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12-17-2012, 10:10 PM
Hi all,

First, let me say Hi, I'm a new user of both Android and DejaOffice/CompanionLink. I'm coming from using a blackberry and am hoping that this product can give me similar Outlook syncing functionality. I'm having a problem with calendar appointments sync'ing between DejaOffice and Microsoft Outlook. First some info:

Samsung Galaxy SIII
DejaOffice 2.3.3
Microsoft Outlook 2010 (local install)
CompanionLink build 5048 by DejaConnect USB
Windows 7 Pro

My computer is set to Mountain time UTC-7, daylight savings not in effect but adjusted automatically. The phone is being set automatically and also reports being set to Mountain standard time, GMT-7. Note that right now daylight savings is not in effect.

Right now I have "Time Zone Shift" set to "No" in DejaOffice general settings. But I've tried it both ways to no avail....

Here's the problem. If I make a calendar appointment for 6:00 PM in Outlook, it will sync correctly to the phone and show it at 6:00 PM. However, if I edit the appointment on the phone and change the time to 5:00 PM, when I re-sync with the computer it will show up as 4:00 PM in Outlook. Still shows 5:00 PM on phone.

As best I can tell, here's the reason. If I edit the appointment on the phone and click the time zone button it lists "Mountain Time GMT-6" which is incorrect. I can manually select "Mountain Time GMT-7 no DST" on the phone appointment and then it fixes the problem with the next sync, but why do I have to make this selection? Also, in the selection list for time zones there is a "Mountain Time GMT-7" at the top of the list, this also fixes the problem with the next sync. But why should I have to choose, and why are there 3 "Mountain Time" time zones???

If I create an appointment on the phone it puts in as default the time zone "Mountain Time GMT-7" and it will sync to Outlook correctly. So far so good. If I change the time of the appointment in Outlook this change syncs back to the phone correctly. But it changes the time zone to "Mountain Time GMT-6" even though it lists at the correct time on both Outlook and phone. But now if I edit the appointment on the phone it syncs back to Outlook incorrectly because of this incorrect time zone assignment.

Basically, as far as I can see, anytime Outlook modifies the appointment and it gets sync'd back to the phone it gets reassigned to the wrong time zone on the phone (Mountain Time, which is correct, but -6 instead of -7). So if it ever then gets modified on the phone it syncs back to Outlook an hour off. I'm not looking forward to seeing what happens when daylight savings returns.......

If I try all this with "Time Zone Shift" set to "Yes" on the phone it just makes an even bigger mess, the times are still shown incorrectly with the time zones wrong as described above. But now it lists two times for each appointment when editing the appointment, although it only shows up once on the calendar, still at the wrong time. I'm not trying to shift time zones, I just want daylight savings to work in a single time zone.....

Any suggestions?

Mike (aka Spankster)