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10-13-2012, 07:13 PM
I've just come off the trial of CompanionLink and thought I'd share some of the experiences. Hope this is the right place to post.

For many years I have been a Palm user, organising work and home projects along GTD practices. I had a nice setup with one device (most recently a 3 year old Palm Centro phone) syncing between a home computer and office computer. I prefer to use the Palm Desktop to keep the calendar, tasks and memos up to date on the computers and then use the device when I'm away from my desks.

I wanted to upgrade to an Android device, but I did not want to lose the Palm processes. Its sad that the Palm OS died, and that the Palm desktop hasn't really changed much over the years. Anyway, as I started to see what was on offer it looked like DejaOffice and CompanionLink would come close to the Palm experience.

So with new phone in hand I downloaded DJO and the CL trial. After reading some people's problem's with syncing on these forums I made a copy of my Palm database before starting.

The first problem encountered was that my phone was not recognised as an Android device. After not getting any joy from the support pages on the CL site, I fired off a support message. I got a response within 24hours (on the weekend!) with a suggestion that fixed the problem.

I then started my syncing and exploration of DJO. In general the sync went OK and some minor problems were fixable. In particular:
All my password protected memos were showing up on the phone. I found the option to add the password and hide those memos. Just like the Palm!
Completed tasks were not transferring to the phone. I found the check on the CL advanced settings to transfer completed tasks. Fixed!
All my tasks were appearing together which was a worry. But once I figured out you can choose the categories to display I was pretty happy.
Similarly, the Palm has separate categories for the contacts/dates/tasks/memos, whereas DJO seemed to merge them all together. But again after a bit hunting around I figured out you can restrict certain categories to just contacts etc. I have not been game to try applying multiple categories to a record for fear of what happens with that on the Palm Desktop.

The overall impression was that the software, at least DJO, understood the Palm way of doing things really well and anticipated all the problems I came across and addressed them.

Another problem on my first sync, on both home and work computers, ended up creating duplicated memos on both. I had to manually delete about a 100 memos. This only happened once and I have not seen it since.

Also, I ended up with duplicate calendar entries, but only on those entries with 'No time' specified.

I've turned off the AutoSynchronisation in CL. It was causing PalmDesktop to become unresponsive while I was editing. Manual syncing works for me.

So, apart from some glitches, I'm now syncing my new phone with work and home computers. I haven't lost any data and its not out in the cloud :)

I know from reading these forums that its not DJO intention to have a desktop version of the software. But for me, with Palm Desktop not being maintained its seems it would be natural to have a DJO on the desktop so that the same features are maintained over both platforms.

Oh, and I also installed the Graffiti keyboard on the phone for the full Palm experience :)

Thanks for reading.

03-04-2013, 02:56 PM
I would be very careful with the sense of security you currently have. I would verify that the applications as well as application data are backed up with whatever method you choose or find appropriate for you. I haven't synced my Palm Desktop since porting my data to the GSIII using CL + DJO. After some issues with my GSIII, I was forced to do a master reset and lost all of my DejaOffice data, and am still attempting to find a way to recover it. There are very limited android backup solutions which seem to address ALL of your data, or at least I have had a difficult time attempting to locate one which backs up everything. Good luck! I'm glad your experience with Deja is positive so far. :) Up until I lost everything mine was great with DJO.