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06-25-2010, 02:18 AM
I use a HTC Desire and have currently the eval. version v1.4.1 installed. After sucessfully sync with Outlook a notification message "processing records" appears on my HTC. This period of processing takes several minutes, depending how many entries I have in my calendar and NOT how many entries I have created or changed. This is a bit annoying because I would like to have the last few years on my HTC. By the way the HTC don't need to be connected during this process. It seems like an internal sync. Can you explain to me if that is a normal behavior? Compared to the HTC sync of calendar and contacts this takes much longer.


06-25-2010, 07:18 AM

Many apologies. The Calendar API for the Android is not available. We had to hack it. As a part of the hacky nature of the internal structure, it takes a lot of time to process the older stuff. I'm hoping eventually Google will release a Calendar API, and also improved add "last changed" flags needed for processing. Until then, every sync to the native Android Calendar must processes every Calendar record.

Speed is dramatically faster if you sync only to the DejaOffice Calendar. DejaCal can handle larger data sets, and the sync is nearly instantaneous. Within about two weeks we should have recurring dates completed, and all major features duplicated. So think about why you need to use the native Calendar at all as we provide a far faster alternative.

07-16-2010, 09:45 PM
I tried turning off the sync with the native Android calendar, cut back a lot on the past appointments to copy, it still spends hours processing, and crashes once it reaches the end. No matter what I'm doing when the two numbers become equal, the screen freezes, and the only way to move again is to hold the power button and shut it off, restart. Next time I open Deja Office, I only see entries I've made manually into the program on my Droid, none of the entries from Outlook that I'm syncing with. This falls into the category of "dealbreaker, product doesn't work as advertised, if you can't fix this I want my money back." It didn't crash like this when I only had the demo version.

Why doesn't it process today and the next week first in the queue, since those are the times people are probably interested in the most? Just a thought.

If you want Google to release the API, is there a request somewhere in here http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/list that I can't find easily? Perhaps you could post a link in these forums somewhere and get many of your users to vote for the idea so they take it more seriously.

I saw elsewhere in this forum that someone said 3 weeks ago that you were expecting to add the ability to modify repeating events in the next two weeks - is there a status update on this? It's really an important feature, especially if I can't do that in the native Droid calendar like I planned because I can't sync the two calendars.

I got spoiled by many years with a Palm TX, and came to assume that since it is now thoroughly out of date, calendar and to-do list apps must be all even better, but I'm finding that there are few options and none of them measure up to tech that is 5 years old now. I realize from the above post that a big part of that isn't your fault, but it's still quite frustrating.

07-17-2010, 11:51 AM
You can always get a refund from CompanionLink just by asking. In CompanionLink 4.0, there's even a button, which saves you the phone call.

DejaOffice is currently free.

The Googe Task API request is now epic. 4000 requests in three years and Google does nothing. It's just a waste of time to fill in their forms. http://code.google.com/p/gdata-issues/issues/detail?id=987

At DejaOffice, we work with what is available. It's going pretty good. As scheduled, Release 1.6 is competed and in in-house testing. We plan to release it soon. If people are interested, we may release a beta on it. Certainly it will be out by the end of July, 2010.

I hope this information helps.

07-18-2010, 02:00 PM
I think you mistake me - when I say it's an "I want my money back" level complaint, I'd really rather have a program that just works right. I'm making the point that this is an absolute must-fix or the whole thing is worse than useless.

OK, by reducing the "days back" to only 90 days (!), it managed to work its way through without crashing, and I could see all of my appointments. Then I had to restart the Droid for unrelated reasons, and next time I opened DejaOffice, I see only events I have manually added to the device, any events from Outlook are gone, and it wants to count through the 5500 events all over again. Why does it do this? Wasn't everything loaded successfully into the calendar display? Now when it got to the end, it crashed again, and I didn't do anything different, might have edited an appointment or two, but that's what the app is made to do, so it shouldn't be a problem.

07-18-2010, 08:29 PM
I think I finally have a stable solution. I had too many old calendar events gumming up the works, and that was causing the crashes. At first, I tried to sync a year's worth of data. To purge everything, I had to uninstall DO, then use a file manager app to find clusb (companion link usb) on the SD card, and delete that folder. Reinstalled DO, synced everything over from scratch. Now it doesn't crash any more. I hope.