View Full Version : HTC Incredible Phone Dials International Number for US # from DejaContact Phone Field

07-30-2010, 10:39 AM
Just moved to an HTC Incredible from a Blackberry 8330. Have used CompanionLink to sync a 9,000+ contact ACT! database to my phone for two years.

Sync worked well with ACT! / DejaOffice on new phone (data all transferred quickly and accurately), however, when I dial any phone numbers that have extentions associated with them (from DejaOffice or from Android People Data - that I assume was populated by DejaOffice), the phone interprets the number as an International Call and dials places like Russian, Netherlands, etc. All of the numbers in question are US numbers and I am calling from the US.

For instance, when I call Wisconsin (715)243-XXXXx2255 (as displayed in DejaContacts, where 2255 is the extension), the phone attempts to dial 011715243XXXX2255 (Russia).

Phone Numbers without an extension dial just fine. Any suggestions, please?

07-30-2010, 11:54 AM
mbucklen - This issue is caused by the way that HTC's dialer interprets the "x" or the ";" extension characters. HTC's dialer uses "w" and "p" for extension characters (long pause and short pause, respectively), whereas stock android uses ";" and ",".

To fix the issue, change your extension character in CompanionLink on your PC, under the Phone Format tab. The default is ";". Use "w" or"p" instead.