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  1. Bugs in various views when week starts from monday
  2. Problem when using DjO on Nook simple touch
  3. DJO Calendar advances some Outlook Calendar times by 1 hour
  4. Not logging into skype account
  5. Outlook Meeting Attendees Doubled
  6. Partial Sync
  7. How can I delete categories from my Android "Contacs" / "groups" app?
  8. How to change default type for new contacts? (new contacts not being sync'ed)
  9. Droid Native Contacts Not Synchronizing
  10. Sync of MotoBlur Contacts
  11. Feature Request: Filter options on DejaToday Widget
  12. Feature Suggestion: tasks with costum fields and Filed mapping in CompainionLink
  13. Web site moving
  14. Unable to Sync
  15. going from deja update 1.12.5 to 1.12.7
  16. Which version of CL for Palm Desktop, Phone, Tablet, and Google?
  17. 1.12.8 Task Due Dates do not sync from Andriod to Outlook
  18. Add last call to DejaContacts can't be disabled? (Do not ask again)
  19. sync tab with galazy phone
  20. Contacts 2 columns displayed
  21. Default calendar for .ICS attachements
  22. one-way sync from DejaContacts to Droid Contacts?
  23. I need the app send a mail when I create a task
  24. sync birthday
  25. Default calendar view
  26. motorola razr
  27. DejaOffice not recognizing Google account on Droid X froyo
  28. DejaOffice Contacts Dialling Problem
  29. Syncing Daja Office with Native Anroid
  30. problem with DejaOffice syncing with native contacts app
  31. Access the todo database of the tasks app
  32. Swiping left/right in calendar week view often brings up long-press menu
  33. Bug in NotePad
  34. Category issues after syncing and Contact issues in general
  35. How to synchronize contacts directly between telephone and dejaoffice?
  36. "retrieving calendar data"
