View Full Version : Linking EVA (and other digital assistants) to Calendar/DejaOffice...

11-04-2012, 08:30 PM
Hello everyone.

I've been trying to enable EVA (and other Android digital assistants) to make changes to my Calendar in DejaOffice. Some of these apps (EVA in particular) mention in their documentation that they can be linked to different accounts on the phone when working with a particular calendar, and I know that DejaOffice now has its own account in Android for use in syncing calendars and such. The only problem is, when I check with EVA to see which accounts are available, I never see DejaOffice. I do see "PC Sync" which may or may not be part of DejaOffice, but in any case I can never get EVA to make calendar changes in DejaOffice (they're always reflected in the phone calendar instead). Am I missing something? How can I be sure that the DejaOffice account is active and available for use by other applications such as EVA? Thanks!