View Full Version : Ability to have Calendar event with No Subject

02-09-2011, 06:08 PM
I would like the ability to have appointments on the calendar that do not have a Subject but only a Contact. The Contact name should display on the Calendar screen instead of Subject. Currently you cannot save an appointment with no Subject data.

Because I am a freelance technician, all of my appointments are the same subject but different contacts and the ability to see the contact names on the calendar is of primary importance to me. Now I am entering the contact name in subject and also linking the event to the Contact on the event entry form -- double entry of the same data.

This feature was available in the PIM (Agendus from Iambic) I used on my various Palm devices for the last 10 years. It also displayed the contact name in front of the Subject if a Subject was present.

Thanks for your consideration.
Tim Holmes