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07-08-2010, 10:02 AM
I have just purchased this phone and have been trying your software because I need to sync with outlook and what matters most to me is my contacts & being organized by categories..

I successfully syncronized my Outlook and working with it now. Everything you've done is fabulous up to the point of being able to sort by categories, then, when I I wanted to make a call it went from fabulous to terrible in one click.. totally frustrating if not almost impossible to select a number and dial - and way too many clicks.

After sorting by category and selecting a contact, the contact opens so you can view everything, then I have to carefully select a phone number, which doesn't even change colors or vibrate as I hover over it. More often than not I am selecting the wrong number or nothing at all. This is a total deal killer. If I do not have a solution in the next few weeks, the software and phone go back. I hope that's not the case because all else is great.

Unless I'm doing this all wrong, I am getting to my contacts via the DejaContacts icon, rather than the Droid Contacts icon. When it comes to making a call I prefer how the Droid Contacts has a green phone that in one click brings up a drop-down list the numbers. Unfortunately, the Droid's limited way of listing of contacts and the font size of the phone# is terrible... which is why I'm trying Deja.

IMHO - Here's how it should work (from a long time software programmer)...When viewing contacts by category, I should be able to choose whether I want to open the entire contact to view all data or just simply call that contact. I suggest two Icons - perhaps one placed at the far left to open the contact and a tel icon placed at the far right, which would then bring up a list of all phone numbers from which I could easily scroll through - highlighting which one I am about to select. I want as few key strokes as possible - that's the goal. By opening a contact and then having to carefully hit/miss a phone# is riduculous.. I would also suggest using appropriately large fonts to list the phone numbers types (i.e. work, home, cell) as well as the actual #'s...

I would love it it someone from DejaContacts would call me or email me to discuss because I would like to keep your software and the phone, but this is an absolute deal killer. I hope you find my comments constructive.

Thank you,
Susie Melo

07-08-2010, 10:33 AM
Hi Susie,

This is a great suggestion! Let me talk it over with our development team, and we'll try to have an answer for you soon. Dont return your phone yet! :)

07-08-2010, 10:51 AM
Kaena - thanks for the fast response (and hope). I have just 3 weeks to decide if I keep this phone or not. I hope we can have a solution before then...

Allow me to elaborate on my idea...

Once the phone icon has be pressed for that contact, a pulldown list of all telephone numbers, email, sms etc could pop up with a small icon next to the telephone numbers indicating whether they are home/cell/office, but having the numbers be large enough that they are legible.

Example of pull-down:

[Home icon] (714)123-4567
[office icon] (714) 123-0000
(cell icon] (714)123-9999
[SMS] option here

Hope this helps,

07-08-2010, 06:06 PM
Susie - I like your suggestion and hope it is something that will be considered and can be included. Until then this may help more easily selecting the correct phone number on the contact screen. I use the Business Size as my default size font for the category page listings to display more on the screen. The micro size is a bit too small for my fingers to be able pick a name from the list. After bringing up a contact from the category list, long press on the screen. This pops up the font size selection screen. Select the larger Elegant font size. It displays the contact info & phone numbers larger for this screen. Back up to the category list it is shown again in Business Size in my case. Select another name from the category list and the contact info is displayed in the Elegant size. Allows the Category list screen and Contact info screen font sizes to be different.

07-08-2010, 10:48 PM
Hi Kaena -- I have another suggestion/request as I am playing with the phone. I find it quite cumbersome (too many key strokes) to have to look up a contact that I call on a regular basis, so I found myself using "favorites" withing the Droid contact list. It would be much better if you could integrate some form of favorites that show up similarly w/in DejaContacts, so I don't have to keep switching back and forth. They idea behind this is to significantly reduce the # of keystrokes for favorite people you call. Additionally, I think there are several ways you should look at reducing the number of keystrokes in general.

Regarding Favorites - I think most people need a list of 10-15 people they call on a regular basis - this would hugely eliminate unnecessary keystrokes for people you call on a regular basis. By having a favorites list I calculate it shouldn't require much more than 3 key strokes at most (DejaContacts -> Click phone icon next to desired contact from Favorites list -> Direct dial phone# from pull-down ). Requiring any more keystrokes than this becomes too cumbersome. Right now, it stands at about 6 keystrokes not counting keystrokes involved with having to scroll to a contact way down the alphabetical list, then after locating the contacts, selecting the phone number, then having to tell it to dial that phone number which is another redundant keystroke (example: Deja Contacts -> Scroll down 5 pages to contact -> Select phone# -> Select Call -> Dial ). That's a total of 9 keystrokes and far too many. On my Palm, I can usually lookup and dial ANY contact in less than 5 keystrokes - often only 3 keystrokes. I hope you will strive for this.

