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  1. Recurring / repeating appts re-appearing after edit?
  2. calendar closes with exception error (beta 1.11.8)
  3. Trouble with contact birthdays in Android 2.3.3
  4. Serious bug. When SD card is full
  5. local vs. absolute time
  6. Show today's tasks does not show today's tasks
  7. Feature Request : Add scrollable feature to DejaToday widget
  8. Android/HTC-Sense MAIL app not finding DejaContacts, only now-empty Android Contacts
  9. 5 day work week?
  10. Empty DjO DB after sync
  11. Feature Request - "Agenda"-like widget
  12. Sync Problem- Duplicates and other issues
  13. Today doesn't show whole-day events
  14. How do I stop these duplicate contacts occurring?
  15. Sync with Android Contacts
  16. Verizon Droid Samsung Charge - Sync won't happen on the PC
  17. Day-view doesn't work with weeknumbers on
  18. Websites being deleted in Outlook
  19. One-Way Synch From Android Apps to DJO
  20. Options for list view in DejaContacts
  21. Is there any way to get dejatasks to return to one line display?
  22. Force Close when attempt to open Calendar.
  23. Problem in sync with Android contacts
  24. DJO synching with 2 PCs: possible?
  25. Feature request. Add ability to "select" on widget using trackball/navpad/touchpad
  26. Misunderstanding. Contacts in tasks/meetings are nomore links
  27. sync
  28. Deja Contacts Showing Up in Phone Dialer
  29. Dejaoffice List View on Samsung Galazy S
  30. Birthdays and anniversarys from Pimlical in Deja Office not visible!?
  31. Replicated problem with re-appearing edited recurring appts
  32. How to copy the Deja calendar entries to Android MyCalendar
  33. Problem with Sync Android Global
  34. Function request / delete duplicates
  35. Sync with Outlook suddenly stopped working
  36. Bug report: Day of week shift with repeating appts in DJO 1.11.7
  37. Droid / Google / Deskktop & DJO
  38. Is an occasional Oneway Sync from DJO to Android DB or Google possible
  39. Order of search results and display of date
  40. Can no longer see all my Outlook/DJO contacts in native Android Contacts
  41. Problem with interupted synchronization
  42. Getting DJO data from old SD card to new phone
  43. Syncronize more than one GOOGLE account
  44. Bug: recurring all day event ends one day too late
  45. BUG - only affects address records with same name
  46. Calendar list view: Today button
  47. Syncing with Android Contacts creates multiple copies of Same Contact
  48. DJO 1.11.7 Automatically roll over overdue tasks: DejaToday does not trigger rollover
  49. Question for Palm Desktop, Agendus Users w/ DJO
  50. Feature request. In Today view show meetings for today only
  51. Requests for enhancement - DejaTasks
  52. Explanation for different sync options needed
  53. Problem with Widget
  54. Any progress in problems editing / entering recurring appts?
  55. SD card issue with DROID X 2
  56. Telephone Format Changing in DejaContacts
  57. Sync between Samsung Galaxy S and Outlook etc - not working??
  58. 1.11.9 download is 1.11.7?
  59. Palm Desktop's 'Archive Deleted Items at Hot Sync' Does NOT Archive at CL Sync?
  60. Contact Screen / Calendar Screen (esp. weekly)
  61. Calendar: daily and weekly view
  62. CLUSB Folder
  63. Resolved with 1.11.9 -- problem with recurring appts seems to be fixed
  64. Spoke too soon -- edited recurring appointments still "come back"
  65. Cutting off faces of fotos
  66. Outlook Sync Changes Category Color From Green To Teal
  67. Delete some contacts?
  68. USB Sync Broken
  69. "Is this a diffferent device ?"
