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01-05-2013, 10:18 AM
I have used Companionlink 3 for several years to sync between multiple databases (Act 6 <--Companionlink 3 Pro--> Outlook <-OTA sync --> Blackberry) and must say Companionlink is a great product allowed me to keep everything synced for many years. :cool:

However things change..so back to the drawing board!, I have left the corporate Exchange environment and changed devices using Google. Please excuse me for being overly creative or rambling ideas since I am not that familiar with either Android or G-mail (contacts or calendars):(:. I would appriciate any assistance in choosing the best option(s) to sync the following devices:

- upgraded to an Android Galaxy II dumped the Blackberry
- started using Gmail instead of Outlook
- still using ACT 6 as a desktop Calendar & Contact Manager
- will be upgrading to Companionlink 5 along with Dejaoffice on the Android.

So far I have tried following:
(Act 6 <--Companionlink 5 Pro Trial --> Google Contacts & Calendar <-- OTA sync using Google --> Android Contacts & Calendar)

It worked okay for the Calendar but disaster for the Contacts due to the lack of several important fields (i.e. Company Name) in both G-mail & Android address book.

Any ideas if I could sync the Calendar & Contacts separately:

For Calendar: (Act 6 <--Companionlink 5 Pro --> Google Calendar <-- OTA sync using Google --> Android Calendar --> Dejaoffice Calendar)
For Contacts: (Act 6 <--Companionlink 5 Pro --> direct sync .. Wi-Fi etc.--> to Android Contacts on phone --> Dejaoffice Address Book)

This would still provide me the benefit to sync the calendars more frequently (using Google OTA service) because calendar entries change more often..while the contacts can be updated nightly using Wi-Fi at home or hotel since they dont need to be synced that frequently.

I would like to use the Google OTA and / or Wi-Fi since they are free ;) and I dont need to pull out a cable.or how about using Bluetooth and Companionlink 5 to sync my laptop (ACT 6 database) with the Samsung Galaxy II.
FYI, this worked great when I synced my laptop (ACT 6 database) and the Blackberry using Companionlink 3 with the Blackberry Desktop Manager software. Any other creative ideas would be greatly appreciated. :D


Samsung Galaxy SII T989 T-Mobile
DJO 2.3.4
Companionlink 5048
Sync Method: Multiple (OTA, W-FI, Bluetooth)