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04-27-2013, 11:39 AM

I'm currently using Outlook 2010, Blackberry Z10, Companion Link and DejaOffice.
I use Companion Link to synchronize date between Outlook and DejaOffice.
I've wiped out all my contacts in BlackBerry Contacts.

I have few questions about DejaHub operation :

I'm trying to synchronize my contacts from DejaOffice to Blackberry Contacts, but it take a huge amount of time to do that (I'm at 12 hours for 800 contacts). Is it normal ?
If no, have I done something wrong ?
Is it normal that DejaHub synchronize my contacts to ALL my contacts accounts (Normal, Sim Card, Gmail) without giving me the possibility to select which one I want or not ?
What is the correct usage of DejaHub ? What I understand is : Synchronization is done first between Outlook and DejaOffice, then I do a second synchronisation between DejaOffice and BB Contact through DejaHub. Is it correct ? All of that have to be done manually ?

Thank in advance for your answers :)

04-27-2013, 01:26 PM
Cmely, welcome to the forums.

Late on Friday we became aware that some BB10 appear to have a resource issue when adding contacts. It may be memory related which is why some people are affected.

We are adjusting DejaHub too add records in a different way (batches) which we hope will get past this issue.

I anticipate this will be available on Monday late in the day Pacific Time.

I regret the inconvenience.

04-28-2013, 01:55 AM
Thanks for answering Djocto.

I'm glad to write that : so far, DejaHub is still synchronising after 24 hours !
I don't know if this issue is only contacts related, because now it's synchronizing calendar, and it seems to be stuck since several hours too !

Let me know if you want me do to some additional tests.

Best regards,

05-20-2013, 10:09 PM
I had similar results when using USB connect. Using DejaCloud is "quicker" only ~8 hours!
Previous experience with CompanionLink is that the first sync is always longer, after that it's much quicker (done in minutes, less data to sync).
However - what I didn't know was that in DejaHub there is an option to delete all BB data AND to sync from DejaOffice. As I used USB I Now I have 2 or 3 copies of all contacts, etc.
I will post some more questions in the BB/Playbook forum re how to clear data in DejaOffice and start afresh.