View Full Version : DejaExpense field improvements request

09-14-2011, 10:42 PM
I'm a new user, so if I've missed some available options, please school me.
From what I can see, this is only a few clicks short of a very useful tool.
Even if the upshot were only to have a useful record of expenditures to transfer into an accounting program (by export to CSV would be most useful), really helpful would be these options, field by field:
Date-There is no date field? This is essential and should link to and occur on the calendar date chosen. I will be adding this detail in notes?
Type: allow customization/adding of Types of expense I'd like to track day-to-day expenses, especially cash expenses, that don't fall under the Types suggested, and I'd like to ID those expenses in line with my accounting labels. I will be selecting Other, and either adding this in notes or building a set of Categories for use in DejaExpense only?
Paid To: add dropdown to pick from DejaContacts and analogous access from within each DejaContact showing $ paid to that contact. I will retype names of contacts I pay?
Payment add an option for 'Check', and for 'Debit Card'. I will select Other and add this detail to notes?

That's my initial assessment, upon first immersion into use of DejaExpense. Thoughts welcome.