  70. New Task reminders change to 1/1/1900 on syncing
  71. Calendar sync to Google Calendar Question
  72. DJO week number in the calendar list view
  73. DJO does not sync text below "code:" in appointments
  74. New Device (Phone)
  75. Bug in DjO 1.11.9 - doesn't show tasks in today view
  76. Move DejaOffice App to SD card
  77. DejaOffice sync via USB with CompanionLink Pro
  78. DejaToday (including Widget) not displaying data
  79. Contacts not sorted by first name in android native app since ver 1.11.8. Why?
  80. More than one identical field name = no field Sync in Outlook
  81. tiny fonts on Android Pro
  82. DJO does not sync deleted appointments when syncing with 2 PC
  83. DJO Sync STALLS when Calendar events are changed in device, not PC
  84. Do not have "all categories" option in Deja Contacts
  85. Caller ID
  86. Idea exchange
  87. DJO does not keep last modification for appointments with a triggered alarm
  88. FUNNY !! Multiday Appointments are shorter after syncing !!!
  89. Delete All Data
  90. Problem still there: edited recurring appts "return" after one-way sync
  91. Specific ringtone
  92. Contact Scroll Improvement
  93. Starred In Android Disfunction
  94. Calendar List View - Lines Overlap
  95. Copy a contact card?
  96. 3 and 4 All-day events on same day
  97. Android upgrade broke Deja office USB sync to outlook 2007
  98. Search results for calendar
  99. Calendar Month view in 1.11.9 is much better
  100. Please help me simplify this syncing stuff!!!
  101. Syncing with Android
  102. Problem after Gingerbread-uppgrade on SE X10
  103. New Feature - Copy/Paste Calendar Events!
  104. Deja Contacts to e-mail
  105. Major bug with recurring events
  106. Windows XP pro sync Palm Desktop v4.1with MotorolaMB525 v.2.1 DejaOffice
  107. daily calender notes----there's a problem of it actually showing
  108. Problem with contact categories
  109. DJO 1.12.0beta must click OK twice after sync
  110. DJO 1.11.9/Palm Desktop 4.1 - contact photos don't update
  111. Sync Not Working properly
  112. Can't find contact account on D530 2.1ROM
  113. Home screen icon labels misfunctioning under Android 2.3.x
  114. Duplicate Calendar Entries
  115. Can I sync with the HTC PC Sync calendar without syncing with a PC?
  116. How to send emails / SMSs to one or several categories at once? (Android)
  117. lost all contact data in Android, Deja and Palm Desktop!
  118. Improvements to "Today"
  119. Deja Office fails to identify or supply option for inputing Calendar Account
  120. two Android only calendar sync issues (NO PC link)
  121. just noticed in 1.12.0 beta
  122. two Android only calendar sync issues (NO PC link)
  123. Contacts to Andriod
  124. Scrambled contact data
  125. Caller ID
  126. Share with Xoom
  127. "Save as" in contacts - work in progress?
  128. Lost Data!??!
  129. cannot edit leading spaces in task subject in android djo
  130. alarm notifications in deja office---always seems to be problems
  131. difficulty connecting wireless synch
  132. Swype on Samsung Galaxy S
  133. Widget patnerships?
  134. Back-up DJO to other location?
  135. 1.12.xbeta not showing all all day events in calendar day view
  136. Private fax number shown, but is not editable
  137. Duplicate contacts Android and DJO
  138. Dejaoffice sync with outlook using companionlink
  139. Problems with Sync via USB - PC - Android
  140. DJO on new Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i)
  141. Good News, Bad News - Syncing
  142. Gtd
  143. Date Picker for appointments not working
  144. Only show sync completed pop up when errors occur
  145. Trying to sync, what a mess
  146. Can't sync via usb on Thrive
  147. Atrix Categories problems - new ones appear, old ones not accessible
  148. Adding contact to contact list after SMS
  149. Calendar questions
  150. CL error: Companionlink MFC Application has stopped working
  151. DJO 1.12.1beta: completing all day calendar event shifts date one day earlier
  152. Problem with the With field after sync
  153. sync changed outlook calendar entries time zone
  154. Recurring event on last weekday
  155. Meeting with no time
  156. Read android data not working
  157. memo view filter???
