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  1. DejaOffice:1.4.2 & CompanionLink: 5058
  2. Duplicate data
  3. Deleting Category
  4. Feature Suggestion
  5. multiple outlook calendars to iPhone 5
  6. privacy settings
  7. First Impressions, Feature Suggestion
  8. Syncing Crashes DejaCal - iPad
  9. Bravo!
  10. Using Camcard with DejaOffice for iPhone
  11. Can't Add Contact. Apple Contacts issue?
  12. Palm Calendar vs Date Book, Contacts vs Address Book etc
  13. Color Scheme - Dark Background hides events.
  14. how do i upload deja contact and other info from iphone to www.dejaoffice.com ?
  15. Alarms not working on iPad
  16. default view in Deja Office
  17. Incomplete Sync
  18. User Guide for Repeating Tasks?
  19. Alarms not working on iPhone 4S with new apple ios7
  20. telephone country code
  21. More information xferred to iPhone native contacts
  22. Deja CRM purged Google and doubled ipad
  23. Deja Contact Share with native IPhone address book
  24. Synching with iPhone 5s contacts from Act!
  25. duplicate contacts
  26. Tasks internals
  27. Fresh Install
  28. Djo 1.6.1
  29. Why is DJOI so slow?
  30. Djo 1.6.2
  31. Djo 1.6.3
  32. DJOI 1.6.4 Build 788 Beta
  33. DJO Update 1.6.4 793
  34. Phone numbers
  35. D O Opens and shuts down immediately
  36. Location Field
  37. Data Has Disappeared from iPhone
  38. 2 x iOS + Exchange = ... DejaCloud?
  39. DejaOffice 1.7.0 to Outlook on PC problems since Daylight savings
  40. International date format
  41. no synchronization with iCloud on IPhone 5
  42. Contacts Sync - Random Effects
  43. Calendar Sync
  44. DejaOffice / Companion Link 5 for Palm will not sync with IPhone
  45. The Default maps under Contacts
  46. Restore Calendar
  47. Tool or app to restore DJO & its data
  48. iPhone Shortcuts
  49. Deleted outlook calendar items not deleting from DejaCal
  50. Outlook to new iPhone 6 not syncing calendar or complete contacts, notes, etc.
  51. Purging old expenses
  52. Feature request: Day of week in Task List group title
  53. Sync ACT 16 to Iphone missing Journals (Histories) on some contacts
  54. multiple mobile phone numbers don't sync
  55. Change sounds / alerts for calendar events in iPhone (DJOI)
  56. Date format in Calendar Week view
  57. Multidate event - presenation format
  58. DeJa turns off sync to Apple calendar
  59. Going back to current date in Dejacal
  60. Deja Officr not working after ios 8 update
  61. DejaOffice times out after a few seconds
  62. Saving Ics files to dj calendar on iPad
  63. Color categories not syncing to iPad air2
  64. Current Date on DejaOffice Icon
  65. DeJa calendar in iphone 6 will not send to deja Cloud,
  66. Changing due date for multiple tasks
  67. Backing up an entire iPod Touch
  68. Task Recurrence Customization
  69. Tasks Duplicating/Not Regenerating after Completion
  70. Mondays marked with red numbers - why
  71. Appointments show up on multiply dates date in Deja Calendar.
  72. DJO/CL adding & deleting contacts, appointments, ...
  73. Calender event ".ics" show wrong time
  74. no synch between dejaoffice contacts and iPhone contacts
  75. Suggestions
  76. Error "waiting for PC data"
  77. Deja Contacts Crashing on iPhone 6. PLEASE HELP
  78. Calendar view not automatically updated after sync
  79. Contacts did not transfer from DJO to Outlook...
  80. Observation about recurring events with modifications to individual occurences
  81. Slow response in Tasks handling
  82. Multiday event only shows first day
  83. Transferring to iPod Touch 6G, IOS 8
  84. All day events and Daylight Saving Time
  85. Newb. DejaCal icon or others outside of DejaOffice??
  86. iPhone does not pair with CompanionLink
  87. DejaOffice v1.9.6 - Tasks application missing
  88. Transfer Dejaoffice data from Android to IOS
  89. Sync Outlook with Apple Devices
  90. Changes to single occurence of repeating events not visible
  91. How do I copy Calendar?
  92. Customizing the Home page
  93. When moving from one iPhone to another - how to migrate data?
  94. Syncing attached documents
  95. Calendar in Deja IOS doesn't show reoccurring events
  96. DejaOffice for Apple Watch?
  97. Color marking for weekend days wrong
  98. DejaOffice Icon Source
  99. Address Group/Distribution List Trouble
  100. How can I access the templates?
  101. Using Outlook mail app
  102. DejaToday contact display
  103. trying to sync between Windows Desktop Outlook 2016 and iPad
  104. Why is DejaOffice automatically syncing with my Apple database?
  105. Contact Grouping
  106. Calendar app appearance changed after most recent update
  107. Incorrect display of Multiday events
  108. Link to outdated Release notes
  109. Transper icloud categories
  110. Sorting order
  111. Telephone number: Country codes
  112. Auto-complete in DejaOffice update
  113. “Show as...” options
  114. after a restore now have duplicate entries in iPad calendar
  115. Latest Update - DJO crashes after trying to save a Memo
  116. Phone screen only displays tiny bit of actual Memo!
  117. Editing recurring calendar entries