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  1. Calendar: pinch to zoom vertical is imprecise; OR another idea...
  2. email or droid task into dejaoffice task, help please!
  3. Best Android phone for DejaOffice??
  4. Clicking on "Other" address searches only street, ignores city, state, zip.
  5. Companionlink won't sync Palm desktop and Galaxy S3 most of the time.
  6. Database can not be located
  7. "DejaOffice group" in People says it has many more contacts than I do??
  8. Google Now integration?
  9. Feature request: Phonetic name field in Contacts
  10. Forwarding Contacts
  11. Tighter task list
  12. Problem with router connection
  13. Add received call number to existent contact
  14. Seems awfully quiet in here lately...
  15. Multiple Alarm List - Time of appointmemnt is not shown!
  16. When scroll beyond bottom of calendar, it loads then goes to a year before...?
  17. How to reset alarm-DB / rebuild alarm-DB?
  18. Feature Request: More Widgets / Dedicated feature widgets
  19. how to sync contacts without syncing to Deja Contacts and delete Deja Contacts?
  20. calendar will not go to current date
  21. Calendar LIST VIEW BUG
  22. how to get phone to use deja for contacts?
  23. Assign new sounds for alarms?
  24. How to move DB from SD card to internal memory?
  25. Cyrillic letters inside notes
  26. WiFi Sync "timeout"
  27. sync android phone with android tablet
  28. Outlook 13
  29. DejaOffice Contacts out of Sync with Android Contacts
  30. Report for persisting bugs, hope can fix ASAP
  31. notes for Deja Contacts
  32. How can I view calendars shared in MS Outlook 2010 in DejaOffice?
  33. feature request: allow status field in tasks to be manually updated
  34. Trouble syncing new Samsung Galaxy 3 phone
  35. How to synch when using a new computer
  36. split screen in day view
  37. syncing with Chaos Intellect
  38. Retrieving Canendar Data
  39. alarm observation
  40. completed task automatically entered in DejaJournal
  41. Unable to access SD card
  42. DejaOffice version 2.4.0 - beta
  43. Recurrent calendar bookings disappear!
  44. S-Beam account
  45. Benefits of using DejaConnect USB vs local WiFi
  46. POLL: Have you found 2-way syncing Outlook <-> Android works perfectly?
  47. Calendar question or Upgrade request
  48. Contradiction
  49. How do I turn off DejaJournal
  50. Phone number format in DejaContacts
  51. Migrating Data successfully
  52. Questions about dejacloud service
  53. Minimizing groups in contacts/tasks view
  54. More homescreen link types
  55. Prompting for Time Zone Change
  56. Question - How dependable is DejaOffice/Companionlink syncing for you?
  57. DJO Journal sync?
  58. Motorola RZR / DJO for android not working
  59. Trying to post question here, but it keeps getting filtered out - help!
  60. DJO has wiped out some of my appointments notes content
  61. DejaOffice stopped pausing before phone extensions
  62. What does "Read custom fields" do in CompanionLink?
  63. Deja contacts not showing in Phone App
  64. Waiting for native sync to complete
  65. Contact list display bug
  66. Alarm appearance problem
  67. Alarms at Midnight
  68. built in phone contact no longer an option
  69. Sorting Task by Alarm Date
  70. Auto 2-way syncing not Work...!!!!!
  71. crashing on Samsung S III
  72. I'm back!
  73. Copy Contact to Appointment
  74. Syncing w/2 PC's - Are We There Yet?
  75. Issues with Datebook/Calendar syncing
  76. Slow sync DJO <-> Outlook
  77. DejaOffice As Default On Android
  78. copy databases to tablet from phone
  79. DejaContacts address messed up
  80. How can I clear all entries in Deja Journal
  81. Wife just got smartphone, best way to share calendar
  82. Keyboard keeps coming up whenever I enter contacts plus more
  83. Newbie trying to sync Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus with Outlook 2010
  84. Open Icalendar (ICS Files) in Deja Calendar
  85. CamCard sync with DejaOffice
  86. importing ics files into DejaCalendar?
  87. any way to sync contact of deja office to native contact?
  88. Newbie syncing to google from andriod
  89. Search Does Not Include Journal
  90. DejaToday Widget no more resizeable?
  91. Meeting initially appears on wrong date immediately after being entered??
  92. Palm Memos won't Sync to Android
  93. Special Characters at contacts
  94. Portuguese version issues
  95. No calendar in DejaOffice Account
  96. DejaOffice 2.4.2 doen't work?
  97. Anniversaries/Birthdays not show in native Android Contacts
  98. Some repeating events in Calendar disappear after last DejaOffice update...
  99. How can I switch off Tablet Mode please?
  100. Categories Disappear
  101. Contact navigation suggestion
  102. no alarm for native calendar?
