View Full Version : Calendar list view: Today button

07-01-2011, 10:51 AM
"Today" button usually take you to today when you are using calendar.

If today there are no events and you are on list view, "Today" button have no effects.

Maybe this behaviour highlights the fact that you cannot go to today because there's no events (or it's due to missing no-events dates in calendar list view).

Instead, if you "force" list view using "Go to date" button to go to today's date, list view shows you first date having events which is after today.

This view (after pressing the "go to date" button) is wrong because it starts from the first event having an alarm. If an all day event with no alarm is present in that day, it is kept out of the upper part of the screen, so you have to scroll back a little bit to see it and to see what date is the first day showed.

Maybe a warning ("no events for selected date") could be convenient for "today" button and the two behaviour should be consistent.