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02-15-2012, 12:35 PM
I am trying to load several years worth of Palm data into my iphone 4S. (Running Palm 6.2.2, DejaOffice 1.2.11, CL 5.0 (build 5020). My contacts all transferred, but some are missing the first phone number listed in my Palm desktop. (i.e. if the 2nd number was a fax line, that's the number that shows next to the contact name in Deja Office and iphone contacts.) It's very random and doesn't seem tied to any particular category.
I also have numbers that were changed to where they have no parentheses and thus, don't give me a caller ID when that number calls me.
If I manually add the missing numbers to my iphone list and manually add parentheses where needed, they will disappear the next time I purge and sync. How do I fix this? (I have an open support ticket with CL.)
The other strange thing that's happened is that when I synced over my Palm memos, they went into DejaOffice memos, but not my iphone Notes. Any way to get them transferred to Notes or do I just access them through DejaOffice (which is not a big deal, but not what I wanted)?
Any advice would be welcome. I'm also concerned about purging my iphone contacts and calendar EVERY time I sync. Should I do that or is that just for the first time? I've read about duplicates being a problem if I don't purge each time.

Thanks for your help! :-)