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  1. syncing and duplicate contacts
  2. Tasks in calendar
  3. what are C E F M P S U?
  4. expenses problems on ipad
  5. Act! - Clearing (not erasing) Meetings, tasks, etc
  6. multiple databases?
  7. DejaOffice for iPhone/iPad - Overview, Vision - Sticky, updated
  8. DejaOffice if iPhone/iPad - Plans, release schedule, upcoming
  9. Linking to contacts in DejaCal
  10. Wifi Sync is very slow with 17233 contacts
  11. How do i get this to sync with IPAD?
  12. Crashes when hitting the Categories button
  13. calendar doesn't seem to take info from iphone calendar
  14. "Completed Contacts" hanging
  15. DejaOffice not start with Wi-Fi
  16. USB sync of Palm Desktop to iPod Touch
  17. Carriage Returns in Notes Field
  18. Update causing crash
  19. New iPAD update - Calendar - potential issue with saving new events
  20. Calendar and Contacts do not Sync - No Email fields in Contacts?????
  21. Automatic sync outlook tasks with ipad
  22. DejaOffice Classroom - A Complete Guide & Walkthrough for DejaOffice
  23. Sometimes app wont open
  24. Calendar events not showing contact info
  25. calendar events showing in DejaCal but no longer in google calendar
  26. synch with MS Business contact manager
  27. User fields don't sync
  28. Syncing Outlook & Act to iPad - Combining databases - Please advise
  29. Categories not transferred with Calendar to iPod Touch
  30. Dejaoffice calendar and iphone calendar entires do not match
  31. Not syncing all contacts
  32. Problem with sync Act! 6.0 with iPhone 4
  33. outlook 2007 + blackberry + ipad
  34. iPad and syncronisation with Google Calendar
  35. Multiday events in DejaCal
  36. Syncing tasks
  37. International phone numbers are corrupted when dialing
  38. duplicate entries in Deja Contacts
  39. How do I setup Ipad Wifi for Wifi?
  40. Various DejaCal and Sync issues
  41. View of taks in calender
  42. sync native ipad calendar to DejaOffice
  43. Updated CLPro and DJO iPad can't sync now
  44. crashes when opening contacts
  45. Dejaoffice 1.1.2 Calendar syncing issues
  46. DejaContacts Category
  47. Sort by company name no longer an option
  48. blank screen when launching
  49. Duplicate notes created when entering notes in iPad
  50. URLs get 'adjusted' during sync
  51. iPad to droid 2
  52. Calendar Alarm Functionality and Decoupling of Native iPhone Calendar
  53. Subscription Expired
  54. Appointments not showing in today screen
  55. Error on Calendar
  56. is there a way to search or sort by category?
  57. Iphone Dejaoffice Contacts not sorted
  58. Only iPad to Outlook one way sync
  59. iPad (OS4.2) to Google Sync
  60. iphone 4 - Unable to connect to remote device
  61. Streamline Calendar Entries
  62. Calendar Event - Add Contact Link
  63. Alerts do not work on IPhone4
  64. Crash on sync with Calendar
  65. DejaCal Issues: Can't Search & Question About "Sync with iPhone Calendar App" Feature
  66. DejaOffice for Ipad and Ipod Touch
  67. Troubles with DejaOffice
  68. Syncing Deja contact categories to iPhone groups
  69. Crapy update ?
  70. Ipad sync software NOT downloading, Where do I click?!!!!!
  71. Contact List Issues - search causes crashes and jump to alphabet missing
  72. Why is 1.1.4 so slow to load contacts? (ACT!-->iPhone 3G via WiFi)
  73. Update version 1.15 - WEIRD
  74. DejaOffice 1.1.6 now available in the App Store
  75. Sync very very slow
  76. Column width in contact forcing contact detail to the right
  77. Note portion of Outlook Contacts
  78. Promising start, then Big Trouble
  79. Display Day of Week
  80. Verizon iPhone Coming February 10th!
  81. WiFi Troubleshooting on Apple Devices.
  82. Start Tim, End Time when adding an event in calender
  83. Problems with Wi-Fi Sync
  84. Search function in calendar
  85. DejaNotepad Display
  86. DejaToday
  87. Price and monthly fees for dejaoffice?
  88. New user with a few questions
  89. ACT with IPhone 4
  90. Wireless Sync & Task sync issues
  91. A couple of Calendar Sync issues..
  92. Outlook All Day Events not syncing
  93. Multi-day Events in Deja Office
  94. NotePad within DejaOffice
  95. Month view date colors
  96. DejaTasks in v.1.1.8
  97. CompanionLink Build 3111
  98. iPhone 4 not showing contact on task list items when syncing with ACT!
