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07-12-2010, 03:26 PM

With the addition of multiple categories, DejaOffice now handles a good portion of my business needs, and I purchased CompanionLink v4. However, there are still impediments to my workflow; please let me know when you can have these available. In order of descending importance:

1. task alarm execution - alarms can be set, but no audio notification now
2. ability to make tasks recurring - REAL problem, as it duplicates recurring tasks
3. edit/handle recurring appointments - these don't show up AT ALL
4. transfer completed tasks
5. WiFi or bluetooth sync via CompanionLink; ultimately, SECURE sync over the Internet, and push sync
6. conflicting simultaneous task update resolution - Droid edits take precedence now, when identical tasks are edited both in Outlook and on Droid

Thank you.


07-13-2010, 10:23 AM
Regarding DejaOffice for Android...

1. Task alarms have already been implemented. Are you on the current release of DejaOffice for Android (1.5.6)? The setting for alarms is actually in the DejaOffice calendar settings, under "Settings", then "Calendar Settings". You could make sure that "Ring Alarms" is checked, and that either "Vibrate" or "Play Sound" (or both) are checked.
2. We are working on recurring calendar events at the moment. Recurring tasks is on our list of things to do, but it's a ways off yet.
3. The next update implements recurring calendar events in DejaOffice. ETA about 1-2 weeks.
4. CompanionLink Professional can transfer completed tasks.
5. ETA for Wi-Fi sync is late July/early August.
6. I'm interested in your thoughts on this one. Did you want the Outlook edits to take precedence instead?