View Full Version : Palm -> Outlook data move - Birthday calendar events not created from Contacts??

11-17-2012, 10:16 PM
Hey all...

Still trying to get all my data copied from Palm Desktop -> Outlook.

I discovered that when you sync Palm -> Outlook, entries in the Outlook Calendar for birthdays in the contacts are not automatically created.

You have to open the contact, edit the birthday field, then re-save the contact.

Has anyone got a trick to make this happen automatically? It would be a pain to open, edit, and save all 300 contacts I've got. It's not merely a case of opening/saving them (I tried that); you have to edit the Birthday field itself, even if you don't change it.

I know there are Outlook add-ins to do this; I'm just surprised this doesn't happen when you sync with CompanionLink.

- Tim