View Full Version : HTC People and Agenda

02-23-2012, 06:39 AM
HTC has two widgets that are wonderful and great tools for sales or someone who travels for business. I would like to suggest the following.

1. A similar widget as the HTC People. I have it 4x4 on a screen and use it for my most commonly called people.
2. HTC Calendar/Agenda. I also have this on 4x4 screen and it allows me to see and scroll through all items on my calendar. It's easy to veiw my upcoming flight schedules meetings etc. on the run with a flip of my finger.

Yes, I know DejaOffice has a widget for task, but it does not show an agenda in the format of the HTC calendar. While the DejaOffice widget has all the task which is a need, the opaque background makes it very hard to read. HTC has the best agenda widget and DejaOffice has the best task widget (other than the background)...way not combine the two?

If DejaOffice had a similar widget to HTC People and a combined widget for Agenda/Task, I believe it would be a huge hit. I would then not worry about syncing my calendar with my native database.

Thanks for listening and keep up the great work thus far.