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  1. outlook 2007's distribution list is synced over to Deja office?
  2. Category Colors sync
  3. Calendar shows appointment times in the wrong time zone
  4. Ringtone Issues
  5. Unfortunately Deja Office has stopped
  6. contact sync
  7. Category colors error in contacts
  8. Strange Problem with Deja Office Sync
  9. Contact History/ Default Area code
  10. unable to access SD card
  11. DJO Contacts not syning with native Android contacts
  12. Duplicates
  13. How to keep 'Cleared Activities' on phone calendar
  14. Alarms Late
  15. Deja Cloud sync: Not all appointments synced
  16. Upgrade to Jelly Bean wrecked syncing?
  17. DJO Calendar not syncing all events to native android calendar on Note 3
  18. DejaTasks Editing Problem
  19. Calendar Items Don't Sync from Android to Outlook
  20. Confused on Android app sync
  21. DJO contacts do not sync w native android
  22. Which Palm Desktop for Windows? v6.2 or v4.1.4e ?
  23. DejaOffice crashes when synchronizing
  24. newbie problems: no sync of deleted tasks - sync sometimes very slowly
  25. Tap-and-hold menu on appointment popup is unpredictable
  26. Time Zone question
  27. DejaOffice Hanging After New Android Jellybean update (v4.3
  28. New Contacts Not Moving from Android to Palm Desktop
  29. Not all contacts synch with Android Contacts
  30. asterisk in contacts
  31. sorting tasks
  32. DO events not showing up in Native Calendar
  33. Accepting Calendar Items From Gmail to Deja Calendar.
  34. Adding a received call number to dejacontactsl
  35. How to view the current alarms for Tasks and Calendar
  36. How to view the "Task Alarms" screen at any time?
  37. Any chance we'll see "Meeting Templates" as a feature?
  38. What is New in 2.5.8 Beta?
  39. DJO database problem, db file not found
  40. App Missing After Backup and Restore
  41. Any DJO Tech Support people there? "DJO Could not locate your database" Help!
  42. DJO calendar drops events after six months
  43. Location suggestions in calendar have stopped working
  44. How to sync DJO contacts to android contacts without companionlink?
  45. Age
  46. Release infos for betas?
  47. Mutiple Calendars in Outlook 2010 Deleted/Merged
  48. Alarm indicator icon: bigger? more vivid?
  49. Beta 2.5.9 no sound on alarms
  50. slow and erratic syncing
  51. Request for help
  52. Change a DejaCloud device
  53. Replacing an Android device on DejaCloud
  54. What Intents are available?
  55. unreadable event in calendar day/week view with 15 minute events
  56. Push Sync not working
  57. Thanks for 2.5.9 change
  58. I'm Loving DJO for Android and CL
  59. Meeting attendees
  60. DJO 2.6.0 beta
  61. DJO 2.6 beta - Alarm Style 4.1 not working on S3 mini
  62. Syncing options for multiple devices and Microsoft Exchange
  63. DJO 2.6.0 Beta Alarms
  64. DejaOffice v3.1.1 (561) BETA is now available
  65. DJO 3.1.1 Beta Alarms
  66. DejaOffice entries not editable under 3.1.1 beta
  67. Renewed Cloud & discovered CRM
  68. DO Beta 3.x bugs - response from DO-team (?)
  69. Going in safe mode and losing all native Android contacts and Calendar events
  70. Future DejaOffice 2014 Look Ahead
  71. Can DejaOffice be set to sync each time a usb connection is set?
  72. Where to Download Older Versions of DJO?
  73. wrong timeshift displayed with 3.1.1 (566) and recurring events
  74. Unable to add, chg or del tasks or contacts; data size is 28.00KB
  75. DJO 3.1.1 (BETA) is not successfully syncing contacts
  76. Skinny rows in calendar
  77. Can't sync the deletion of an instance of a recurring appointment
  78. Invalid Device Name
  79. DJO send VCS file does not take into account calendar public/private
  80. Addresses displayed funny in contact view
  81. Screen Freezes After Scrolling
  82. AZ and daylight savings
  83. auto search
  84. Icons and text too small
