View Full Version : Sync Problem- Duplicates and other issues

06-19-2011, 09:36 PM
I followed the instructions from a previous thread so that I could sync all my Android and Deja contacts to my Outlook contacts. My outlook contacts are the primary source. The contacts I had in my phone (a Droid2 Global) which were put there by the Verizon rep, were some strange mix that I did not recognize. So I deleted all those contacts and then synced to my pc. My Deja settings are as follows: Sync with Android Contacts App - checked. In companion link set up - I am syncing with Android direct via USB, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes sync both ways. Outlook is the primary. When I first did the sync to reload my contacts onto Deja I had the "purge and reload contacts" button checked. But it is now unchecked.

So the first time I synced it took a very long time (something like 45 minutes to an hour). I do have a lot of contacts (1741 now). The end result was mainly ok, except for a number of contacts that showed up as only email addresses, and which don't exist (in this form with emails only) in my Outlook contacts.

The second time I synced it seemed to be taking a very long time again, which was frustrating. I did not expect it to take so long - should it not only be updating the most recent changes? So I stopped the sync and unchecked the "Sync with Android contacts app" and then tried syncing again. This time it went faster but then seemed to get hung up at the end. I had to do a force close. I then had all the recent changes from my outlook. But I also had duplicates of EVERY CONTACT. What's up with this? How can I get rid of the duplicates? How can I sync in the future and not have it take so long? Why am I getting contacts with email addresses only that don't exist in my pc?

My Deja release is 1.11.7.