View Full Version : alarm timing default is 18 hours in outlook 2010, but 24 hours (1 day) in DejaOffice

08-02-2010, 05:52 PM
Hi, this is a small point, but on Office 2010, the default alarm reminder is 18 hours before an event for an all day event. In DejaOffice, it's 24 hours (1 day). Therefore, if you edit an all day event that already exists in DejaOffice, it automatically switches the alarm reminder from 18 to 24 hours. In fact, 18 hours is not even an option within DejaOffice. It would be nice if DejaOffice didn't consistently change the default reminder time set in Office 2010, but rather kept it at 18 hours.

Also, when an existing all-day event is already in Office 2010, and then synced with DejaOffice, and then you want to change the date of the event through DejaOffice, and you change the beginning date, the end date gets really weird. You end up with start dates AFTER end dates, etc., and if you change the end date, the start date changes, such that you can never get it back to a single day all day event on the day that you wanted.

As an example, an all day event on Aug 1, beginning aug 1 and ending aug 1 in Outlook, is edited on DejaOffice so that the beginning date is now Sep 1. Well, the end date will remain Aug 1, so that now it says begin Sept 1 and end Aug 1. When you then try to change the end date from Aug 1 to Sep 1, you get a result where the begin is now Oct 1, and the end is Sep 1.


08-02-2010, 06:07 PM
Have you tried the 1.6 BETA yet? We've significantly changed how appointments you've described display. Here's the thread with a link on how to get it.