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  1. Deja Office for Android - Timeline?
  2. DejaOffice for Android - Overview, Vision - sticky, updated
  3. DejaOffice for Android - General release schedule
  4. Deja Office -- wish list
  5. Suprise!
  6. Calendar reoccurence
  7. Task Handling within android
  8. Sync with more than one computer
  9. Lookup shortcut
  10. Calendar wishlist
  11. Location field in Outlook getting wiped out
  12. Calendar notifications
  13. Creating new items with a date
  14. Froyo - Android 2.2
  15. DejaOffice not syncing Outlook Notes
  16. Synching Difficulty since 5/20 release
  17. Getting started
  18. Sync to Android contacts wipes out all contacts??
  19. USB debugging?
  20. will dejaoffice sync 755P with outlook (no palm desktop)?
  21. A Few Suggestions
  22. DejaOffice quirks, suggestions
  23. Syncing contacts from Palm Desktop -> DejaOffice misses some contacts
  24. Getting started on Incredible
  25. Where are the physical addresses
  26. Syncing Lotus Notes 7: Can't get notes (memos)
  27. DejaOffice Birthday - no sync to Android contact birthday field
  28. Duplicates
  29. DejaTasks - Task alarms for Android?
  30. Syncing Outlook to Android Phone's Calendar
  31. Deja Contacts wont sync with Android Contacts
  32. Zip code field format in DejaContacts
  33. Calendar data misisng
  34. Repeating or recurring appts created on phone
  35. DejaTasks - what happened to sorting by date??
  36. Feature/Change request: Individually launchable apps
  37. sync changed the dates in calendar
  38. Remove worthless built in apps...
  39. dejaExpense - Quicken Import or QIF Export
  40. Application specific categories?
  41. Synced for the first time with my Sprint Evo, all calendar events are missing...
  42. HTC Sync and other ques
  43. Question about setting contact specific ringtones
  44. Latest version does not sync company-name-only records with Android Contacts right
  45. Outlook calendar - birthdays
  46. Documentation
  47. dejaoffice contact does not sync with android contact X10 mini
  48. Task Priorities in Outlook don't sync to DejaTasks
  49. email search for contacts
  50. DejaContacts crash report
  51. Syncing 2 phones on 1 computer and 2 outlook profiles
  52. Editing Contacts
  53. Subsequent syncs not updating records
  54. Contact search not working as expected.
  55. Alarms on recurring entries in DejaCalendar
  56. Giving Up Palm After 13 Years - Some Transition Advice Needed
  57. Syncing anniversary from Lotus Notes causes "more than one" entries in DejaCalendar
  58. What prevents initiating sync from device or computer only?
  59. Feature Request - Sync for Journal or FranklinCovey Daily Notes
  60. Are address/phone syncs positional or nominal?
  61. calendar problems with Incredible
  62. DejaOffice Classroom - A Complete Guide & Walkthrough for DejaOffice
  63. Pros and cons of syncing with native Android apps?
  64. Copy calendar items
  65. not able to clear calendar Alarm
  66. Fonts change for DejaOffice in general, but not for DejaOffice Notes specifically
  67. feature request: can the font size for text in a DejaOffice Note be changed?
  68. Google Calendar Sync Problem
  69. search by town, zip.
