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  1. Common Questions
  2. deja contacts do not sync with andriod contacts
  3. Contact Management
  4. Sync in both directions?
  5. Can't add categories
  6. 0 min alarm not working
  7. Calendar
  8. GMT Time Adjustment for Calendar Entries
  9. Sync IPAD and Android both
  10. Contact count (& other metrics) on phone
  11. Email Meeting Notices in DejaCal
  12. Copy appointments
  13. Back to notes list
  14. Week view should show appt text
  15. Completed Tasks Not Synching
  16. CRM features of DejaOffice, a query.
  17. Cannot Sync HTC Hero People with Deja Office
  18. Laptop, Desktop, Droid sync
  19. Forums RSS feed?
  20. missing Outlook calender label
  21. Populating new task / new event field "subject"
  22. 3 Calendars Microsoft Outlook in Android
  23. Notification for Forum topic/ Subscribe to Topic possible? -> Feature request(?)
  24. "keep in list" option on alarms?
  25. Need Some Help
  26. Sharing tasks and sorting by projects
  27. Feature reqeust: Calendar Icons
  28. Feature Suggestion: On-Screen Buttons
  29. Duplicates
  30. Feature Request - Sort order for Calendar search should be in Date Order
  31. Any plans to port to Windows Phone 7?
  32. Default alarm in calendar
  33. Android Calendar
  34. Task size lmits and attachments?
  35. Configuring custom fields in Deja to pull information from ACT
  36. DejaOffice for Windows
  37. Note Category repeats almost endlessly. Hard to clear them.
  38. Deja Income
  39. descending sort option
  40. maintaining formatting in outlook tasks
  41. can multiple outlook files be synced with djo ?
  42. Work-around for one-way synch from native contacts?
  43. making the edit/save/back buttons 'easier'
  44. Does not open after sync
  45. Monthly DejaOffice Calendar Item Showing up on Android Calendar Every Day
  46. Yearly by Day - Somthing that happens every year on same day
  47. Contacts Birthday does not show up in Calendar
  48. calender entries duplicated
  49. Dejaoffice List View on Samsung Galaxy S
  50. Floating Events
  51. Crossed out events
  52. contact list display
  53. Deleting entries.
  54. The category color should be the background color
  55. syncing between android tablet and phone only
  56. Is there a way to know how many records one has in DejaOffice?
  57. Alams silent - Calendar
  58. Factory Reset and Data
  59. Contact count in DejaContacts
  60. Duplicate Contacts
  61. Sync with PC, I should not have to be near PC to start a sync. Here is my request!
  62. HTC Evo 3D Crash
  63. New categories in DejaExpense?
  64. Sync state display and disconnect features request
  65. Handling a 'von' part
  66. Feature request - keyboard displayed by default on Contacts home page
  67. Best Contact Mgmt for PC and Android
  68. Date Format
  69. I am missingsome contacts after I sync ACT 2012 Google using my new iphone
  70. Windows 7 Phones
  71. Why are *some* postings not online immediately?
  72. calendar display problem
  73. johngee
  74. Are Avatars Not Allowed?
  75. Cannot delete old entries in DejaExpense
  76. Contact fields comparison across software and services
  77. Import scanned business cards
  78. Android Phone dialer
  79. not such a common question?
  80. DejaOffice on Nook
  81. cleaning completed tasks
  82. Deja office on ipad not sinking Apple contacts on iPad
  83. Alarm sound
  84. Feature Request: Increase number of custom fields supported
  85. "Unfortunately DJO has stopped working"
  86. Any chance you could add a copy feature to DejaContacts?
  87. Copy feature on DejaCalendar
  88. Calendar corruption, watch out for this one.
  89. Calendar: often opens on wrong day
  90. Calendar: start/end date/time settings "too linked"
  91. Can a Deja address book be printed?
  92. Switching from Palm to Android
  93. Moving from Palm to Android - my experience
  94. Calendar alarms/notifications stopped working
  95. Admob components in Deja Office.
  96. Linking EVA (and other digital assistants) to Calendar/DejaOffice...
  97. Displaying Tasks
  98. Sync ACT and Android
  99. Nexus 4 and Deja Office 2.3.5
  100. Suggestions for DejaOffice
  101. Change Alarm sound
  102. Show items as completed in Dejatoday
  103. Linked Contacts suggestion
  104. Import Calendar Lists like U.S. Holidays
  105. Sync DJO on iPhone to your DJO on iPad
  106. BlackBerry 10 performance
  107. BlackBerry 10 feature request
  108. Global Editing
  109. DejaOffice and number of contacts
  110. DJO for Android - Contacts Settings
  111. Beta alert
  112. Customize default Alarm/snooze times
  113. Calendar opens on odd date (not today's date)
  114. How to disable Skype auto-links?
  115. DejaOffice for Mac?
  116. Contacts are showing up in messaging and email with mixed up data
  117. Map nearby records
  118. Companion Link work with Exchange and AD?
  119. Why dont the DejaContacts record count match the Native Contacts count?
  120. Support for DejaOffice Windows 8/10
  121. Event error 1000 - syncing with CL.
  122. Sage ACT! 2011 with multiple databases
  123. Android djo tasks feature request : sorting, 2line view, category. favourite contacts
  124. Deja contacts select on save, and favourites
  125. Can you make it so DejaTasks stays on the same day when checking items off?
  126. 2 feature requests...
  127. Sync Android Tablet to Android Phone