View Full Version : Iphone Contacts+Calender Birthdays 1 day early

01-09-2013, 03:59 AM

As the title says, in my iPhones contacts and calendars all birthdays show up one day earlier as on my PC.
I am syncing from Windows with Lotus Notes via CompanionLink and Deja Office to my iPhone, all SW is up-to-date.
In the Deja Office contacts and Calendar the birthday dates are correct ! It must happen when transferring them to the iPhone data...!
I did several test, deleted all contacts on the iPhone and in CompanionLink switched to reload from Lotus Notes and wipe on iPhone and retransfer, nothing changed.

Searching the Internet I found that iPhone users syncing from Mac via iTunes to the iPhone used to have the same problem some time ago, I checked that with my Mountain Lion and iPhone with IOS 6.0.1, the dates are correct. The problem in the Mac SW was switching to the right timezone and PM/AM setting (I am CET, UTC +1h).

May be here in Deja Office is still some similar issue ??

regards, H.