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  1. Make Galaxy S think DejaOffice is Corporate Account?
  2. How do you BACKUP DejaOffice DATA on the DroidX?
  3. new. was happy now am confused. calendar problem.
  4. DejaOffice v1.9.8
  5. Integrating DJO with GPSs other than Google Maps
  6. Calendar Force Close on Start Up
  7. Sync the Contacts in Android Phone with Palm Desktop
  8. Missing repeating Lotus notes entries in my Android Deja office calendar
  9. Calendar widget status
  10. Read Android Data Failing
  11. Sync Issue - Chinese content can not be well supported
  12. How do I assign Droid Pro side button to DejaContacts?
  13. Calendars from Microsoft Outlook in Android
  14. Can't delete alarm created in Outlook
  15. syncing all contact fields with outlook
  16. Syncing MS Otlook with my Droid
  17. Android 2.2 iPad Alternatives
  18. Notes Searc h
  19. DJO Contacts & Android Contacts
  20. Can't find a "Search all of DejaOffice" function
  21. syncing pc outlook to deja office via google
  22. Perennial problem of synchronizing DejaOffice contacts with Android native contacts
  23. Completed Recurring Tasks in Act Do Not Show Completed in DJO
  24. How to avoid double entries with outlook sync and google sync ????
  25. Display change request: week view recurring appts
  26. DajaContacts only syncs about half of my Outlook contacts
  27. Is there a setting for appts to "drop off"
  28. Split screen on droid 2
  29. DejaOffice Calendar display
  30. sync force close
  31. Repeating notification
  32. DJO does not sync text below "code:" in appointments !
  33. Notes Size Limit
  34. Delete Alarm for Task
  35. Feature Wish List
  36. WiFi sync IP address change problem
  37. settings in companionlink not working
  38. DejaContacts no longer updating the Android Contacts database
  39. DejaOffice not starting with phone
  40. Repeat Tasks
  41. Sync Deja Calendar with Native not working Natvie Syncs with Google
  42. DejaOffice Birthday - no sync to Android contact birthday field
  43. Changed dialer functionality I would love changed back
  44. Contacts duplicted in Android and DejaOffice after sync
  45. System Exception on Android 2.2 Froyo, Blue Screen wipeout on PC Windows 7
  46. What is the best way to upgrade DJO ?
  47. cannot select partial text in DJO Note fields
  48. German language
  49. When to Load Outlook Folders
  50. Clone Appointment
  51. DJO no longer triggering Companionlink (Galaxy S)
  52. DJO triggers "Updating Android Contacts" for no reasons
  53. 2 line description in calendee
  54. Calendar Question
  55. Birthdays in DejaContacts showing up in DejaCalendar
  56. OL contact pictures not syncing to DJO on Android
  57. Task alert/notification system
  58. Go to Today in DejaCal List View
  59. downloaded dejaoffice for android - won't let me change usb settings
  60. Syncing android and DJV contacts
  61. Problems syncing Android Contact DB
  62. Sync between DJO Contacts and Android Contacts doesn't work
  63. ?? on DJO with CL3/Goldmine and speed of microSD card
  64. Thanks
