View Full Version : Can't sync Samsung Galaxy SIII

10-19-2012, 04:59 PM
I downloaded Companionlink two days ago to sync with my Samsung Galaxy SIII with Outlook 2010. I've tried the local wi-fi sync and the usb sync on a laptop and a desktop pc both running Windows 7 and I cannot get them to sync. Half of the time it starts to sync, but after 9 contacts (always 9) it loses the connection to DejaOffice. I've gone through the troubleshooting guides, I've updated DejaOffice to 2.3, installed the adb drivers, all with no success.

I've wasted hours on this and am getting beyond frustrated.

Update: So apparently the issue had something to do with some duplicate contacts in Deja Office. I went through and deleted these and was able to get more of my contacts synced, however it would still not sync them all until I wiped them all out and started from scratch. Since then it has been syncing just fine. I probably could've figured this out sooner if I was getting an error message other than "Connection to DejaOffice Lost" :confused: