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  1. Home screen Contact icon not working
  2. Are sync procedures confusing and problematical?
  3. Tasks do not sync with cl4033 & djo1.10.8
  4. Call notes
  5. Icons
  6. 1.10.8 Sync Issue - HTC Evo - USB to PC - VIsta
  7. Stop private records from synching with Google
  8. Problems with meeting invites (coruppted list of attendees)
  9. Indicate Revision History in Market
  10. Icons
  11. Calendar appointment times getting changed when changing time zone incorrectly
  12. Having Deja office update Andriod contact list or replace contact list
  13. Purge and Reload is a disaster
  14. Contact field in Calendar Event
  15. How to go back to previous version
  16. sync with ACT
  17. Voice Dialing Goes Away
  18. 1.10.8: "Read Android Data" clears Favorites
  19. upgrade issue 1.10.6
  20. 1.10.8: "Read Android Data" doesn't sync
  21. DJO Calendar look and feel futur improved ?
  22. Companion Link is not working
  23. Adding a DejaContact into a DejaCalendar event.
  24. Sync made with false settings - iphone instead of android
  25. Resetting data
  26. Loss of Android Contact Data with new Upgrade
  27. ACT Opportunity App
  28. Where did Android Contacts Go
  29. Templates for appointments and tasks please
  30. HTC Wildfire/Android 2.2.1: contact groups/categories take about 45 sec. to open
  31. How recurrences function
  32. Three way sync of contacts: Outlook, DejaOffice and Android native
  33. DejaContacts
  34. Test messages from Contacts?
  35. New version nearly unusable
  36. DejaCalendario, battery discharge.
  37. Recurring events starting before 1970 are missing
  38. Tomorrow's tasks are shown inDejaToday
  39. Alarm sounds after task marked complete
  40. Import contacts from text file
  41. Palm Desktop to Galaxy S Sync II
  42. Account list item names are truncated
  43. Pictures
  44. Help with Category layering in Monthly view
  45. Sync error encountered in build 4034
  46. What happened to DejaToday? Always empty even though DejaCalendar shows items
  47. DejaOffice "Sync" vs "Read Android Data"
  48. Moving DejaOffice data to a new phone
  49. Google Calendar verses Palm Calendar
  50. Empty calendar after Deja update to 1.10.9.
  51. wifi sync option unavailable on companionlink
  52. sync issues ..
  53. Contact Notes Character Limit
  54. Calendar alarm not working properly
  55. Cannot get contacts from Outlook et al..
  56. Expense Application Problems
  57. Templates for Appointments and Tasks please
  58. Lotus Traveler, Read Android Data, Categories
  59. Delete Contacts
  60. Calendar Reminders
  61. Duplicate categories show up in tasks
  62. All Day events in Calendar
  63. Calendar entry extends itself and also reminder query
  64. DejaOffice / CompanionLink Calendar sync issue
  65. Minor issues with 1.10.9 release
  66. Incorrect sync of "all day" events over multiple days
  67. "Windows has blocked startup program"
  68. DJO week view not enough readable and no settings available
  69. Cannot Sync using WIFI
  70. DejaOffice v1.11.1 BETA is now available
  71. DJO does not sync capital letters modifications in title as "john" to "John"
  72. DJO deletes the -91d events when syncing with 2 PC
  73. Android / Palm Desktop / Google Calendar
  74. Add new contact to DejaOffice Contatcs
  75. Viewing items in DejaNotepad
  76. DejaOffice/Clink not working - Getting ready to refund Deja Support, please help!!!!!
  77. Notification Sounds?
  78. 1.11.0 Beta Task Sort
  79. Deleting Contacts
  80. Create shortcut for Sync
  81. Export or synchronize DejaExpense?
  82. Set DejaContacts as default
  83. 2 Requests
  84. Purge and reload contacts?
  85. Franklin Todo list sort order
  86. Can you sync to two computers?
  87. How exactly does Dejaoffice interact with the phone and its built in apps?
  88. DJO messing the order of my "people" widget
  89. DejaToday Widget
  90. Droid 2 Contacts are not loading after sync.
  91. Nickname: where is it in Act!
  92. Contacts not syncing properly on Droid 2
  93. Deleting Past Events
  94. Outlook and DejaOffice and entries which repeat at the same time & same day each week
  95. "Add contact" in Calendar event not sending to that contact.