  70. question
  71. Calendar not syncing on Samsung Moment
  72. Processing records notification after sync has finished
  73. My data HAD BEEN synced - now, it is gone and I can't get it to re-sync
  74. How long does it take to synch 4500 contacts
  75. Multiple Palm Desktop syncs has led to Verizon "Too many contact deletes" error msgs
  76. Contacts and Calendars
  77. Syncing No Name Contacts to Google People
  78. Photos in Palm Desktop contacts
  79. New User - First Sync
  80. Deja Office Shortcuts don't work
  81. Recurring Tasks?
  82. Problem With Recurring Annual Events
  83. "Read Android Data" does not read calendar information on HTC Desire
  84. DejaOffice automatically tries to sync whenever I modify the SD card??
  85. How do I delete multiple contacts at the same time?
  86. Request for DejaCal features - current time
  87. Blank category appearing
  88. Bug: A contact added to Android does not appear in DejaOffice Contacts
  89. Proprietary Database to DejaOffice
  90. Bug report: not all DJO Tasks syncing to Outlook
  91. Bug report: *ALL* Outlook contacts deleted; GONE.
  92. What about future plans in real privacy? Security issue with personal information.
  93. DejaNotes won't start
  94. Searching Dejacontact Information
  95. Unable to Easily Dial from Contacts
  96. Multiple phone numbers of same type viewable, not editable
  97. when outlook has 2 contacts with the same name, the sync doesn't work
  98. BUG??? All contacts deleted from Android and DejaOffice on phone!!! [FIXED]
  99. "sync with android calendar app" not working
  100. Request change in execution of Font Size command under General Settings
  101. Request addition of "Copy, Cut and Paste" command
  102. Request: correct sorting!
  103. RequestL DejaOffice widget
  104. Calendar: Can't scroll up after scrolling down in Landscape orientation
  105. Request - Custom Fields compatible with Outlook BCM user customized fields
  106. Companion Pro Sync Questions
  107. Search in Notes
  108. palm
  109. Calendar alarms not alerting at specified time
  110. How to start over...
  111. Do appts created in phone link to contacts in Act
  112. Contact sync duplicates
  113. single name contacts
  114. Outlook 2007 Calendar Event/Appointment with 221 Attendees won't sync to DejaOffice
  115. Outlook 2007 Calendar Reoccurring Event issue, date changed for only one instance...
  116. Contacts are Scrambled - what could have happened?
  117. Help syncing Deja office with PC on Droid X
  118. New User, New ideas (or my ideas anyway...)
  119. 2 phones
  120. Feature Request: Sync Contact-Picture
  121. DejaOffice Calendar Not Syncing With Android Calendar
  122. Recurring Events - deleting current 1 on Droid X = deleting ALL following on Outlook
  123. Advisory July 17, 2010 for Droid X released July 15
  124. Advisory July 17, 2010 for Samsung Galaxy S sold as T-Mobile Vibrant
  125. total contacts number
  126. Calendar inf
  127. Deja Contacts Disappear [FIXED]
  128. Unable to sync calendar and contacts with Android data
  129. DejaOffice on Ally Android does not dial phone numbers properly
  130. Bug report: sorting notes is case sensitive and crashes when selecting category sort
  131. DejaOffice Notes to Google Docs as backup
  132. No Palm User
  133. Latest DejaOffice hanging
  134. Contacts won't sync and calendar SUPER slow...
  135. Major duplicate problems and more with v1.5.7
  136. tasks in reverse chrono order?
  137. v1.5.8 Questions - from a Newbie
  138. DejaOffice Not Dropping Contacts To Phone Contacts
  139. Category Management
  140. Sort And Filter
  141. CompanionLink USB 4.0 - still dying in Category Manager
  142. Automatic Sync - Outlook for USB for Android
  143. DejaOffice won't create recurring entry.
  144. First Time Sync Worked, Second - Not So Much (Samsung Galaxy S/Vibrant)
  145. Better Date Picker in dejaview calendar?
  146. Getting Deja Contacts into the Droid Contact App?
  147. Multiple entries after sync...
  148. syncing new Droid contacts into Deja contacts
  149. Shortcuts open incorrect link
  150. Request to add more syncing info
  151. Request for DejaCalendar Alarm Improvement during phone calls
  152. No Recurring Tasks Support in DejaTasks?
  153. Recurring Meetings Duplicated in MS Outlook with "link" text in notes
  154. All Outlook Meetings with Attendees Corrupted
  155. Read Android Data causes Droid x to crash
  156. All day event that lasts over several days shows up one day earlier in DJO Calendar
  157. syncing new droid contacts to deja contacts
  158. Record Edits/changes in DejaContacts, create duplicate records in Outlook on PC
  159. No Contact Privacy
  160. are there any difference between a trail version and a paid verison?
