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09-03-2012, 01:26 PM
I have a number of contacts in Outlook where the "Full name" field differs from the "File As" field. I do not see a field mapping option in Companionlink to work with and Deja Office ignores the "File As" field, taking the name from the Outlook "Full name" field. Result is that when I have "ABC Oil Company" in Outlook "Full Name" field and "ABC Oil Company" in Outlook "File As" field, Deja Office Contacts files it as "Company, ABC Oil" (which is the default Outlook listing if I did not change it in the Outlook "File As" field). How do I get Deja Contacts to file by the Outlook "File As" field rather than by the "Full Name" field without a field mapping option for these fields available?

09-26-2012, 05:13 AM
Same problem from the very start with DejaOffice 2.2.11 / CompanionLink 5030 ... Creating contact in Outlook on first computer syncs correctly with "file as" filed to Android. Syncing Andriod with second computer, makes new contact appear in Outlook with empty "file as" field. Also does contact stored directly in Andriod / DejaOffice - no "file as" sync to Outlook. This caused a complete mess with nearly 600 contacts synced on two computers thru Android / DejaOffice + CompanionLink: Sorting completely destroyed, all contacts on second system set back to Outlook default ... No idea what to do? DejaOffice setup problem? Bug?

09-29-2012, 01:58 AM
News: Updated to CompanionLink 5040 and DejaOffice 2.3.0 Beta - even not better, no sync of "File as" ...

09-29-2012, 10:11 AM
You can select "File As" from the drop down in the Custom Fields in the Companion Link. Go to Advanced Settings, Field Mapping Tab, chose custom fields from the drop down at the top. You can then assign specific mappings to any of those custom fields.

I don't use it because the Sort setting in DejaContacts takes care of my needs.

09-30-2012, 12:03 AM
@Hook: Please correct me, if i go wrong here - but as far as i know those "custom fields" are to be defined to fit the need of using fields that are NOT outlook standard (for example if you need to file the brand of car your contact ownes - in that case you define it in outlook and DejaOffice and it will be synced after mapping in CompanionLink). "File as" in my oppinion is an outlook standard field, so if it īs pre-defined in outlook and also present in DejaOffice, this should work without any custom field "abuse".

Also, sync of "file as" from outlook to DejaOffice works fine on my system (this tells me that "custom fields" are not needet here) - it īs the way back from Andriod to Outlook that doesn īt work and causes troubles ...

("I don't use it because the Sort setting in DejaContacts takes care of my needs.") Outlook creates "file as" entries on it īs own in the way you made your settings of preferred sorting, using entries in first/last name and / or company. Just try this: Create a contact in DejaOffice without any first name, last name or company - only for example email adrdess, any phone number AND your OWN entry in "File As". After sync, you īll find this contact in Outlook with all entries made in Andriod - except "File As", this is left blank.

09-30-2012, 08:53 AM
When I map Custom 1 in CL to "File As" and create a contact just as you suggested and enter the "File AS" information in Custom 1 in DJO, it syncs the File As information to Outlook. Further, All my Contacts in DJO now have the File As information from Outlook in that Custom Field and showing on the Contact summary. It seems to work exactly as it should.

While you can use custom fields to map user defined fields, they are also a way of selecting personal preferences among Outlook standard fields. As a former user of Beyond Contacts, I have never seen a handheld program that could match one-for-one a much more powerful desktop platform and I suspect that is more true when the program in question is trying to match up to several more powerful desktop platforms. It certainly is reasonable to make a request that they make this a standard field, but different people use different fields. I never cared about the Filed As except to set it to a standard sort by default. The custom mappings allow people to make intelligent choices given that no one uses all of Outlook's features and many may not use the same features. ;)

By the way, I'm not sure, but I think it added "File AS" to my Sort By list in DJO. I hadn't noticed it before I did this, but maybe it was there all along and I wasn't paying attention.

10-01-2012, 07:04 AM
Ok, thanks, than i īll try this* and tell you, if it works for me or not - the more i think about it, the more i īm shure that it īs not really a "bug" but more a question of how to send data during sync (by value or just by default keys). Of course, different people use different standards, but in this particular case i think it would absolutley make sense to include this field in the requested way - a mobile device display is no 21" TFT, and my own short "file as" definition just makes contact list easier to read and single contacts easier to find ... Some company names in my list are too long to be displayed in a sensible way without "tuning" ...

*Any idea, how to do that? Ok, first step should be to define custom field #1 in DJO to "File As". But how to make this custom field appear in contact list just as DJO standard field "file as" does now? Using this method only makes sense for me, if i can list all my contacts in DJO in that sort order ...

("I'm not sure, but I think it added "File AS" to my Sort By list in DJO. I hadn't noticed it before I did this, but maybe it was there") Yes, it was. Sort by "File As" is a new feature in one of the last DJO updates, it īs not includet by defining a custom field :-)

10-04-2012, 01:52 AM
"Solution" found (not really a "solution", more an explanation): CompanionLink support says that DejaOffice / CompanionLink is unable to handle "File As" in the requested way. "File As" is a "construced filed" as it is in Outlook, made from content in first / last name and/or comany field. That īs why

1. contacts made in DejaOffice without first / last name and company and "selfmade" File-As-field come to Outlook without entry in "File As" and
2. contacts with "selfmade" File-As-field in Outlook come to DejaOffice the requested way, but not from DejaOffice to Outlook on a second Outlook system when synced and
3. contacts synced to DejaOffice in that way got "messed up" when toggeling sorting from "File As" to any other and than back to "File As".

Developers are discussing that and maybe one of the next versions will be able to.

10-05-2012, 03:09 PM
Look in the Edit details of a contact in the Name section - the "File As.." is in there.
It is also available to use it to in Sort by.

11-08-2015, 04:10 PM
Windows 10 Prof 64-bit RTM Outlook 2010 CompanionLink for Outlook 7.00.7008 Android 4.1.2 DejaOffice 3.2.16

Same issue as JimB. Hook’s solution seems to work for me. I transfer contacts only one-way from Outlook to Android-DejaOffice.

On CompanionLink Settings > Advanced > Field Mapping I set the “Custom1” field to be “File As”. Then transferred the Contacts to DejaOffice. There are now two fields named “File As” in DejaOffice; the second one appears to represent the Outlook field and in “Sort By” two “File As” fields are listed (not distinguished by any difference in name), and the second can be selected. The result being my Contacts in DejaOffice are shown in the same sort order of “File As” in Outlook.