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  1. USB sync won't finish
  2. DejaToday
  3. Today and calendar home screen widgets don't update
  4. Build 1064 Hightlight, copy and paste
  5. Build 1064 android 8 complains about it using lots of battery?
  6. DejaTasks on Build 1068
  7. How Do I Add Money To My Paypal Account
  8. Issue with 1068
  9. PC giving error when syncing
  10. New icons in Notification Area for Tasks etc.
  11. Going back to an earlier build of DJO?
  12. Widget - past due task not shown anymore?
  13. DO 4.4.7 / 1069 odd Today and calendar widget behaviors
  14. DejaContacts
  15. Notifications are not working on build 1069
  16. Settings / Alarm Settings / Sound and Vibrate Settings / Silent on Android 8.1 Oreo
  17. How do DJO and CL handle items changed in both phone and computer?
  18. Not-overdue dates red in Deja Today widget?
  19. Issue when synchronizing phone to Cloud
  20. Syncing with Bluetooth?
  21. Unable to sync ringtone
  22. All my Tasks dissappeared. Uh oh times a million
  23. DejaOffice constantly hanging for the last few months - anyone else?
  24. Ongoing sync problems
  25. Add new contact to DejaOffice Contatcs
  26. Current day view has a problem in recent releases
  27. Will Deja Cloud always support previous versions?
  28. Menu Swipe-Pull Down (Customization-Control-Update Question(s))?
  29. New version? DejaOffice 4.4.9, build 1076 - plus new bluetooth problem
  30. List the number of contacts per category on DejaOffice?
  31. How many Contacts are in each category
  32. Syncing methods, Bluetooth and local WiFi
  33. Contact - update Google map and photo
  34. Android USB Sync on PC never starts
  35. Deleting old entries from calendar not working
  36. Notification Area Swipe left or Right what does it do?
  37. DJO and native contacts. Can DJO make the magic happen?
  38. Can't pair DJO and CLO any more for wifi syncing
  39. One-Off Issue: Convert .csv to .tda
  40. How to send/share multiple contacts by email (.vcf)
  41. Views as Homescreen Links
  42. Usability of the template selection scrren
  43. Moved clusb file to new android phone
  44. Delete contacts in cell phone without reformatting phone
  45. Delete contacts in cell phone without reformatting phone
  46. Syncing to different destinations
  47. When changing to WiFi sync, CLO rereads every item
  48. Duplicate items after syncing - calendar and tasks
  49. Syncing Outlook Calendar, Only Shows Participant Names?
  50. DejaCalendar Notifications, or lack thereof - Android 8
  51. Change Default All Day Reminder Alarm
  52. Forum updated
  53. How to change from USB to WiFi syncing?
  54. Syncing templates to the cloud
  55. An expected benefit from deleting CLUSB folder
  56. deja today alignment of issues sometimes of in DJO Style 3
  57. Migrate Settings to new phone
  58. One-Way-Sync for Android contacts
  59. Calendar always opens at yesterday
  60. 2 questions, about search, and a calendar setting item
  61. Delete (bulk calendar selection) in DejaOffice on Android (Samsung S5)???
  62. Beta testing DejaOffice PC CRM
  63. Can't Pair New Droid
  64. New contacts not showing in Caller ID
  65. Stuttering and pausing text entry / keyboard
  66. Coutry-prefixes are deleted in Contacts
  67. Syncing Expenses to DejaCloud
  68. eMail for CompanionLink/DejaOffice?
  69. Outlook encountered an error reading folder
  70. Why Start Freezing Now?
  71. Forum design and documentation complaints
  72. DO won't sync to Windows CL via USB
  73. Grrr! Major forum complaint...auto logout timer too short
  74. Alarms turning off randomly
  75. Multi Day events not showing correctly in android
  76. Task Attachments Not Syncing
  77. Changing contact birthday year doesn't work
  78. Telephone Number
  79. DejaMemos: display tabs differently than spaces
  80. Syncing DJO to Android Calendar sets alarm despite being told not to
  81. Dejaoffice.com
  82. Microphone activating on its own