  103. Help -- DejaCloud syncing keeps duplicating and duplicating
  104. Home Fax - Work Fax - Other Phonw - Incorrect Syncing (Palm Desktop 6.2 & CL)
  105. Preset Categories
  106. Shortcuts not working after upgrading to Android 4.1.2
  107. Customizable phone tags for contacts
  108. Scanner for business cards which exports to DJO
  109. Galaxy S 4 - Fonts in Calendar Teeeeeeeny!
  110. Reading Android contacts (xx%) ... when using DO account
  111. Need Darker Highlighted Color in Monthly Calendar View showing what day it is
  112. SG4 Unknown IP Address Wireless Sync with Deja and my local WiFi not accepting IP Add
  113. Downgraded back to v 2.4.2 from 2.4.3
  114. DJOA 2.4.3 (448) Alarms & Nexus 4 LED
  115. Holidays Are Missing From Calendar
  116. Mobile Phone Number of Contacts wrong conversion after Sync with outlook
  117. Bug: Scaling and Fonts in Calendar
  118. Display in Calendar List View gets "smeared" sometimes...
  119. Category color changing while syncing?
  120. DejaOffice shutdown
  121. Calendar: How to notify the attendees/Participants/With from a new appointment?
  122. Sync Help
  123. Contact as Subject on Calendar
  124. Synching Multiple Computers with Palm Desktop/DejaCloud?
  125. Encryption Enhancement Request
  126. No Shortcuts enabled
  127. Dejaoffice support
  128. DJOA + Gmail Snyc Dble Entry
  129. Phone NO Listed as Email Address
  130. Does anyone have successful local wifi syncs on a regular basis??
  131. Direct Call fromage contact via skype
  132. Character limit in Deja Memos
  133. Contacts with no pictures
  134. getting a black/blank screen in calendar.
  135. CompaniionLink / Samsung Kies / Palm Desktop Compatibility on Galaxy S2
  136. unable to accessSD card
  137. @why the search function is only search DejaContacts ?
  138. Using Camcard with DejaOffice for Android
  139. @about the DejaJournal for android FAQ
  140. No Alarms
  141. Potential New User with questions about large Calendar data and DejaOffice
  142. Duplicate Phone Numbers, Email Addresses Added Sporadically
  143. DejaOffice 2.5.1 BETA ... any further info?
  144. Right Companion license for syncing PC with 2 android devices
  145. Contact History Issue
  146. Editing Contacts and Calendar Appointments
  147. Contact Count? (On Device)
  148. Outlook Task Recurrence versus DO - Possible feature request
  149. Outlook Calendar entries from work (exchange server) not appearing in DejaCalendar
  150. DJO does not display appointments categories with right colors in list view
  151. trying deja Cloud and find duplicate record in android device
  152. Contacts Issue with New Galaxy 4
  153. Work in Dejaoffice same time with other apps on 1 screen galaxy s4
  154. Search by last four digits of phone number
  155. Bug: All-day event alarm time - current day shown in edit screen
  156. DejaOffice Database Location on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.2.2
  157. 4x1 Deja Today widget no longer exists?