  158. 1.12.1 Blocks my internet connection
  159. New contact created from call doesn't tranfer from Android List
  160. Sync
  161. Jump to found event
  162. All my data on in Dejaoffice is gone..
  163. too many fields contacts
  164. Alarms not sounding in Deja Calender
  165. How do I force Deja Calendar to transfer it's data to Android Calendar???
  166. Find private events
  167. Swiping left and right in DejaContacts View display
  168. Find all events / search by wildcard
  169. Alarm time when using an all day calendar event
  170. New install questions
  171. Phone call history, etc
  172. Support
  173. Sync with Android data question
  174. Calendar look back
  175. Sync speed - Droid Bionic
  176. A request for DejaOffice for Android Users.
  177. Sync selected contact categories
  178. CL5 doesn't close file 'companionlink.db-shm' ?
  179. Duplicated fields values
  180. 1.12.2(beta) - Widgets improved but still issues
  181. Repeat-by-day events have changed into repeat-by-date
  182. lead appointments for travel appointments
  183. Receiving blue tooth calendar items from Outlook into Deja Office (Android), How?
  184. 1.12.2 Memo Force Close
  185. Great value for money..... a thought for future updates.
  186. irregular problems with alarms
  187. Another lost my contacts post
  188. New user, looking for "How to"s...
  189. DejaCalendar will only display Day View on Android OS
  190. Which outlook contact field gets generally synced to android 2.3: "file as"?
  191. Creating All day event and sync with Outlook produces a two day event
  192. Want to overwrite my Outlook calendar with DJO calendar
  193. DejaToday (4x4) Widget wrong after restart or shutdown
  194. Shortcut icon titles all default to "DejaOffice"
  195. DejaExpense - Import .cvs data into it?
  196. Category Colors no longer sync
  197. Cannot get DO to to link with CL on my PC
  198. directly call phone numbers ?
  199. Lost Calendar Data?
  200. new user
  201. Update native Android contacts with DejaOffice/Outlook contacts
  202. Latest changes are kept
  203. Day view in Calendar
  204. 5/7 day week view.
  205. Feature idea: lookup contact from task/appointment text
  206. sync to AND from android calendar
  207. Can I clear all native contacts safely?
  208. Widget DejaToday not shows todas Task
  209. Multiple all day events not always visible in day or week view
  210. Evaluating DejaOffice unexpected results
  211. All calendar items moved with Standard Time switch
  212. DejaOffice Memos not opening
  213. Read Android Data - Takes hours and hours to perform
  214. Use a 15-Minute Scale in the Calendar
  215. "Read Android Data" erroneously changes Android Calender alarms from None to 18 hours
  216. Galaxy S2 Epic Touch (Sprint) Deja Contacts will not sync with Phones contacts
  217. Data Lost
  218. DejaOffice Calendar Syncing to Android Calendar But Not Google Calendar
  219. Timezone Has Changed
  220. No Microphone In Search
  221. Sync New Data
  222. Deleting all contacts
  223. Outlook to deja calendar "location" field overriden by links in the notes filed
  224. since upgrading to CL 5 and DJO latest release, my sync is no longer working
  225. Force Close When Accessing Memos on Android
  226. Calendar Data is Being Dropped
  227. Recurring appointment deleted in Palmdesktop still in DJO after sync
  228. Completing a Calendar Appointment
  229. Calendar Alarms Not Going Off
  230. DejaOffice version 1.12.2 does not send contact list via bluetooth to my BMW
  231. Incomplete Sync
  232. Memos are not syncing from Palm desktop memos to Dejamemos
  233. Can I sync Android with Outlook on multiple PCs?
  234. Droidx - Android Contacts Not Synching With DejaContacts on Phone
  235. Stop Autoplay
  236. "Spinning wheel" and crash in calendar
  237. How to Sync Outlook FROM Android
  238. About 600 contacts on my PC disappeared when I was syncing.
  239. Looking for Contact History
  240. All contacts deleted -> "spinning wheel" locked for +60 minutes: how do I retrieve ?
  241. SYNCing not sinking in!
  242. Starting Contacts starts Calendar, BACK!!
  243. Palm-like search in DejaTasks possible ?
  244. Sync changes time on phone by 1 hour
  245. Crisis averted -> Now, how do I avoid the next crisis and/or tech mayhem ?!?!
  246. Sync Deletes all Data and Setting on Device about one sync in 8.
  247. ID of incoming calls
  248. Where is the tilde symbol in DejaOffice?
  249. What if .... I got an Ipad2 and still use my Android phone
  250. Private Memos