View Full Version : Bug report: *ALL* Outlook contacts deleted; GONE.

07-06-2010, 03:14 PM
Had CL set as "Primary Database: Android is the primary..." to get all my undated tasks back onto Outlook (which wasn't being updated by changes on the phone when the sync was set to be bidirectional). Every single one of over 1200 contacts are gone on Outlook. They're present on the phone, but won't sync back to Outlook.

I like the ideas here, I *really* like the rapid responses in this forum, but this was the last straw for a PIM package that's apparently not out of beta yet. I'd be fine with that if CL hadn't been $40.

Voting with my feet; I'll be trying the Missing Sync this afternoon.

07-07-2010, 09:33 AM
Uninstalled CL, deleted existing Outlook profile & started from scratch on Outlook with a new profile.

Bought and installed MissingSync. No joy, nothing synced back to Outlook. At tech support's suggestion, exported the contacts to my SD card, reimported. There wasn't the MissingSync option to reimport to, so reimported to "Phone" with no duplication of contacts thankfully. Still didn't help. Created a fake contact on Outlook, which did sync to the phone, but didn't help with syncing the phone to Outlook. Scheduled Wifi sync option looks cool (if the sync worked at all).

Installed HTC Sync. No joy, nothing synced back to Outlook. WTH?!

Reinstalled CompanionLink. Setup to Sync Android to Outlook, with Android as the primary database, the only difference from the last CL setup attempts being that the boxes for Outlook subfolders were not checked. Good sync from my Evo to Outlook. WTH?!

I still don't want all my PIM data in anybody's cloud, but I'm left with little confidence in anybody's local sync options for an HTC 2.1 device, including HTC's own solution. Where's a good Palm device when you need it...

07-09-2010, 10:35 AM
Quite a journey there! Remember too that CompanionLink tech support can help you out with the sync if you run into trouble. Just for your information..."Primary Database" only controls the direction of deletions; whatever is set as the primary database, that's where you need to make your deletes. A "reread" sync might have been a better option in this case. From the "Options" drop-down menu, you can set CompanionLink to either "Reread PC Data on next Sync" or "Reread Handheld Data on next Sync". A reread sync can sometimes resend records that aren't syncing (though a reread sync is much slower than a regular sync, so use sparingly).

07-10-2010, 09:32 AM
Voting with my feet; I'll be trying the Missing Sync this afternoon.

don't think missing sync is any better...