View Full Version : How to make contacts visible to my bluetooth speakerphone?

07-29-2010, 10:41 AM
In my car, I've got a Garmin Nuvi that I've been using as both a GPS and a bluetooth speakerphone for my Palm Centro. I've replaced the Centro with a Droid X, and am using DejaOffice on the Droid, Palm Desktop on the PC, and CompanionLink to sync them.

I'd like to make my DejaOffice contacts available to the Nuvi via Bluetooth, but it seems to only see the native Android contacts. I think what I need to do to make this work is to select the "Sync contacts with Android contacts app" setting in DO/CL's Sync Settings - am I correct that if I do that and then run a CL sync to my desktop, then both the Android contacts and the DO contacts (as well as the Palm Desktop contacts) will be a merger of the two databases?

I'm pretty sure that if that's the case, I can then get my Nuvi to see the contacts.

07-29-2010, 04:45 PM
You are correct. When you enable the sync with the Android contacts app, all of your contacts will merge together and then it should work with your Garmin Nuvi.

07-30-2010, 05:25 AM
Last night when I got home, I did this sync, and it copied my contacts from DO to Android Contacts. I had a few entries in Android Contacts already (the default contacts such as #BAL, and a few that had come from my gmail account), but after the sync they were gone. That's not a huge deal, as I didn't really need any of them, but it's odd.

Anyway, when I got in my car and the Nuvi and Droid found each other, the phone book on the Nuvi still had all of those old contacts (from yesterday's connection) and none of the new ones. In order to get the phone book, I had to unpair the devices and re-pair them. Is that normal? More importantly, will I have to do this every time I update the Android contacts from DO, or was this one of those "gotta do it the first time" kind of things?