View Full Version : Major duplicate problems and more with v1.5.7

07-20-2010, 11:09 PM
I have major problems with the latest release of DejaOffice.
After I updated DejaOffice I have now up to nine (9) duplicates of the same calendar event !!!

*update, it seems like DejaCalendar adds an duplicte event everytime I open DejaCalendar.
I'm now up to 14 duplicates in DejaCalendar.

There are no duplicates in stock Android calendar or Contacts and I have not made an sync with Outlook after the update.
The only thing I did was to update DejaOffice thru Android Market.

This, of course, is not good and I hope you can adress this issue as soon as possible.
I'm more than happy to help by sending in a log file if someone tell me how to do that.

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S 9000i with a Swedish Original ROM.

I really would love to have DejaOffice working alright, but right now it is tuff love between us two :rolleyes:

*Update 2, I read the update log for v1.5.7:
DejaOffice v. 1.5.7 (7/19/2010)
*fixed issue synchronizing with on-board contacts and calendar apps for Samsung Galaxy devices

I'm glad that you have adressed the syncing issue with Samsung Galaxy devices, luckely this doesn't work on my Galaxy S otherwise I would have had like 20 duplicates in the Android calandar as well ;o)

However, I hope that when this duplicate issue has been sorted out that the focus turns to the syncing issue again.

Best regards and thank you for your time,

07-21-2010, 11:35 AM
The issue with 1.5.7 involved "display records". These are not the real data, but just records created to be visible in the calendar.

We have released v1.5.8 which resolves the display record issue. You won't need to sync or anything. Just updating should clear the problem.

07-21-2010, 12:31 PM
Hello CLCTO,
Nice to her from you :o)

Ohhh yes, the duplicates are now gone, yeahhhhh

Thank you for the time and effort, bugs happens and I'm impressed with the speed and effort you guys put in to quickly solve the problems that arise from time to time.

I tried to add a event in DJO calendar and sure enough it shows up in the stock Android calendar as well! Nice...
Tomorrow I will try to add events in Outlook, then sync with DJO and then check to see that those events also shows up in the stock calendar.

Now, if there would be and decent week view and a good widget, everything would be all love again.

Best regards and take care,