Hi Bry54 -- I appreciate your suggestion, but I think I already have the largest font selected (Delightful) as the other fonts are too small for me to read. The issue arises when I click on the contact and it brings up the contact details, then there may be several phone numbers listed and it's definitely not a pull-down type screen. The fact that you have to visually locate the phone numbers on a screen full of data, then press on one of them (they are one next to the other) and nothing gets highlighted before pressing... thus making it very error prone. You never know exactly what your finger is touching because the phone numbers don't change color when you hover. But being so close together and burried in the details makes it a very difficult task.

07-11-2010, 07:39 AM
Susie - In case you may not have Delightful selected for the contact screen I just provided a little better explanation of the steps that work for me in the post. There isn't a lot of size difference between Business and Delightful size on the contact screen but it helps for me.


Again, I do like your ideas for easier selection of the phone numbers and hope they can be implemented. I am not a programmer but I have to believe it could take some time to make a change of this type and be sure it is operating properly with the different OS's and phones.

I would also like to add a request along the line of your comment on highlighting the number being pressed. On my Eris I can use the trackball to roll over and select email addresses and web sites on the contact screen. Could a change be made to also allow the phone numbers to be selected by using the trackball? I noticed Fax Numbers are displayed in a different color than numbers used for work, mobile, home so you are not able to dial them by mistake. Good feature.

Here's a temporary work-around I use for dialing my favorites in DJO until a different method is decided on. I added a new category called "1 Favorites" (without the quotes.) And added this "1 Favorites" category to the appropriate contacts. When I want to go to one of my favorites, I press the Category Bar and "1 Favorites" (quotes added for clarification) is the 1st selection in the Category list. Since the categories are alphabetically listed. This doesn't take the place of your request but it does reduce the amount of finger scrolling, especially if you have a number of letter A to D categories to scroll through.

One more feature request I have along these lines. This is for the screen displaying contacts under a given category. When Menu is pressed the selections Add, Settings, Search and Change Color are displayed. Could a "Select Category" also be added to the Menu screen to bring up the Category selection screen? I think adding this would lessen the amount of top to bottom screen finger movement. ie. now you go to the top of screen to press the category bar then back to the bottom if you need to scroll the list to select. If it were a Menu selection your finger would already be hovering at the bottom of the screen to scroll up through the category pop-up screen.

Hope some of these are helpful and constructive ideas.

07-12-2010, 08:17 AM
Hi Susie, I just wanted to let you know that your suggestion to make dialing contacts easier is officially on our feature request list. We have a ton of great features planned for DejaOffice so I can't guarantee that your feature will be at the top of the priority list, but we really like the idea (and from the looks of it, so do other users in this forum).

bry54 - thanks for the awesome suggestions! I was also going to suggest setting up a category for favorites. Another way to easily jump to a specific contact is to just begin typing their name from the contacts list screen. If your device has no keyboard, press and hold the Menu softkey to bring up the onscreen keyboard. Results in the contacts list are filtered as you type, so often you just need to type in the first few letters of the name. Here's an example of what it should look like - http://www.dejaoffice.com/classroom/android/djoclassroom-dejacontacts.html#searchcontacts

07-12-2010, 07:05 PM
This may have been suggested on another thread, but along these same lines I would suggest CL consider creating something like the HTC shortcut approach. They have a favorites widget, but it takes up an entire screen for too few contacts. But in the incredible at least (and I would think their other models as well), you can long tap a screen, select Shortcut, then select Direct Dial or Direct Message. It then puts a placeholder on the screen, which in my case is the photo of the contact that I loaded into their People app (which is rather friendlier than the DJO Contacts app, imo). This approach can use as much of a home screen as you want, up to sixteen direct dial/message selections. Simply tap the photo that says either Dial or Message and that's all you need to do. Of course I have no idea if this is hard or easy, and suspect they can do it because they also handle the dialer. But it's a very elegant solution, at least for me.


07-12-2010, 08:01 PM
Susie, That is an awesome idea and im glad its on the development list. looking forward to that.

Peter, I could see a Favorites widget being very handy, maybe they could have multiple sizes, small, medium, and large.