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  1. Adding Notes on iPad
  2. Share feature
  3. stand alone DejaNotes
  4. Add suport for MeeGo or Meamo
  5. Supporting Franklin Covey PlanPlus products
  6. Sync with FreeBSD/Linux?
  7. Full Outlook Native Compatibility
  8. Organize contacts by account (company)
  9. Employee time scheduler
  10. Platform independant sync?
  11. Widget for Calendar
  12. Selection for alarm sound, looping sounds, and screen turn on
  13. Dial numbers stored in Notes
  14. Feature requests: Tappable data fields in DejaTask, and additional fields in homescre
  15. Calendar: appointment list --> Task --> (back) - should return to date where you were
  16. Tasks: sort and filter options
  17. features NEEDED
  18. Week view in Dejacalendar
  19. Attach notes to contacts
  20. Improve speed for contacts
  21. Palm-like Date and Time Pickers
  22. Request for Documentation
  23. Idea: publish the DJO file formats
  24. Attached photos of the caller in the Deja Office and Claendars with highlighted color
  25. Several Ideas for Improved Product
  26. Contacts features
  27. Recurring Tasks
  28. CompanionLink Category Limitations
  29. Some possible improvements
  30. Tasks: directly tappable due dates on the Tasks home screen
  31. Option to pick field order on various entry screens
  32. Option to make Category a single-entry field
  33. Option to use smaller fonts in entry screens
  34. In Tasks, combine Due Date checkbox and Due Date date
  35. Task Alarm - date as "N days before"
  36. encryption of data in deja notes
  37. Allow contact photos from outlook to be seen in Deja Office
  38. Option to show Act! 2010 cleared items on calendar
  39. Multiple Categories as filters
  40. "Snooze all" feature request
  41. Global Search/find command
  42. New Calendar Feature
  43. Calendar Views
  44. options for different color settings
  45. Calendar Search Sort (and a couple other feature requests)
  46. Add's (show as / copy paste) for calendar.
  47. Palm style Agenda view in Android (widget?)
  48. Outlook subfolders support
  49. Ability to have Calendar event with No Subject
  50. Trigger wifi sync from ipad
  51. Outlook Journal Entry Sync?
  52. Search on accented letters
  53. Week jump arrows in daily view?
  54. Alphabet scroll through contacts
  55. Recognizing phone numbers in meeting location field
  56. Improved WiFi sync
  57. Daily Calendar View for all day events
  58. Features Desired
  59. Sync Birthday's & Anniversary's with Deja Contacts
  60. Adware in 1.11.2!
  61. Option for One-Way Synch with transfer thApplications
  62. DejaOffice for business
  63. .MP3 alarm inside Deja Office?
  64. New Feature Request
  65. New Feature Request - change of time zones
  66. Request a fix for the "Copy, Cut and Paste" feature
  67. Calendar - Multi Day Tasks
  68. Use templates for events and tasks
  69. Copy Calendar entry
  70. Combining 2 Show setting items
  71. Add telephone fields & make names flexible
  72. Feature Request: DJO Android - Widgets
  73. Haptic Feedback for long press in lists of DJO items
  74. Delete confirmation setting
  75. Seven day calendar widget for Andriod
  76. Full Month Calendar Widget for Android Tablet
  77. Outlook Shared Calendar possible?
  78. DejaExpense field improvements request
  79. Tasks to show on Today view and widget
  80. Contact links
  81. Contact History like Palm Agendus?
  82. HTC People and Agenda
  83. New Feature Request: Deja Tasks
  84. Make provision for Sort Order and Grouping to be Category Specific
  85. FEATURE- convert or LINK TASK to Appointment
  86. FEATURE - CLIENT link to tasks and appointments
  87. Mileage / odometer recorder
  88. Contacts Phone Labels
  89. Birthdays
  90. Last Record Used.
  91. ringer off in appointments
  92. Add copy task and copy memo; trick for using copies as templates
  93. send calendar entries in vcal format via sms
  94. total expenses
  95. Calendar: too many steps to change a date or time
  96. DejaExpenses: choose own default currency
  97. Expenses: date selected by default
  98. Odd I have not found this. International holidays.
  99. Transform Calendar item into Tasks item
  100. Contacts: primary/default contact number/e-mail
  101. Installation of deja contact on my pc computer how to or can I ?
  102. Support submittal does not work
  103. Change Text Color
  104. Make displayed options in Contact list selectabe per contact
  105. Nokia Symbian / Opera / ACT / Cardscan / Blackberry Playbook sync ?
  106. Android widgets? Backup/restore funtion to SD cards?
  107. e-mail client
  108. Favorite Contacts (Smaller List)
  109. Adding contact links in tasks
  110. Categories - Collapse & Expand ability for Tasks
  111. DejaTasks: mirror the Sort Task options from Outlook?
  112. Read Android Data Feature request
  113. Task recur fixed period after previous completion
  114. New sync-Sources
  115. Encryption timeout options
  116. Comparison / differences window for conflict resolution - data collision warning
  117. Task list sorting by Last modified date
  118. templates list : alphanumeric order in "select a template"
  119. Feature needed for recurring entries
  120. Date field in memo, Android
  121. DejaCalendar support for conference call and WebEx information
  122. DJ demands USB connection "charge only" - cannot access SD
  123. Dejaoffice PC own Desktop PIM
  124. MySQL Sync
  125. Android Widget - Today View - Event and Task in date wise