  96. DJO Reminders not working correctly
  97. DejaOffice v1.12.8 avail in the Market
  98. Contact Screen Problem
  99. Syncing is getting worse!
  100. Fake event to work around calendar issue?
  101. Problem in DJO with date format
  102. Why am I NOW getting pop-up advertisements on my device?
  103. Change default Snooze Alarm Intervals
  104. Help- Outlook sync
  105. Restoring "clean" UI features
  106. default date on alarm
  107. Alarm default date
  108. IS there any way to email calendar events or contacts?
  109. Can Deja Contacts sync with the android contacts (ie so I can see incoming callerz)
  110. Why ads? I thought I paid partly to keep ads off?!
  111. Disable word suggestions, auto-correct when entering text?
  112. Need to re-orient screen to edits, save
  113. Task alarm/notifications
  114. Deja Office 1.11.3?
  115. Memos do not sync anymore since update?
  116. V1.11.2 of DejaOffice seems to have broken Android Data sync for Contacts
  117. Moving to MS Outlook 2010 from Outlook2007 - Any Issues with DJO or CompanionLink?
  118. DejaOffice and HTC's People and Latest Android Platform
  119. Android 1.11.2 Odd Beh and Battery Drain
  120. Feature Request : Task Due Date Rollover or Task Due Date Reschedule
  121. display settings
  122. Do you wish for DO for Windows
  123. jimboone
  124. DejaOffice 1.1.2 Recurrence Daily,Weekly etc -> Repeat End truncated
  125. Business Card Scanner/Reader App
  126. Repeat events keep changing time
  127. DJO does not sync notes content when syncing with 2 PC
  128. Thanks: font size in edit screens!
  129. Task alarm date vs due date
  130. Read Android Data issue in 1.11.x
  131. syncing to Google calendar
  132. deja calender
  133. deja calender
  134. Notifications (tasks, meetings), old and new styles in DjO
  135. Task "Add Contact": Auto-activate onscreen keyboard?
  136. ALL Contacts Do NOT Sync Galaxy S
  137. Fridays added to recurring calender events
  138. Which is closer to DO, Palmdesktop or Time @ Chaos?
  139. setting up e mail
  140. Updating Android Contacts on my Atrix 4G take a very long time.
  141. Comparative table of features for DO & applications that sync with Companion link?
  142. USB vs Wi Fi
  143. Task Alpha Priority Sync
  144. both databases primary: warning 54 contacts will be deleted
  145. importing calendar entry
  146. Tasks
  147. And we still have a serious problem with recurring calendar entries
  148. Tasks: he changes the dates during the sync with outllook
  149. Read Android Data doesn't push contacts down
  150. Syching a Droid and Xoom
  151. DejaOffice and CompanionLink Pro
  152. Reminders after setting appointments (also known as alarms)
  153. Recurring event options not as extensive as palm calendar
  154. Palm Desktop & Motoblur Android
  155. Syncing quirks with Atrix and W7 64bit
  156. Expense Types in DejaExpenses
  157. Sync with Android Contacts
  158. Where are Dejaoffice data files stored?
  159. Alarm/Snooze Setting BETA
  160. Companion Link Deleted Items
  161. Speed Dial
  162. Contact Search
  163. BCM Tasks won't sync
  164. Suggestion for CompanionLink
  165. CompanionLink Sync never completes
  166. DejaOffice with Zen Touch 2?
  167. Today Screen Task Sort Order
  168. djo
  169. More sync weirdness
  170. Day view is only half the screen.
  171. Motorola Atrix "True" SD Card and Intermittent Mounting Causing Sync Issues
  172. VERY Slow Sync - Over 12 Hours to Sync Outlook 2007 to Droid X with errors and lockup
  173. DJO appointment title modification in Android when syncing with 2 PC
  174. Problem with editing recurring events
