View Full Version : Contact fields comparison across software and services

05-09-2012, 02:32 AM
Hi guys!

This is a question to everyone, and not really about DJO, but related. Has anyone come across smth like a comparison table of contact fields of Outlook 2010, DejaOffice for Android, Android 4.0, Google Contacts (cloud)? Basically I want to see which fields one does have and another one does not, and how they can be mapped and synced. I want to decide on the best desktop program <-> device <-> cloud solution, and make sure I always fill only those contact fields which exist and sync in all three. I use Outlook 2010 and Android phone now. It's a pain even with CompanionLink. I know I can just switch entirely to Android/Google, but even there within Google not all fields correspond and sync!!! Or I'm even thinking of switching to iPhone-Mac, but the only thing I want is that all of my devices and cloud have all my fields in perfect sync.

Anyway, if anyone seen such a table on the internet, I would appreciate yopur pointing me there.

Thank you!