  161. Completed Tasks Show 12/31/2010 Date After Sync
  162. Syncing Andorid and Outlook BCM
  163. Search in Contacts to include info in Notes
  164. After sync to Palm Desktop - SLOW and repeats "updating events/processing records"
  165. How to make contacts visible to my bluetooth speakerphone?
  166. Displaying Individual Category in Calendar
  167. SLOW sync process
  168. DejaTasks does not sync Outlook emails flagged for follow up
  169. Calandar Sync Android Samsung Galaxy not working
  170. HTC Incredible Phone Dials International Number for US # from DejaContact Phone Field
  171. Beta Release DejaOffice v1.6.0 for Android
  172. Mass Delete
  173. Evo Calendar Sync issues
  174. Recurring scheduled meetings, send notifications hours later
  175. Froyo-Android 2.2 is starting--what about DejaOffice/ CompanionLink?
  176. Droid X: Task alarms not notifying
  177. Primary Contact Bug
  178. Recurring Calendar Entry - Last Weekday of Month not displaying correctly in DJO Cal.
  179. alarm timing default is 18 hours in outlook 2010, but 24 hours (1 day) in DejaOffice
  180. DejaTask Repeats and Outlook Sync
  181. Contact Sync Anomoly
  182. Outlook Contacts: Pictures Dont't Sync
  183. Search 'Acct: ' for linked Contact info - an idea.
  184. Android 2.2 and Contact name order
  185. DejaNotes and Lotus Notes Journal
  186. Mount and unmount issue
  187. A better calendar week view
  188. A better full search feature
  189. UPDATED Beta Release - DejaOffice v1.6.1 for Android
  190. Incorrect alarm message in calendar events
  191. "Contacts not available until sync process completes"
  192. Caller ID works inconsistently on Droid Incredible
  193. Sync Outlook availability field
  194. DJO as a conduit between Outlook and Google?
  195. Contacts not being sync
  196. Evo Sync Problems
  197. DJO regularly delete events found at the 30 days limit of my CL Pro
  198. DJO does not sync the last event modified
  199. date transfer incorrect CL USB / Outlook calendars
  200. Sync wiping out ring tone assignments
  201. Sync with Android Contacts? Necessary?
  202. CompanionLink USB Issue...
  203. FEATURE REQUEST: Add New Calendar Event - with a 'Calendar' View
  204. Categories appear with this Numbers after purged and Sync
  205. Samsung Captivate & DejaOffice
  206. DJO sytematically delete undated tasks !?
  207. DJO Notes does allow easy cut and paste
  208. Synchro DJO with native tools on android
  209. DJO does not delete Outlook calendar events
  210. Galaxy S USB Settings (Captivate, Vibrant, Facinate, Epic 4G)
  211. DJO unsecure notication on mobile
  212. DJO notes sorted by time
  213. DejaOffice 1.6.2 released.
  214. Recurring appointment daylight savings time issue?
  215. sync problem time -2h
  216. Samsung Captivate syncs with dejaOffice but not phone
  217. DejaOffice v.1.6.2 Crashing on Backflip
  218. dejanotes and dejacalendar shortcuts don't work
  219. Completed task from DJO don't sync to Outlook
  220. Issues with Contact-Sync
  221. DejaOffice v1.6.3 available to download now
  222. Creating tasks from emails.
  223. no Tasks, still dupes in 1.6x
  224. alarm/reminder time of 18 hours is default in outlook 2010
  225. Outlook calendar - birthdays
  226. DJO shall not unmount the unused external SD card of Samsung Galaxy S
  227. tasks completed in ol not marked as such in do
  228. DJO Slowing?
  229. [REQ] - Ability to manually push Dejacalendar events to Android calendar
  230. Date names shown as numbers
  231. Couple of outlook sync questions
  232. Samsung Captivate and CompanionLink USB 1.6.3
  233. Problem with Date Range
  234. 2 issues with 1.6.3 and CL: Probably a bug report
  235. Events not showing up in Android cal, this is how I solved it
  236. Untimed Events Move Up a Day When I Fly
  237. Dell Streak
  238. Colors not showing up in Calendar
  239. dejavu contacts not syncing with android native contacts
  240. contact category colors not transferring from database to contacts
  241. DejaOffice v1.6.4 BETA is now available
  242. help! where is the software on my computer for the calendar/contacts ect?
  243. Reoccuring symbol is black on black background = not so good
  244. CL Build 4008 - Continuous Loop
  245. DejaOffice Contacts to link with Samsung Galaxy S Phone Contacts and Handcent SMS
  246. USB Sync - Should companionlink automatically start up?
  247. "Sync" happens up opening DO - every time - How to Stop it?
  248. Questions About DejaOffice
  249. Companionlink Dejaoffice Changes to Android After Installing
  250. Photos on Contacts