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  1. Email Contacts
  2. Some issues with Version 1.6.4
  3. New Update Notice
  4. Synchronization Issues
  5. Help - Can't get all Outlook contacts to sync with DejaOffice!!!!
  6. contacts backup and restore
  7. Problems with Outlook-DejaOffice sync: accents and surnames
  8. Companionlink/Dejaoffice data vs. native Android data
  9. DejaOffice v1.6.5 BETA is now available
  10. Alarms, Reocurring Events, and Sync Problem
  11. Companion Link/DejaOffice need to wipe all and start over. How?
  12. Trouble Syncing Outlook Custom Fields to HTC Droid Incredible
  13. View syncing conflicts prior to changes being applied
  14. DJO cleans carrier contacts of the SIM card
  15. DJO does not sync properly notes between 2 PCs
  16. DJO goes into an infinite loop !
  17. Sync Problems Continue
  18. DJO buggy code for calendar notes !
  19. DJO buggy calendar display with missing appointments and texts
  20. Requests for future features
  21. 5+ hours & the sync still not done? Help
  22. Emailed Meeting Invites in Deja Office
  23. DejaOffice v1.6.6 is now available
  24. Sync Outlook 2010, Droid X, AND Google
  25. How can I permanently disable the outlook security warning?
  26. Motorola Backflip MB300 at&t download blocked
  27. CompanionLink Pro Category Limitaions
  28. Droid X coming -- how to set up Outlook only sync, not Google
  29. SD card security question
  30. SD card security hole prompts sync group question
  31. Can I synch some fields for one category, other fields for another category?
  32. HUGE Calendar Archive, Long Sync Times
  33. Contact's Event date on calendar ?
  34. Duplicate Calendar Entries
  35. How can I make deleted categories stay deleted?
  36. Sync-Problems Contacts and Calendar again
  37. Category issues
  38. Fields question -- what syncs from outlook?
  39. Droid 2
  40. Completed Tasks Not Syncing
  41. Contact sorting as Company not names (HTC EVO)
  42. DJO stops displaying future appointments in list view
  43. DJO kills Android OS !!!
  44. Editing/Deleting 1 Calendar Event in a Series of Recurring Events
  45. Request Widgets in Future Updates
  46. New at this -- calendar events moved a day
  47. New sync issues and data corruption with duplicate records
  48. Calendar issues -- notifiers coming several hours off or repeating at odd times
  49. Sync Settings Option gives error message
  50. Syncing ACT! 2010 with DejaOffice on DROID via USB - Any ACT! Users doing this yet?
  51. Read Android Data - Sync Failed
  52. DejaOffice deleted my SMS threads.
  53. Useable Functionality???
  54. Incomplete Contact Sync
  55. Deja office in Xperia mini pro
  56. Dejanotes and Lotus Notes file
  57. Daily/Weekly view reformating?
  58. Problems w/ native Android People contact app causes missing contacts
  59. DejaOffice v1.6.7 BETA is now available
  60. Deja Office for PC
  61. Old Recurring Tasks Not Cleared
  62. Filter Option for Contacts / Showing options ...
  63. Changes in Outlook Calendar made on computer were lost in sync
  64. What's happened to DejaOffice and CompanionLink?
  65. Outlook 2007 Sync with the Droid X
  66. Count function
  67. alphabet overview?