  85. Deja Office/Outlook and Calendar - not all appts are showing up
  86. Bug in month view
  87. Sync Conflict
  88. Cannot get Samsung calendar to synch with DJO calendar
  89. Beta 3.1.1 (580)
  90. Merge Duplicate Records crashes when I try to run it
  91. Can't see contact notes in native android phone app
  92. Switching DJO from one phone to another
  93. 3.1.1 Beta (580) Alarm Notifications
  94. Strange problem-Sync seems to be stuck
  95. Another reason why DJO is a must have application...
  96. Syncing with two Android devices
  97. Search Function can only find complete words?
  98. Display Appointment Notes in Calendar
  99. DJO and Exchange
  100. 3.1.1 Beta: Address Not Disayed in Contact View
  101. Using Deja Office/Cloud correctly ?
  102. DejaOffice + CompanionLink paid apps ?
  103. import from Goldmine
  104. Categories not syncing properly
  105. Cleared Recurring activities cluttering Task LIst
  106. Beta 3.1.1 (580) in v4 alarm mode still alarms on completed tasks
  107. Sync with new Galaxy S5 issue
  108. Great progress!!! Next step - print and download??
  109. DejaOffice v3.1.2 (585) BETA is now available
  110. DejaOffice 3.1.2 and 2.5.9 both offered in Play Store??
  111. Cannot run update to
  112. Can't migrate data to new phone with SD card
  113. Merging Galaxy S4 Contacts with DJO
  114. 3.1.2 (587) has fixed a lot of problems!!
  115. Search Data Return
  116. Search Contacts By A Phone Number?
  117. alarm problem
  118. DJO android sync a big mess
  119. Categories missing
  120. Bug - opening calendar in list view
  121. 3.1.2 (587) Alarm Problem
  122. Import a .vcf / vcard into DejaOffice Android
  123. problem after upgrading to Android 4.2.2, using DejaConnect USB
  124. How long should the Deja Direct USB (mass Storage Mode) take?
  125. DejaOffice blank screen after Samsung S3 firmware update
  126. Can't sync Dejacontacts to phone contacts on Samsung Fascinate
  127. Build 589
  128. Abandoning Outlook for Deja Office?
  129. 589 Build Templates not working in Android 4.4.2?
  130. Week Grid Day Order
  131. Sync Issues with 3.1 beta to Native contacts and calendar
  132. New DJO contacts not shown in "phone" contacts
  133. What backup method is best for me
  134. DejaToday improvements in beta 593 (and task sort)
  135. Templates and 593
  136. Marking tasks complete in 'quick view' of task in beta 593 (and task sort)
  137. Contacts do not sync with Androic contact list
  138. calender proposals don't work
  139. beta 593; completing a repeating task in Quick View shows the next uncompleted one
  140. beta 593 request, add Plus button to widget top
  141. Android suddenly stopped displaying DJO contacts
  142. Alarms in 589
  143. New phone and can't sync with native calendar
  144. Location entry suggests UK addresses but I am in Australia
  145. Templates and 595 - Thanks
  146. beta; v2 reminders don't work with quick view
  147. Double notification of alarms on 595 beta
  148. "Waiting for native sync to complete on device" message
  149. Feature Request: Ability to Define Custom Duration(s) to be Displayed in List
  150. DejaToday request, make 'show overdue' optional separate from 'show task' setting
  151. beta 602, tasks sort by priority wrong direction
  152. beta 602: snooze dropdown text position
  153. Feature Request
  154. beta 602, alarm date-select half-height on Tasks ?
  155. Beta 602: Month Name and Year Not Shown in Drop Downs atop Monthly Calendar Display
  156. Empty days in calendar list view
  157. Configuration questions
  158. Side menu button
  159. Conference Calls - Adding Pauses in a Call String within DejaOffice with Andriod
  160. Direct sync without messages?
  161. Tasks not on Calendar
  162. all calendar events lost after sync
  163. beta602, plus button Today widget does not work when dejaToday app in background
  164. Adding new contacts
  165. task complete checkbox harder to tick?