  37. A suggestion for the developers
  38. dejaoffice doesn't see "phone-only" contacts
  39. Some appointments not deleted in Android Device
  40. Improve DejaToday
  41. BUG: Reminder for All-Day event - starting time seems to be 1 pm and not 0 am!
  42. Poll: Which calendar view do you use most often?
  43. Not synchronize all contacts DO and HTC
  44. Cannot sync deja contacts with a Bury CC9060 hands free phonebook
  45. Multiple week 52 if week start set to Monday
  46. Android Honeycomb
  47. DejaOffice/CompanionLink for Motorola Xoom
  48. Recurring tasks: wrong new alarm time after completing current task
  49. Sync 'connector' at Android stops quite often, causing desktop sync to stop
  50. repeating appointments changing to day before scheduled after sync, again
  51. Types of expenses
  52. Wi-Fi sync
  53. DejaOffice 2.1.3 beta - new USB sync - DejaConnect USB
  54. USB Sync
  55. default map viewer for Dejacalendar
  56. Bug report and DejaContact UI/function suggestion
  57. Bug with alarm
  58. Contacts and Task ELIMINATED
  59. Bug - Year button in calendar shows 2011
  60. Contacts are duplicated in DJO & Phone (HTC)
  61. Duplicate City, State, and Zip
  62. Severe problem with Android contact sync
  63. 2.1.3 doesn't sync Android contact
  64. DJO 2.1.3beta doesn't sync native Android contacts
  65. DJO Contacts and android contacts
  66. Deja memos feature request
  67. I want to change the date format
  68. Suggestion for data storage location
  69. Exporting Tasks to Oulook
  70. Calendar Alarms Not Working - No Task Killer Running
  71. Syncing a Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000
  72. Voice software for Android & DJO ?? Any that is compatible???
  73. Can one sync with Google apps one way only?
  74. Problems with my phone keeping the correct categories when synching with Time & Chaos
  75. Calendar Events Create Attendees Names Listed Multiple Times
  76. Calendar Events Create Attendee Names Listed Multiple Times
  77. Loss of data & Reinstall
  78. DejaOffice installed to SD card, Interesting behavior with LINK2SD utility
  79. Password Protect A Deja Office Memo
  80. Confused by Wifi AutoSync
  81. Cannot edit a memo in DejaMemo on the phone???
  82. Delete all categories in 1 step?
  83. New beta DejaOffice v2.1.3 (242) crashes after every sync
  84. Default DejaTask settings
  85. Character limit in DejaMemos
  86. Deja Office Calendar Problem
  87. Wrong day for yarly meetings (1 day early)
  88. Unable to access SD Card. Un-mount your phone from the PC and change your USB...
  89. Ideas about DjO on Android 4 ICS
  90. Can DejaOffice (DO) import CSV file format
  91. Drag and Drop Task Re-Prioritizing
  92. Trying to import Kindle Fire contacts
  93. Some question and/or wishlist
  94. Simple 1-way sync fails to sync some Calendar items, and syncs some to wrong day
  95. contract icon size
  96. Calendar not syncing
  97. adding new appointment issue
  98. Some tasks not showing
  99. Using "DejaToday" view
  100. Bug: Calendar List View, Option - Today
  101. DJO new update 2.1.5 causing problems with week view
  102. DJO 2.1.5 ate all my phone data !
  103. Problems with New Calendar List View
  104. Deleting database
  105. How do you delete/purge contacts in native database?
  106. When installing 2.1.5 android market disappered
  107. Deja Calender on Samsung Galaxy 2
  108. Dejaoffice 2.1.5 does not sync pictures to native app - 1.2.8 does..
  109. CompanionLink Auto Update?
  110. Deleting categories
  111. Deja Today showing future tasks
  112. Google Search sticky interaction with Deja Office
  113. Calendar bug: goes back to today after adding/editing entry
  114. Address mapping problem
  115. Snoozing alarm for x weeks --> new alarm sometimes IN THE PAST!!!
  116. Problems with Droid BIonic & USB Debug Sync
  117. Appointments disappear in Calendar
  118. Holidays in red
  119. how2 import into kindle fire version from pc or droid phone
  120. dejatoday and dejatasks are linkt together in the options
  121. syncing/mounting problem
  122. HELP! 2.16 has hosed phone and sync
  123. Physical Keyboard Issue
  124. will DejaOffice sync contacts FROM android native contacts?
  125. week view problems with v. 2.1.6
  126. DejaOffice 2.1.6 b250 shortcut->widget ko
  127. DJO 2.16 very erratic in week view
  128. Wish List, pls take a look
  129. Old bug, still there: Retrieving calendar data ... spinning wheel
  130. DejaOffice 2.1.7 - not all synced items transferred to native calendar
  131. Trouble syncing my PDT and DJO
  132. Annoying bugs with DJO
  133. Wrong release notes for 2.1.7
  134. When I do Sync both ways, the Calendar events show up 6 hou earlier on Palm Desk
  135. DejaOffice v2.1.7: Calendar GoToDate
  136. The Department field is missed in DejaContact, pls add
  137. Deja Calendar day view narrowed
  138. SEARCHING through contacts marked PRIVATE
  139. Change Default Meeting Duration
  140. in sync: You have 53 deleted notes in Android, are you sure..." How to see these?