  175. Resolving Calendar events conflicts
  176. Suppress notifications when syncing
  177. Task alarm date needs to change with task due date
  178. Ability to copy calender items, tasks, memos, expenses
  179. Snoozing tasks in DJO changes alarm time
  180. Integrate Alarm Klock with Deja Office?
  181. Is it normal it is slow to run features ?
  182. How to force a sync with Android Contacts?
  183. Screen going off stops DJO synchronizing
  184. Synchronizing CL with 2 devices using DJO
  185. Relationship between Dejaoffice database, Android database in Phone, and Gooogle data
  186. Deleted Contacts
  187. custom recurring appts
  188. DejaOffice fields & sync problems with desktop PIMs
  189. Alarm Snooze (Custom)
  190. sync android tablet with palm desktop and palm pilot
  191. CompanionLink => DJO Sync duplicates recurring appointments and restores deleted appo
  192. Calendar Alarms from deleted appointments
  193. Please fix big widget 4x4
  194. Will future versions of DO office write directly to Android data?
  195. DejaContacts search button
  196. Rollover tasks
  197. Big sync problem after updating CL and Android 2.3.3
  198. Make DJO main contacts on Captivate
  199. Week of year in calender month/year view
  200. Must force WiFi sync from DO
  201. DejaCalendar shortcut not working
  202. DejaCalendar: Go to date/Make appointment from list view.
  203. CompanionLink aborts
  204. Calendar question
  205. Today not showing events
  206. WiFi sync with CompanionLink Automatically
  207. "Syncing Android contacts"... how many times?
  208. Calendar events: let's learn from the "Master"
  209. Problems synchronization of contacts
  210. DJO search incomplete data and bad empty results
  211. Contact Mapping from Outlook to Android Contacts
  212. Category Issues on my Motorola Droid
  213. Sync contacts from native to Deja
  214. DejaOffice V1.11.7 - Monthly calendar view
  215. DejaOffice V1.11.7 and Categories
  216. DJO1.11.7 and CL4044 WiFi will not connect!
  217. DJO1.11.7 and CL4044 Task Priorities do not sync correctly to Outlook
  218. Dejatoday showing numbers (1 to 7) rather than "Today"
  219. DEJA Today widget shows appointments for tomorrow!
  220. DJO 1.11.7 bugs
  221. can I sync with Outlook AND Gmail?
  222. New Versions
  223. Motorola Xoom usb sync to Outlook
  224. "Retrieving Calendar Data"
  225. Lost nearly all Contacts in DJO after syncing today
  226. Default contact access and speech recognition
  227. Alarm sound in Calendar
  228. Problems with new realease syching tasks
  229. multiple sort for tasks of specific day select for tasks
  230. Archive or delete old calendar items?
  231. Synch DJO Calendar with Read-only Google Calendar Through Native Calendar App?
  232. Use of Groups and Categories in Synching Key Active DJO Contacts to Native Contacts
  233. DJO does not sync with SGS built in Contacts app
  234. DejaExpenses Sync
  235. Weekly to daily view
  236. request for improving our dejaoffice apps!!!
  237. Duplicate Contacts and filter local search
  238. Truncation of Palm Desktop address data
  239. Turn off google synch
  240. Progress Window
  241. Deja Office gets stuck reading Android Contacts during sync
  242. Scrolling Notes list
  243. how do i sync deja tasks?
  244. Sync moves a moved calendar item back to the original date on Outlook
  245. Android 2.3.3 Update appears to break sync between DJO and CompanionLink
  246. more sorting options for tasks?
  247. new problem with search
  248. DejaToday problem
  249. read only mode when syncing
  250. Syncing Calendar