  68. DejaOffice won't always restart from the Icon
  69. CL Needs an Internet Connection?
  70. create new shortcut for notes
  71. recurrence of appointment / event
  72. New Outlook Calendar items do not get copied to DJO
  73. DejaOffice v1.6.8 is now available
  74. Palm Desktop custom fields not mapping
  75. Deja Catagories to Android Groups?
  76. DejaOffice Does NOTHING when SYNC is pressed
  77. Multiple Catagories not syncing?
  78. Avoid Deja & Android Duplicate Appointments/Alarms
  79. reinstall & multiple groups in Contact
  80. Force Update
  81. Recurring events stop at certain date
  82. Yet another 'contacts not syncing' problem
  83. Private events- Droid to Palm Desktop
  84. DJO displays incorrectly Names in native Android contacts
  85. week numbers
  86. Erractic sync issues with recurring appts
  87. DJO 1.6.8b = 1.6.8
  88. Deja contacts and droid contacts
  89. I Need to Get Some Tasks Done Before I Die
  90. Sync Interrupted - Now says USB unmounted when trying to sync
  91. DejaOffice 1.6.6: Tasks go back only 7 days?
  92. HTC Incredible and Outlook 2007
  93. UPDATED (10/1): DejaOffice v1.7.2 BETA is now available
  94. DJO SHORTCUTS NOT Working... also...still have sync problems....
  95. When can I unplug USB cable?
  96. Purge didn't purge -- what is wrong with my settings?
  97. What reliability of syncing DejaOffice with Outlook categories?
  98. Customize Alarms in DejaCalendar
  99. Segregating Personal (Palm Desktop) and Business (Exchange Server)
  100. Outlook 2010 Calendar - Appointments
  101. Show full text of tasks
  102. Force close in tasks since upgrade
  103. Christmas is Coming Early This Year (and Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and...)
  104. Outlook synchronization
  105. How do I avoid duplicates on purge and re-load? Please tell me the setting to use
  106. How do I avoid duplicates on purge and re-load? Please tell me the setting to use
  107. Events keep duplicating
  108. Calendar Entries in DejaOffice off by 1 day
  109. Lotus, DroidX, Calendar not syncing correctly since droid2.2 update - HELP!!
  110. Suggestion... tap address to bring up map!
  111. DJCalendar extremely inefficient
  112. I only sync with android and have duplicate contacts!
  113. Not Autosaving Notes Field Data
  114. Sync with Act!: Task list and Notes
  115. Looking for the best way to test DejaOffice and Companionlink Pro
  116. One way Outlook sync still inconsistent
  117. Sync using USB on HCT EVO with Outlook
  118. First setup sync...
  119. How do I set how far back my calendar syncs?
  120. Samsung Galaxy S Captivate sync since September OTA firmware JH7 update
  121. Force close com.companionlink.clubsync in 1.7.3B
  122. Using Act DataBase and Droid 2
  123. Act! 2010 Tasks not syncing to Droid11
  124. Contact app returns to home screen instead of contact list
  125. No contacts in dejaoffice after sync
  126. Searching DejaContacts Note Field
  127. Anyone else having trouble adding shortcuts?
  128. Suggestions for DejaTasks
  129. deja tasks issues
  130. Uninstalling DejaOffice
  131. IM from contact list of DejaOffice
  132. DejaOffice v1.7.4 now available
  133. Act! 2011 contacts not syncing, but all other area do fine
  134. Recurring Events - Sync moving up one day
  135. DejaCal Limited Recurring Events Ending 1 Period Early in Native Calendar
  136. Dismiss Alarm = Mark Event Held?
  137. First time sync bugs?
  138. Wireless sync (wi-fi) with Companion link USB?
  139. DejaOffice may be effecting battery life
  140. Imac and Android outlook sync
  141. syncing contacts
  142. HOw to setup sync over wireless
  143. Samsung Android & Windows 7
  144. Caller ID and ease of making outbound calls (Droid X)
  145. Should I upgrade now or wait?
  146. How long should "writing data to disk" take?
  147. won't backwards sync contacts and notes
  148. I want to have the same register in tasks and in calendar
  149. Syncing contacts with android too slow
  150. New to DejaOffice and attempting to sync with DroidX
  151. Duplicate days of the week on DejaCalendar???
  152. Where's the Wi-Fi sync, and today widget?
  153. Will the next version finally bring us appointsments WITHOUT alerts?
  154. Schedule for Bluetooth sync?
  155. New Outlook Appointments Don't Sync
  156. Contacts from Outlook will not sync if in two categories
  157. DejaOffice v1.8.2 available in the Android Market (includes Wi-Fi Sync)
  158. Alarm occurs 2880 minutes before event
  159. After upgrade to CompanionLink f. Outlook DejaOffice calendar not working any more
