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02-09-2013, 01:08 PM

I would very much like to add my suggestions as I love DejaOffice, and wish to make it even more lovable and un-live-withoutable. I have had only old mobile phones until recently and was amazed at how terrible phone organizers have become (even those on the famous Blackberrys!!). Phones are too busy these days trying to be everything at once to the point that they are spreading themselves rather thin! DejaOffice saved me! Thank you!


*Txt message sync option:
The option to send events/tasks via txt message. If the recipient has DejaOffice on their mobile phone they will get the option to add the event/task to their DejaOffice calendar/tasks.
I will not always be in Bluetooth range, nor wifi range. This way right after creating a task/event I can immediately sync it with my family without having to be in range. Even if you do not use wifi to get onto the internet, but use your phone credit for this and are always online - this can be simpler than sending it by e-mail and does not require the recipient to also always be online. The more ways to sync up and connect the better!

*Voice commands:
The option to be able to use voice commands to add tasks or events; to ask for today's or a specific date's task/events; and a command to ask for the time.
It would be extremely handy to be able to add and check tasks/events quickly, hands-free and on the go. I think this is all the more important now that so many mobile phones are touch screens without any physical qwerty key boards. All the more now with voice command only getting better and better.
After adding a task/event you will be asked (voice) to repeat (what you just added), after yes to that your task/event will be repeated to you and you will be asked if it is correct (another yes saves it - otherwise you are given the option for you to repeat the task/event in order to correct it).
(This would also be handy if you work in a lab, or other work environment in which your hands are full/busy or that it is not hygienic to constantly be touching your phone throughout the day.)