  166. Why does timezone go to UTC for all-day events?
  167. Samsung S4 Contacts app is empty.
  168. Contacts do not sync both ways
  169. DejOffice won't open on two phones
  170. Samsung Galaxy S3 contacts not synching to Contacts App
  171. DejaCloud Push Sync
  172. CompanionLink Not Updating DejaTasks Priority
  173. Fax number(s)
  174. problem with photo
  175. Contacts in Android not linked to Dejaoffice
  176. No longer able to SEND EVENT via Messaging
  177. DejaTasks Sort Order Descending Crashes
  178. Location Picker in 3.1.2
  179. HIPAA, encryption, and sync
  180. dismissing alarm after completing repeating task removes next alarm
  181. DejaOffice could not locate your database
  182. BETA 3.1.2 (625) How to Delete an Address
  183. Notes not showing on Samsung Galaxy tabelt
  184. Multiple Calendars
  185. Link a Contact to a Calendar Event
  186. automatically rollover overdue tasks
  187. Continuous Alarms with Beta 629
  188. DejaToday in V3.1.2
  189. Android 4.1 Alarms not persistent in 3.1.2 (631) on my phone
  190. Location picker 3.1.2
  191. Las direcciones no aparecen
  192. Week grid view - current day
  193. Bug: Sync Selected Calendar Categories to Native Calendar
  194. Location Picker in Contacts
  195. V3.1.2 No longer able to have repeating alarms in tasks
  196. Default alarm - change without using a template?
  197. Link to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  198. Font setting for widget?
  199. Bug: "create EVENT copy" for TASKS, "create TASK copy" for EVENTS
  200. 3.1.2, Edits to events in Outlook no longer sync back to Android Calendar
  201. Repeating event doesn't always populate correctly
  202. After updating to latest DejaOffice and syncing, Hangouts no longer shows names
  203. Don't like being *forced* to use location picker
  204. Alarms no longer popping up in Android 4.4.4
  205. Uncheck multiple completed tasks DJOA
  206. Version from PlayStore shows 3.1.2 (640)
  207. Birthday alarm
  208. Turn off DejaOffice Journal Sync
  209. DejaCloud Sync
  210. Is "copy" in new week calendar view broken?
  211. Feature Request
  212. Way to Sync Outlook plus two additional devices easier
  213. Note Private
  214. Calendar Alarm
  215. Calendar entries only visible in month view.
  216. Unreadable text of DejaMemos
  217. Request for Year to be included on Week & Day view
  218. Category colors change when I Sync
  219. Can I run two DJO databases?
  220. Looking at a different app to replace Deja
  221. Feature Request: Create Copy of Event 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 4 Weeks, etc.
  222. Bug: Changing alarm time on pending alarm does not effect pending alarm
  223. Dejacalendar Notification Duration
  224. No Contacts or Calendar Category colors
  225. Deleted Notes in Outlook not syncing to Android :-(
  226. Add to existing contacts from email on Android
  227. 3.1.3: option to adjust for incorrect alarm times
  228. Contacts revert to old info after sync
  229. Phone locks up on ignored alarm
  230. Yet another alarm problem...
  231. Dejaoffice sync with Microsoft Office 365
  232. Problem Scrolling through Deja Contacts
  233. How to make tasks appear in DejaToday?
  234. Ringtones
  235. Alarm notification: No appointment text but only "*****"
  236. restore calendar!
  237. DejaCalendar displays "Eastern Standard" when it means "Eastern Daylight" Time
  238. "Display as " options missing in Build 656?
  239. display calendar list on samsung start up scren
  240. Calendar on home screen not showing
  241. Sync outlook calendar with both deja calendar and google calendar
  242. Issue with the contact alpha scroll being too small
  243. calendar wiped all my appointments
  244. Saving a meeting without a title doesn't save it
  245. Bug: Deja does not properly update contacts in AdressBook
  246. Contact sync, encrypted Database and Privacy
  247. Cntact sync and Privacy - Hint and Feature-Request
  248. Issue with adding attachment to Deja Memo
  249. 3.1.3: contact photos don't synch
  250. Linked contacts in Outlook don't sync to DejaOffice?