View Full Version : Moving everything from Palm Desktop -> Outlook : How to make a perfect copy?

11-17-2012, 12:13 PM
I sent this question to Support, but haven't heard back here, so am posting it here, in case any users have this info:


I want to switch from using Palm Desktop to using Outlook. Most likely Outlook 2003, but possibly Outlook 2010.

In any case, I want to use CompanionLink to move all my data from Palm Desktop 4 to Outlook.

I have done this in the past as a test, but sometimes the sync seems incomplete.

I have read your article on the limitations of Palm telephone number fields (eg. you can't have two "Mobile" number fields, etc.), but I couldn't find anything on what happens with other fields, especially addresses.

I have three questions (if these are in the FAQ, please point me to them; if not, they might be good candidates to add :-) ). Also, if they are completely answered in the forums somewhere, please let me know:

1. Why is it you can't have more than one Mobile number synced from Palm Desktop? Is this because Outlook by default only has 1 "Mobile" number? Is there any way to map multiple instances of a "Mobile" number in Palm desktop to the same number of instances of a "Mobile" number field in Outlook? Since you can add fields to a Contact record in Outlook, I would think this could be done. If this is not possible in any way, what is your suggested way of getting around this limitation, and sync all fields somehow?

2. In syncing phone numbers, if the phone number fields are changed so they are not in their original order in the Palm Desktop GUI (since you can changing the label of each field), will that effect syncing, aside from rules about syncing multiple entries of the same label? If so, in what way?

3. Palm Desktop has address fields as "Work/Home/Other" (also seemingly known as "Address 1 / Address 2 / Address 3". Outlook appears to have Business Address, Home Address and Other Address (same order as in Palm Desktop). What happens if I change the order of these addresses in Palm Desktop, or have multiple addresses of the same label? Are they synced by position (Address 1, 2, 3?) or by label, and can there be multiple addresses of the same label?

Thanks in advance for your help - my main goal is, given a Palm Desktop database where all the address fields and phone number fields may be in any multiplicity and any order, how can I get ALL of my data from Palm Desktop 4 to Outlook?

- Tim

11-17-2012, 04:48 PM
Just an afterthought - I was just looking at what Outlook can do, and it seems that even Outlook can't handle more than 2 phone numbers of a given type, or more than 3 email addresses, or more than 1 physical address (home, work, other) of a given type.

That is amazing. Outlook, the program used by businesses and governments around the world - can't handle (for example) someone who has 5 business addresses.

What kinda crazy software is that, anyway? Is there any software that takes things like that into account, anyone know?

- Tim