  65. MSOutlook Business Contact Manager
  66. Dejaoffice does not startup automatically
  67. DJO does not keep last modification for conflicting appointments
  68. How to turn off Automatic Google Sync
  69. Trying to understand notifications/alarms
  70. multiday outlook calendar entries get synced but cut 1 day short
  71. Palm Calendar won't sync after CL4026 corrupted it
  72. DJO does not always allows to modify full day appointments in late 2012
  73. DJO systematically deletes office appointments sent by other users
  74. Unable to copy selected text from memos and contacts
  75. DejaCalendar acting strange since January 1
  76. DejaOffice doesn't sync with CompanionLink for Palmdesktop - Help wanted
  77. DST issue between Office and DejaOffice
  78. sync with outlook
  79. Password for private contact entries
  80. HELP!!! DejaOffice Locks Up
  81. will contact info. link to phone contacts
  82. DejaCalendar: Go to date/Make appointment from list view.
  83. Synching DJO, Outlook and Android
  84. Primary Database
  85. Time issue for sync DJO calendar to outlook - new appts only
  86. any update on copy calendar items feature
  87. DejaOffice v1.10.6 available in the Android Market
  88. Sync dejaoffice calendar to htc desire hd calendar
  89. Recurring Tasks sync One Day Off
  90. AARGH..!!! Every Single Task is One Day Off on DeJa
  91. Hyperlinks - Tappable - Clickable phone #s in calendar appointment fields
  92. Import text files
  93. General Questions
  94. Deja Office not syncying anymore
  95. Palm Tasks disappear after completed when using DejaTasks
  96. "Syncing to Android Contacts" locked my Droid X
  97. Ongoing sync problems
  98. Call/Contact Recognition & Quick Dial
  99. Problem with DJO Today screen
  100. What Happened to Outlook Reminders?
  101. Initial Sync
  102. how do i uninstall the DJO contacts from the droid
  103. ZXing on the Droid Incredible
  104. New Droid X new Windows 7 old Palm Z22 and Palm Desktop 4.2
  105. What permissions am I granting? [AccountManagerService?]
  106. DejaCalendar & DejaContacts sync to Android Calendar & Contacts
  107. Android-->Companion Link-->Palm Desktop-->on a Mac !
  108. New feature request
  109. Deleted appt won't stop notification
  110. Synch one-way from phone to DJO
  111. Sync does not work for Epic 4G under Froyo
  112. non sync of individual items
  113. Small screen display issues
  114. Deja NotePad: Add manual (my) sort option! (Like it was possible on the Palm OS)
  115. Bug when adding a contact in Android phone
  116. Tasks marked complete before alarm date/time still alarm
  117. Sync calendar between android and ipad
  118. upgrade to new release
  119. DejaOffice for Android syncing to Google also?
  120. calendar sync with outlook
  121. Every-2-week reminders
  122. Sync with google account? How to?
  123. Thank you for Expense App
  124. Clarification on DJO capabilities
  125. Microsoft office 2010
  126. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  127. Galaxy S Froyo No phone account, no google account in DJO 1.10.2
