View Full Version : Sync problems with iPad

01-13-2013, 07:32 AM
Recently upgraded to CL Express 5 so as to sync OL with an Android handset and iPad 2. Removed previous settings - and the setup was quite smooth and things have synced well till recently. A few problems have since occured and continue:
- updates to tasks when I work on DJO on the iPad have stopped syncing back to OL tasks
- new calendar entries in OL dont sync onto DJO on the iPad
- somehow FB calendar/event entries are appearing on DJO calendar in the iPad and getting into OL calendar (which I definitely dont want either in DJO on the iPad or in OL).

Anyone with similar problems and some suggestions?


ps: no such problems with the Android handset (Samsung GT-S6500)
iOS 6.0.1
CL Express 5 Build 5040 / wifi Sync with iPad