View Full Version : Sync Problem....Unable to find an Android Device

09-25-2012, 07:09 AM
Have been using DejaOffice and Companion link for three years, successfully! Android recently alerted me to an software update for my phone for DejaOffice which I immediately installed. Since update about a week ago I have not been able to sync the phone. I've updated everything now on PC and device including driver but continue to get the message from CompanionLink "Unable to fin Android Device" Followed all troubleshooting instructions at website: restart, enable debugging, ADB driver installed and confirmed PC recognizes Device......still continue to get same message: Unable to find an Android Device from CompanionLink.
What's my next step??????????

09-26-2012, 05:21 AM
Try this (was helpful to me): Start DejaOffice on phone, switch to "Settings" / "Sync Settings" and then toggle from USB sync to mass storage sync and than back to usb sync. Close sync setup, close setup, open any DejaOffice app (notes, contacts, whatever) and keep it in foreground on phone. Start CompanionLink on PC and klick to Sync button. When error message appears, close message with "ok" and klick Sync button again - should work. DejaOffice sometimes seems to be not "fast" enough to recognize CompanionLink sync request at first time, it needs a "second kick" ;-)