View Full Version : Deja Office Synch Settings: Interpreting "delete events" or "delete contacts".

12-31-2012, 12:45 AM
Hi. I'm using Deja Office on a Motorola Droid with Companionlink on a Dell laptop using XP. My employer synchs to the Native Droid Calendear App using Notify, so I do not want to delete Native Calendar events. So, my question is, how do I understand the Deja Office "Settings | Synch Setting | Delete events from Android Calendar App"?
* At first, I thought it meant that if I deleted an event, it would delete in the Native App, and therefore in my company's calendar. (That would generally be fine.)
* But in fact, it seemed to delete them all. I recovered them from my company's online "trash" can, fortunately.
* Does the bold typeface imply it is turned on, and if so, can I turn it off?
* Does the asterick by the calendar names have meaning, and if so can I remove them or add them?

I'm sorry that I don't want to expiriment, but I can't afford to jepordise my work schedule again :)

Any idea, with thanks,
Happy New Year, everyone.