  99. Bogus DejaOffice Calendar Notifications
  100. Issues with DejaCal
  101. Mapping name fields from Act to Deja using Companionlink
  102. Notes No Longer Synching
  103. Sync integrity
  104. Calendar does not sync properly with Ipad2
  105. how do you change the auto signature "From DejaOffice"?
  106. 2 Feature suggestions for list view
  107. Shortcuts
  108. Contact Sort By Suggestion
  109. Days of the week
  110. Trying to decide if Deja is right for me
  111. Linking DejaContact to Calendar
  112. ACT! 2011 won't sync with iPad2
  113. After 1.2.2 update
  114. ipad update to 1.2.2
  115. Companion Link Pro - DejaOffice iPad2 Calendar Problem
  116. DejaOffice Calendar Notifications
  117. Companion Link Pro - Contact Sync Issue
  118. Difference between date of birth in Act! and DejaOffice
  119. Deja Contacts failing on iPhone
  120. On IPAD how to set up a contact as private or hide the contact?
  121. WiFi Calendar Sync on iPhone - Very Slow
  122. DejaOffice Contacts & iPad Contacts app
  123. Deja calendar sync with iphone native calendar
  124. Palm Desktop Wifi-Sync and Google Sync
  125. IPad2 - Repeated need to KILL DejaOffice to WiFi sync
  126. Import PalmDesktop to iPhone, then convert data to Outlook.
  127. moving a repeating appt in calendar
  128. Will DJO work with ACT! 2012
  129. Erratic Calendar Event Notifications and Alerts
  130. Categories not keeping their colour setting?
  131. Purge and Reload All Does Not Work
  132. Calendar sync crashes
  133. How to send emails / SMSs to one or several categories at once?
  134. Lotus Organizer
  135. Duplicates in IPhone calendar
  136. New categegory of calender entries
  137. DejaOffice upgrade 1.2.6
  138. DejaTask in Arabic
  139. DejaOffice Won't Open on My Iphone4
  140. Is Version 1.2.6 compatible with iOS5?
  141. Notification and Home screen shortcut
  142. Syncing notes from iPad to ACT 2012
  143. Important iOS 5 Update Info - iOS 5 Notifications Issue with 3rd party apps
  144. Duplicate Contacts
  145. Update complete DejaTask
  146. How to "Start with a fresh data file"
  147. DejaOffice for iPhone shuts down before fully starting
  148. No DJO on the App Store
  149. Colors and category
  150. Deja office 1.2.8 crashes straight back to desktop on iPad
  151. DejaOffice 1.2.7 appointment errors after DST > non-DST transition
  152. Time-Format for DejaOffice
  153. Palm Completed Tasks Not Syncing to DJO
  154. completed task synced to ipod touch as 0% complete
  155. DejaOffice 1.2.8: Repeating timeless appointments w weekly intervals don't repeat cor
  156. DejaOffice 1.2.8: General list of errors
  157. DejaOffice 1.2.8: Editing memo crashes DO
  158. DejaOffice 1.2.8: How to send items from one iTouch to another?
  159. DejaOffice 1.2.8: Palm Desktop <> DO <> Apple contacts, &c.
  160. Missing post in forum
  161. Sync between DejaCal and Apple Calendar Not Working
  162. Missing ACT categories on my Iphone 4
  163. What is the best sync method for an iPhone?
  164. Launch icons and calendar filters: New Feature/Patch requests...
  165. Deja Contacts to iphone Contacts
  166. Expand Custom Fields
  167. Duplicate entries in iPhone (iOS 5) Calendar
  168. Unable to search telephone fields
  169. Some ACT Companies and Contacts missing from DejaOffice contacts after Synch.
  170. Latest version of Deja Office?
  171. DejaTasks appear one day earlier thank in Outlook
  172. Middle Name of a contact in the list mode