  128. No pop up re: CALL vs. SMS
  129. Recurring events sync with Outlook
  130. Notes not synching
  131. Write to, But Not Read from, Android Calendar?
  132. Samsung Vibrant is not syncing properly with PC with Calendar and Contacts
  133. Feature requests for DejaOffice for Android
  134. Outlook Handwritten Notes
  135. Sync activation from Android Device
  136. Recurrence end date not working
  137. Duplication
  138. Calendar & Tasks
  139. DJO Tasks: start date?
  140. Sync conflict with WinAmp - Droid 2
  141. Outlook Pictures Don't Always Sync
  142. Options for lost password for private records
  143. Sync Loop with Glaxy Tab - Outlook 2010
  144. Calendar sync question
  145. Reminders
  146. Default snooze time option not working
  147. "with" field in calendar events
  148. Copy and paste calendar entries
  149. Sync question
  150. BUG: Sync to Account (Internal Phone DB) missing
  151. Lost calendar enties
  152. Unable to sync with Droid X
  153. Weekly view
  154. Sync Outlook Task via Companionlink/Google?
  155. CompanionLink Synchronize
  156. USB Sync with palm Desktop 6.2
  157. Android X screen changes direction on it's own
  158. Alarms problem - "2 weeks" not working
  159. Phone Number format Issue in 1.10.4
  160. DJO Overwrote Native Contacts
  161. 1.10.4 Force Closes on Category Colors
  162. Contacts are not syncing onto my phone
  163. Sync Problem solution?
  164. Reminders Fail
  165. BUG: Website Field Sync
  166. DejaOffice /w CompanionLink or VCOrganizer Pro?
  167. Custom Created Fields NOT available in CompanionLink
  168. CATEGORIES do not get synced with beta 10.4
  169. Calendar dates are incorrect
  170. Not working alarms
  171. Alarm (reminders) are not working!
  172. PC outlook to droid only user / re-alarm issues
  173. Update DejaOffice
  174. DejaNotePad edit screen not updated
  175. "No events"
  176. It just stopped syncing. Period
  177. Contacts: Displays only first line of address
  178. Contacts: List shows Work Fax, not Work number
  179. Galaxie S to Palm Desktop via USB
  180. Contact Field
  181. In My Galaxy S 2.2 there is no Phone account
  182. Forum Posts require preapproval?
  183. For task list view - tommorrow option for date or specific date to see tasks for
  184. Calendar problems in a Samsung Fascinate
  185. Deja Office is in some kind of split screen on my MyTouch 4G, Android Version 2.2.1
  186. Global Search is not working on my Android 2.2.1 MyTouch 4G
  187. Still Having Completed Events/Tasks Issues
  188. Event Completed Feature Request
  189. Feature Request for Task List
  190. NEWBIE - confused
  191. Recurring Appoints Off by1 Hour in AZ
  192. Contact Sync
  193. DejaOffice WiFi sync problems with Outlook and Fascinate
  194. task list showing contact name next to subject
  195. Sync from Android contacts to DejaOffice contacts :(
  196. In Case of Emergency
  197. Two address entries with the same name synch to one entry in DJO !?
  198. Contact pictures not synching between DJO and native contacts
  199. Color boxes of categories in contacts a lot TOO BIG
  200. CATEGORIES: not (any more) used do not get purged. Why?
  201. droid global ubs unmounted error
  202. WiFi Sync - Does it require DJO to be open on phone?
  203. SYNC settings/Accounts: why "PC Sync" not possible to select for contactc?
  204. sync android problem
  205. Writing DejaOffice Calendar data to local Android Calendar with no cloud?
  206. Global categories
  207. Old not completed tasks
  208. Evo 4g Android Contact Storage size keeps growing
  209. Half Screen display ??? Columns ???
  210. Contacts keep coming back
  211. Categories and groups
  212. failure on Archos 5 internet tablet
  213. Limitations of Android calendar?
  214. Can you copy text in a contact field?
  215. Contacts Disappear!
  216. Contact photos -- some show up, some don't
  217. DejaOffice rename when download update from Market?
  218. "Fake event to work around a calendar issue" ??
  219. DejaNotePad <--> Outlook Sync
  220. Note content disappears
  221. minor complaints about 1.10.6 notepad regarding private notes
  222. Encountered an improper argument
  223. Intermittent SD card mounting problems
  224. Date/Time picker - nice! and some suggestions
  225. Task Sort Order
  226. Can we have an option to remove the percentage complete?
  227. DejaExpense hangs
  228. Task Reccurence - monthly by date - not working upon delete
  229. 1.10.7 blew everything up
  230. Cannot get DO to to link with CL on my PC
  231. Tasks showing up one day earlier
  232. after uploading 10.6, CL fails
  233. DejaContacts scrolling isn't smoothly
  234. DejaCalendar long to start
  235. Trashing of database
  236. Can't sync since last update
  237. USB Sync to Android hangs
  238. Sync failed; can no longer get to native contacts from home screen icon
  239. DejaOffice 1.10.7 and synchronization
  240. Oulook Journal Sync
  241. 1.10.7 and NO SYNC!
  242. I've pretty much had it
  243. Best way to Sync Outlook on two (or more) PC's & HTC EVO - without Google
  244. Sending text messages
  245. Former Palm users discussion
  246. DejaOffice v1.10.9 now available
  247. Category Colors Change on Their Own in DJ Calendar
  248. Swap SD Card
  249. getting DejaContacts inside phone dialer on Android
  250. Searching DejaTask ain't like it use to be!