  141. Day view in Calendar narrowed 20%
  142. Duplicate contacts being eliminated in 2.1.7 ?
  143. Email calendar items
  144. Add unknown contacts after call
  145. Calendar empty 1995 to 2005 ... SD corrupted ?
  146. Back to 2.1.7 after 2.1.8 beta: Problems with new time-of-day strip on calendar.
  147. Time & Chaos "groups" -> DejaOffice "categories"
  148. Location detilas on Calendar
  149. Search results sort order
  150. DejaOffice Enhancement Request -- Allow Contact-to-Contact Linking
  151. How to delete categories
  152. Sort and Group by Category
  153. Sync Google Contacts with. DejaOffice
  154. Alarm bug
  155. Sync 2 different Android devices?
  156. missing data on Calendar "Categories" view
  157. DejaCalendar Enhancement Request -- Implement the "Show As" field (free, busy, etc)
  158. Outlook 2003 colours
  159. Recurring tasks - alarm time changed due to daylight saving time shift
  160. Sync with Motorla XYBoard 8.2 - Contacts
  161. sync galaxy nexus
  162. Would like Sort and grouping in contacts to be category specific
  163. Reminder sound on appointment - Can it be changed?
  164. Tap tap tap...
  165. Doesn't load
  166. Installing older versions
  167. Update to CL5028 creates extra categories and adds a note to my apointments in DJO
  168. How do I rebuild my Deja Calendar after bad sync?
  169. missing addresses
  170. Deja versus gmail contacts
  171. Feature request - Search icon on Contacts main screen
  172. Tap-to-dial telephone numbers with extensions
  173. Translation mistake
  174. Copying DJO data from old to new android tablet
  175. Unable to access SD card
  176. Latest changes are kept
  177. Rogue categories
  178. What does checking "Complete" in the Calendar do?
  179. Sync Options
  180. How do you get Contacts off of Android phone?
  181. Sync between HTC Desire HD, Palmdesktop v4 and Palmtreo 650
  182. Nothing after May 6 shows on EVO
  183. Week View shows only 7 hours now
  184. DejaCalendar Day and Week views 3 hours off
  185. Calendar entries slow to appear
  186. Duplicate calendar entries
  187. How's the Samsung Galaxy Nexus unlocked working?
  188. Alarm sound on Galaxy S2
  189. ip address
  190. Problems with Deja Connect on USB
  191. Can't hear any alarm sounds?
  192. My sync has stopped working...
  193. Category Help
  194. Airplane Mode on Samsung Android
  195. Sync 101- updating/overwriting query between Android contacts and DJO
  196. DJO Contacts Filter
  197. No alarms sounds on HTC One X
  198. DJO 2.1.9 (264) - Calendar List-view only goes out 2 months??
  199. Outlook Distribution lists not syncing in Deja Office via USB
  200. DejaCalndar Display issue on Droid Incredible2 DejaOffice 2.1.9.
  201. Deja Calendar Alarms Delayed by 1 Hour Since Sunday March 11, 2012 Time Change
  202. 2.2.0 beta - DO contact app - how to use it?
  203. DJO 2.20Beta bug report
  204. Vibrate Not Working
  205. Contacts
  206. Notes in contacts
  207. CLUSB folder
  208. Pinch for "Full" day
  209. Wifi Sync Problem
  210. Phone keeps rebooting after sync!
  211. Feature Request: Change Background Shading
  212. Calendar "Agenda" view needed with resizable widget
  213. Best way to Re-sync Android Contacts
  214. DO 2.2.1 and the DejaOffice contact account on Android
  215. Categories.
  216. where to get DJO 2.2? can not download from release note.
  217. Incoming calls are taking names from people app and not deja contact
  218. Microsoft word 97
  219. Changed to version 2.2.1. It is wonderful....One problem with sync..help please
  220. Categories are taken from memos
  221. Snooze X minutes before start
  222. Contacts index
  223. Alarm for no-time calendar events
  224. added native contacts not syncing to DJO or Outlook
  225. DB reverts
  226. Deleted Outlook Contacts still present in DejaOffice
  227. Wizard warns Google & PC Sync enabled, but Google is NOT enabled
  228. Add DO as option for "Add to People" from call history
  229. DejaToday shows linked contacts, but widget doesn't
  230. DejaOffice 2.2.2 (307) - Feedback
  231. Can't edit a Palm Desktop "Main" phone number in DejaContacts
  232. Deleted calendar items on DJO still present in Outlook (randomly)
  233. DejaOffice for Android translation
  234. CL build 5032
  235. Sync stopped working between DJO and Outlook 2010
  236. syncing ACT! with DJO
  237. DejaOffice 2.2.3 (315) beta - Feedback
  238. How can I
  239. Outlook Message Marking
  240. DO syncs to native Contacta app, but can't be seen
  241. How to sync DO Contacts with Android 4 "People"
  242. DJO crashes after every sync
  243. Outlook BCM Contacts Fail To Sync
  244. Can No Longer Sync After Updating to latest DJO and CL
  245. Dates (Birthdays & Anniversaries) Deleted From Outlook
  246. - not allow in phone numbers
  247. Unable to search Contacts
  248. Text messages to groups of Contacts?
  249. "Unfortunately, DejaOffice has stopped working"
  250. Deleted Contacts