  158. Tasks: Category icons vs colors and Franklin Covey & Outlook priorities...
  159. Calendar entries deleted on Outlook remain on DJO
  160. Bug - Deleted tasks don't sync
  161. Sync Data on Motorola Defy & DJO
  162. Ticket Ticket ID: CGZ-470-37339 4/2/2013 - Don't sync notes to DO Contact account
  163. Scrollable widget of DjO
  164. DJO unable to edit from Android contacts account
  165. DJO unable to edit from Android contacts account
  166. DejaOffice version 2.5.1 (beta)
  167. Samsung S3 mini: no link in contact app to DO contact
  168. USB Sync method - which one is recommended?
  169. All my calendar events display one day earlier than they actually are
  170. DO 2.5.1 (beta) - BUG in alarm system - Alarms not reliable
  171. DO 2.5.1 (beta) Bug - Displaying multiday allday events in calendar
  172. DO - Bug - subject text when editing calendar event
  173. Groupwise calendar sync problem
  174. Unable to sync Samsung note 10.1 with Deskttop (Win7, Outlook2007) and Galaxy s3
  175. Feature Request: Option to "MARK" items as deleted instead of deleting them
  176. SSH tunnel for Local WiFi sync?
  177. Syncing Deja Office Contacts with Blue Tooth, Blue Ant Q2 Head Set
  178. Is there a way to change the display color of the phone #'s?
  179. deja office 4.5.1 Can't install shortcut widget to home screen
  180. Feature Request: Change How Shortcuts are Handled
  181. Weekly View
  182. Feature Request: New Calendar Views : Month+Details and Compact List View - opinions?
  183. Text size when adding event in 2.5.x
  184. Choose sound for alarms
  185. Very slow sync of Notes
  186. Copy function in Calendar
  187. Feature Request: Viewing Tasks in Calendar
  188. Feature Request: Option to Sync with DejaCloud only when AutoSync enabled &/or Wifi
  189. Feature Request: two buttons in "DejaToday" view: New appointment and New task
  190. Where is setting to NOT create Journal from Completed Tasks
  191. Android Missing Data (Force DJO --> Android)
  192. ALarms not showing (Android 4.3), DO 2.5.2
  193. Calendar items showing twice on Android phone
  194. email shows 3 times
  195. Some Calendar items (via Enterprise Outlook) not appearing in DO
  196. Contacts not syncing in DejaOffice
  197. Syncing with ACT/CL 5.0
  198. calendar alarm fails
  199. Crash in DO 2.5.2(484) when doing a long press on a calendar's event
  200. DejaOffice Groups not transferring to DW Contacts
  201. DJO wil not start up on Galaxy S4
  202. New birthdays not appearing in DejaCalendar
  203. Uninstalled DejaOffice but Account Still Displays on Android Calendar List
  204. Is the Source Contact Data synced by DejaOffice for Android Saved
  205. Enhancement - Category Filter in Deja Today
  206. Enhancement: Option to Display Additional Commands in the Header
  207. Enhancements: Ability to Automatically perform a ReRead on a Configurable Schedule
  208. Time zone issues - searching shows wrong timezone info
  209. What does "rebuild calendar display" actually do? And why necessary?
  210. sync calendar with native android calendar app
  211. Creating event for date at 11:30pm, creates start date on the day before...
  212. Best method to keep Outlook, Note 2 & Note 8 in sync?
  213. Enhancement: Ability to Postpone Tasks
  214. Enhancement: Custom Navigation Arrows for Calendar
  215. Enhancement: Display Day of Week when Tasks Grouped by Date
  216. Not all contacts getting copied over to DJO
  217. Phone in the pocket & DJO Alarms
  218. Kindle Fire HD DJOA Shotcuts
  219. not deleting calendar items on droid
  220. Deja Calander "took" all my events one hour backwards
  221. Asterisks By Phone Numbers
  222. Deja Journal --> Outlook BCM Communication History?
  223. Encrypt Database
  224. WiFi Device Sync name spontaneously changed...
  225. Can't Synch DO Contacts with Android Maxx
  226. sync calendar
  227. 2.5.4 (500) crashes when syncing to PC
  228. sync problems with 2.5.4
  229. All-day recurring events shift when opened for editing
  230. CAN'T update existing DejaContact record from native Android phone app
  231. Wifi sycn speed on a re-read of Android data
  232. Feature Request: Option to Display Event Location in Calendar Views
  233. CL5074: Added support for regenerating tasks - And DO?!?
  234. Updated to D.J.O. 2.5.4 and get an extra calendar icon
  235. Palm Desktop 4.2 with Windows 7???
  236. All calendar entries vanished on desktop and android - how to recover?
  237. Recurring tasks - problems with alarm time (again)
  238. DejaOffice repeatedly closing
  239. Companion Link 6 Beta with DJOA Comment Thread
  240. Unfortunately, DejaOffice has stopped.
  241. Sync 2 Android Devices to one Windows 7 Laptop
  242. Wrong timeshift of one hour new appointment DJO -> Outlook
  243. Location lookup looks far away and doesn't use contacts
  244. Canceling WiFi sync can lock up in CompanionLink...
  245. DejaToday New Task date is two weeks behind
  246. Why are TWO time zones displayed on my calendar?
  247. DJO Contacts Work Address gets deleted when contact is edited
  248. Sync Problem with 2.5.6
  249. Home Addresses Now Also Appearing as Business Address
  250. Deja Calander erases some of my events