  160. DejaOffice and MS Outlook Business Contact Manager
  161. Sporadic Alarm
  162. Calendar improvements
  163. Keep getting prompted to connect USB cable (when it's already attached!)
  164. Pre-upgrade, deletions from Outlook not syncing
  165. Calendar Options
  166. How do I delete or change Category names, delete duplicate contacts
  167. Caller ID
  168. SMS basically unusable?
  169. Set up two sync profiles
  170. dejacontacts not syncing with android "people" phonebook
  171. "read android data" on home screen
  172. Only three task priorities - High/Medium/Low
  173. How long to wait for Palm Desktop sync?
  174. last name first used to work, now it doesn't, after updating to 1.8.2
  175. DejaContacts categories do not transfer to HTC People on Droid Incredible; it used to
  176. small gripe, but the "press ok on the smartphone" icon doesn't disappear by itself
  177. How do I find contact history (appointments, calls, messages) with a linked contact?
  178. Can Sort order be altered/expanded a bit further?
  179. DJO older versions and release history
  180. Where is code development done?
  181. Tasks not transferring properly with Wifi Sync
  182. Franklin Covey Support
  183. Calendar Dates Changed
  184. DJO issue - Appointments titles modification from 'a' to 'A' not synced
  185. Docs on Wifi setup in Companionlink?
  186. Wont sync contacts with Sunsung Fascinate
  187. Double reminders
  188. Will there ever be direct wifi sync, without using your servers?
  189. Several WiFi Synch Questions - Android - Office
  190. Birthdays and anniversaries in Goldmine
  191. Duplicate Native Contacts
  192. Using DejaCalendar with DejaContacts, Contact Phone & Address not displaying
  193. Sync Issues with recurring appointments
  194. categories for DejaCalendar
  195. DejaOffice v1.9.4 (Now avail in Market)
  196. How to stop the ringing?
  197. Losing Calendar data when USB syncing to Palm Desktop
  198. Multiple numbers of the same type synced?
  199. Spaces being removed from phone numbers?
  200. default alarm in calendar
  201. Are PC Categories best handled as Groups for Android Contacts?
  202. is it possible to decrease the # of clicks required to dial a number from DejaContact
  203. Are Widgets Coming?
  204. DJO 1.8.3 Keeps Blowing Out Palm Desktop 4.2 Calender
  205. SD Card not found
  206. Improvement suggestions--minor
  207. Text limit for Notes area in Office Tasks
  208. Synchronizing - Perhaps Terminology Can Be Tweaked
  209. Preferred Synchronization Settings
  210. Categories Created
  211. Feature request: Remember last note/position
  212. Saving contacts to Samsung Galaxy Vibrant
  213. how to sync with android calendar without using a gmail account
  214. No Contacts in DeJa Office Contacts
  215. Primary phone number
  216. DejaCalendar bug
  217. DejaOffice holding Partial Wakelock
  218. DejaOffice Contacts not syncing with Droid Contacts
  219. DejaContacts stopped syncing with Outlook
  220. Dejaoffice and SMS
  221. Bug in Calendar when Synchronizing with Outlook
  222. feature request in DejaCalendar
  223. feature request in DejaCalendar / month view
  224. Calendar View: missing "cw" (calendar week) display
  225. Contacts: strange mapping of Outlook categories
  226. Synchronizing pictures and ringtones for contacts
  227. Syncing guide for Palm Desktop <-> Android anywhere?
  228. Category "No Category" created when I register a task, or a calendar
  229. Android Expense App
  230. Either synchronize 1-way from Android "Saved to phone" contacts or save calls to DO?
  231. Contacts duplicted after sync with Pimlical
  232. DJO Setup Wizard mini app
  233. DJO databases neatly cleaning
  234. Tasks Preview Pane
  235. Default e-mail address for DO
  236. Sync With More Than One
  237. Updated today--dislike the calendar view :(
  238. Display messed up!
  239. Recurring tasks lose recurrance
  240. New To DejaOffice and need some advice
  241. Sync DJO Contacts to Phone DB, not to Google DB (Samsung Captivate)
  242. DJO does not always sync capital letters : sport to SpOrT
  243. DejaOffice sync caused my calendar recurrence events to go back one day.
  244. Version 1.9.4 giving me major problems
  245. Send text from contact screen?
  246. Palm Desktop - CompanionLink - DJO Sync Issues w/Droid
  247. New to DJO, how to sync Outlook contacts not Android
  248. Calendar ("complex") recurring events
  249. Dejaoffice syncing from Archos android device
  250. What does "Sync Android Contacts" in v1.9.4 do?