Switching from Galaxy S5 to S7 soon
  137. Private tasks
  138. DejaCalendar week headline in different languages
  139. Need help with DB file
  140. Good News about Android OS 7 Nougat
  141. notifications on Android7 need to be expanded to reach snooze/dimiss buttons
  142. Update existing or create new contact from call log in Nougat?
  143. Notifications
  144. Recurring Appointments
  145. Alarms not sounding after sync
  146. "DejaOffice could not locate your database" returns
  147. Updated Website
  148. Unable to restore backup
  149. Widgets
  150. CONTACTS index doesn't work any more
  151. DJO Lockup
  152. Alphabetical buttons not working in contact list
  153. Entering Apartment Numbers on Handheld DejaContact
  154. Syncing problem
  155. DejaContacts not showing up In Andriod Contacts
  156. New phone not reading copied clusb\companionlink.db
  157. Translation issues
  158. Accidentally Cleared DJOA Data
  159. Contacts "group by" only groups by work address fields, not home
  160. djo comes up but tabs\widgets dont do anything xcept search a
  161. DJO locking up on phone lately
  162. Can not send calender entries by WhatsApp
  163. Persistent notification buzzing ever since last update
  164. Duplicate Calendar Events
  165. DJO freezing with version 4.3.4
  166. ZTE Axon 7 Laucher crashes when trying to place DejaOffice widget
  167. Can't chnange Sync Method in Sync Setting
  168. New Phone
  169. Using Time Zones
  170. Custom alarm
  171. New Pixel doesn't pull all ACT contacts into Dejacontacts
  172. Mileage tracking in dejaExpense
  173. Handling events on 2 devices
  174. Private Contacts Displayed in DJOA Contacts Widget
  175. How do I move a google calendar entry into DEJA Office?
  176. Restart phone between USB syncs?
  177. alarm on recurring task dissappears when dismissing single task
  178. old bug; setting alarm on tasks, cancelling out of date-select
  179. Outlook task that regenerates
  180. Calendar Items are not going away
  181. Feature Request?
  182. removing alarm from task does not remove alarm in app
  183. how to load Dejaoffice contacts into Android contacts?
  184. CompanionLink Task Deletes Not Working
  185. Sync Status simply hangs! grrrrr
  186. Galaxy Note 8 phone locks up DJO
  187. Ringtones
  188. Sync acting up today
  189. Synching: Invalid username and password error
  190. Alarm tone in Deja Calendar
  191. Tasks Widget/Show Active Tasks includes tasks with no dates
  192. Push Sync Not Working
  193. Slightly different duplicate contacts issue
  194. Events not always deleted
  195. Shortcuts will not show up on Android Home
  196. Question about alarms in calendar, and syncing
  197. Upgrade from Android DejaOffice3.x to 4.x won't sync on Samsung Note 4
  198. Problems with Sync after upgrade to CL8
  199. Problems with sync after CL8 Upgrade FIXED!!
  200. CL8 sync not working with DejaMemos
  201. problem with US holidays
  202. How to create a Memo shortcut
  203. Phone doesn't sync all contacts to Honda Accord Hands-free
  204. DejaOffice (Contacts) not syncing all data
  205. Syncing to a new device
  206. Issue with Clusb folder
  207. 24 hour time format
  208. How Change device name with local wifi sync?
  209. Contacts disappeared on phone, but not on Outlook
  210. New computer; want to sync Android with Palm Desktop
  211. DJO 4.3.7 Mobile number starting 0 deleted issue
  212. Cannot Edit Some Contacts + Some Caller ID's Do Not Show
  213. Dejaoffice without a PC link
  214. Size of log.txt file
  215. Off-Topic Perhaps: Palm Desktop Question
  216. Calendar notifications snooze/dismiss on lock screen
  217. Contact name not showing up when call or text is recieved only number
  218. Deja doesn't accept non-Google addresses
  219. Parsing error on back-release apk download
  220. DejaOffice could not open your database
  221. WhatsApp is not showing the names of my contacts.
  222. Phoneapp and Contact App are not showing the Deja Office conatcts
  223. Can no longer encrypt data with 4.3.9
  224. Upgraded phone, how do I sync data to new phone?
  225. setting rules in calendar
  226. Is DejaOffice and CL8 ready to work in Oreo?
  227. Back up database for DejaOffice
  228. Calenadar Settings - Colours
  229. Can't find folder "clusb" and file "companionlink.db" on my Galaxy S5
  230. Cloud not working ?
  231. send contact error
  232. I filed a ticket regarding duplication of tasks upon rollover, but nobody's responded
  233. DJO Contacts No Longer Gives a Skype Option
  234. First day of week setting - Sunday vs. Monday
  235. DJOA - Display Multiple Category Colors on Calendar Events (esp. Week View)?
  236. Problem installing 4.4.1 (B1036) with Encrypted Databases
  237. DejaTask Priority change bottleneck. improvement needed
  238. Samsung S5 Pull Down - Dismiss Events - Notification Pull Down - Not Active????
  239. Can I set a default app for email from DJO contacts?
  240. Feature Request: Sorting Contacts
  241. Phone Lines Down for a bit
  242. Unable to find companionlink.db or manual backup files
  243. No Notifications in Status Bar Data Synced to New Android phone
  244. DejaOffice Forum Downtime
  245. Alarms defaulting to ringtone
  246. Can not change message ringtone on Lg G2 phone
  247. Problems after new Windows 10 update (1803)
  248. Privacy Statement
  249. new items
  250. Delete profile pictures on phone