View Full Version : Companion Link NOT Syncing though it processed Sync

12-05-2012, 06:28 PM
Over the last week many of my calender items were not transferring especially any series event that I edit = if I would move an appointment to a different time on computer(just the one not the series)it would not show in DJO after I synced
To work around I unfortunatley had to type in new appointments not simply "edit ONE appointment in a SERIES" and it did sync

As of today....NOTHING IS SYNCING in calender and I have never seen this before > CL goes thru normal process...reading...cal...task..ect.....writing data to disk.....but when it is finished the SYNC TIME on CL Panel is the SAME(does not change) and NO data has transferred...........

Any ideas???....thank you

I am so happy to see the refinements and features continue.......this is why I have been a long time customer ....

WIN7 / Outlook 2010 / DJO 2.3.3 + CLP 5.0.5048 / Samsung Galaxy S3 + Android 4.0.4 / DejaConnect USB + 360 days back + sync both ways + sync deletions + sync alarms + cleared records + native Android contacts sync but no Google Calendar sync