  173. Task Sync Problems
  174. Easy way to add notes
  175. Newbie with color problems
  176. Workaround for inability to search memos to highlight search term
  177. Lotus Notes 6.5 / Ipad 2/ wifi - keep duplicating, please help!
  178. Act2012>Companion Express>iphone 4 & ipad 1
  179. missing phone numbers
  180. Search By All Fields with a phone number
  181. No variable repeating weekly calendar events on iPad?
  182. Sorting Tasks, multilevel
  183. Sync DejaCal to Reminders?
  184. Calendar Entries created in other Time Zones not showing at correct time
  185. DejaCal and iPhone Calendar app don't match
  186. phone native calendar
  187. how to search the calendar?
  188. Deleted appointment keeps alarming
  189. Days of The Week Using IPhone
  190. Week-view day appointments not on correct day
  191. Downloaded DejaOffice on Nextbok Tablet
  192. DejaOffice 1.3.0
  193. Calendar default view
  194. Odd - Touch will not sleep with DJO open
  195. Latest dj office update on Apple IPad crashing
  196. iPad sync loses link to DejaOffice 1.3.0
  197. Using both iPad Contacts and DejaContacts
  198. Active Forecast
  199. Blast Multiple Contacts w/ a Category
  200. DejaExpense: can't delete unwanted entries
  201. How delete old DejaCal entries?
  202. Disaster! Calendar won't sync any more (and categories messed up)
  203. Help - non techie person!
  204. Downloaded latest update for iPad and now my calendar crashes every time!
  205. Suggestion for DejaOffice (iPad)
  206. Understanding "outlook to device" vs. "device to outlook"
  207. DejaOffice (iPad) v.s. DejaOffice (iPhone)
  208. Deleting recurring events in DejaCal 1.3.2
  209. iPhone vs iPad calendar problem
  210. Form over function
  211. Private Records partially Displayed Issue
  212. Sync takes a while
  213. Calendar SubFolders from Outlook
  214. Date of birth changes between DejaContact and Contacts iPhone
  215. Task Alarms
  216. Sync iPad and iPhone between each other
  217. why are my posts now being moderated before being posted?
  218. DejaContacts Custom Field views
  219. Syncing DejaOffice to gmail or yahoo contacts
  220. Outlook will not sync to iPad
  221. Sync Deja Office between Android and Iphone
  222. Removing Duplicate Contacts
  223. Initial iPhone Setup - Quick Help Needed
  224. Last line on long memos not showing up
  225. sync from Itouch to time and chaos
  226. Finding Contacts
  227. Not all Contacts Sync to iPad from ACT! 2012
  228. Color Schemes
  229. Phone extention mapping from Act to Deja to iPhone 4s
  230. iPad Rotation
  231. DejaOffice for iOS Beta Program
  232. Anyone out there syncing their iPhone with Palm Desktop?
  233. Help with Contacts!!!
  234. Alarm from Outlook Calendar appt won't shut off !
  235. Can Deja Contacts be grouped within Iphone 4 contact folder
  236. ACT Categories on Iphone 4.
  237. Expense feature request
  238. Calendar appearance on iPhone
  239. Ipad email record
  240. ACT Categories not syncing to iPhone 5
  241. DejaCal doesn't show end of year dates
  242. DejaOffice is not responsive to Companionlink even though phone is on wifi
  243. Companionlink unable to connect to dejaoffice via wifi
  244. Iphone Contacts+Calender Birthdays 1 day early
  245. Sync problems with iPad
  246. Reoccurring Tasks
  247. sync Outlook 2007 and iPhone 5 both ways
  248. DejaOffice 1.4.0: Keeps asking for Wi-Fi
  249. Where is setting for Task Alarm/Reminder?
  250. Category Colors Not Displayed